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Börsipäev 6. juuli

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  • Peale USA iseseisvuspäevast tingitud pikka nädalavahetust on USA turud avanemas parajas miinuses ja allpool olulistest tasemetest: Nasdaq 2000 punkti, Dow Jones 10300 punkti, S&P500 1125 punkti.

    Üheks languse põhjuseks on nafta hinna tõus taas üle 39 dollari taseme seoses jätkuvate sabotaazhiaktidega Iraagis ja Yukose ümber toimuvaga Venemaal.

    Tulemuste hooaeg hakkab seoses pika nädalavahetusega tavalise 6. juuli asemel päev hiljem. Täna on ainsa raportina enne turu avanemist laekunud Acuity Brands (AYI) oma. Homme peale turgu sulgemist avaldavad tuntumatest tulemused Yahoo! (YHOO), Alcoa (AA), Genentech (DNA),  enne kauplemispäeva Accenture (ACN).

    Rev Shark:

    "The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price." 

    -- Vince Lombardi

    The bulls have been working for weeks now to turn the market back up and end the downtrend that has been in place since the beginning of the year. However, they can't seem to manage quite enough of an effort to produce a real and lasting change in the trend.

    Following the end of the quarter and the FOMC interest rate hike last week, the bulls were primed and ready for some upside action but couldn't manage to generate any sustained buying. On Friday the monthly jobs report disappointed, and with the long holiday weekend beckoning, the buyers stayed cautious.

    We now have a new set of catalysts at work as the earnings season kicks off. The bulls need some good news and, more importantly, some steady buying to help generate some upward movement. The bulls have not quite been able to take advantage of some of the positives that favored them in recent weeks. They show a few flashes of buying interest but haven't done the sort of hard work need to generate lasting success.

    So where do we go from here? We are in a precarious place technically. Both the S&P 500 and the DJIA are testing the bottom of the trading range that has been in place for almost a month. The Nasdaq is struggling to hold above the downtrend line that connects the January and April highs. These support levels look fragile, and the bulls can't afford to sit on them for long or they will definitely crack.

    One of the biggest problems for the bulls right now is the semiconductor sector. The group has had very poor relative strength lately and is testing the lows it hit in May. There is both an upgrade and a downgrade of the group today, but earnings and guidance will tell the story there.

    On the positive side, there are some pockets of upside momentum, mainly in the small-caps. There isn't a lot, but there are obviously buyers looking for strength that they can pursue.

    So the technical picture is a bit cloudy, recent economic news is mediocre, and the bulls can't seem to generate any real buying enthusiasm. Our best hope for some good trading is earnings season. At a minimum, some good individual reports will offer interesting trading opportunities, but whether reports will be good enough overall to change the macro picture has yet to be seen.

    We have a weak post-holiday start. Overseas markets were generally weak, oil is trading up, and the news flow is fairly quiet, which is probably why John Kerry announced his VP selection this morning.

    A lot of folks were looking for a post-holiday bounce in the market as we have seen in prior years. They obviously will be caught leaning the wrong way to start the day, but I would not be surprised to see this weak open bought.

    G. B. Smith:


  • Gapping Up

    AIRT +13%, NEXM +9% (signs license and distribution agreement with Schering), PTN +6.5% (wins FDA approval), MECA +6.1% (to benefit from Pennsylvania gaming legislation), DFIB +3.3% (momentum from 24% move Friday).
  • Gapping Down

    A bunch of warnings: VRTS -25%, CNXT -32%, KVHI -24%, MUSE -20%, EMBT -11%.... Down in sympathy: BORL -9%, EMC -3%... LSCC -7% (cut to Sell from Neutral at BofA, tgt moves to $4), MAMA -6% (continues from 15% drop on Friday), AMCC -4% (Lehman downgrade), BOBJ -3% (JP Morgan downgrade), BRCM -3% (Lehman downgrades Semi sector).
  • Briefingus Nokia kohta (ma usun, et nad ei hoiata):

    09:23 NOK Nokia color (14.55 )

    NOK is trading down about 2.4% in pre-mkt on chatter that the co may warn for Q2. Smith Barney in Europe issued a note yesterday, saying they expect NOK to pre-announce weak Q2 revs this week, as their checks point to lower sequential revs; firm says the timing should be Today, Wed, or Thur (about 4-6 days after the qtr-end), and if we hear nothing by Thur afternoon it implies that guidance was met; however, despite the short-term risk, they see value in the stock, and maintains their Buy rating... UBS in Europe sees possible upside to Q2 unit volume and Networks ests, and while they expect mgmt to be optimistic on continued improvement in the portfolio, they expect the co to be conservative regarding Q3 financial guidance; firm does not expect the handset mkt to show much q/q growth in Q3, which is also a seasonally weak period for infrastructure; maintains Neutral rating.
  • Päevateemad kisuvad vägisi võõrkeelseks....kas EU mõju!
  • Ma söön mütsi kui MAMA ei lõpeta täna + poolel!
  • Terve turg on kolinal all.Eks langused tulevad alati siis kui sa seda koige v2hem ootad..
  • lhv chatil pole ammu vungi sees olnud. nii et raffas võiks chatti tulla :)
  • adz,

    Ma söön oma mütsi ära kui sa oma mütsi ära sööd.


    PS Mis müts sul on? Kogenud mütsisööjana tuleb tunnistada, et suured karvamütsid on kõige jubedamad. Pesapallimütsid ja baretid on suht ok ja nahksonid on päris maitsvad.
  • respect vennad, ma veel nii suurte panustega mängida ei julge;)
  • Tähelepanu! Abesiki pakub tööd naisele.

    Töö sisu:
    rahuldada Abesiki söögivajadusi
    hoida sokid puhtana

    Nõudmised kandidaadile:
    vähene müügitöö kogemus
    teeb vahet huulepulgal ja reaalarvude hulgal
    on pikem kui laiem
    et kõige esimene emotsioon poleks “Madalmaad”
    on käinud raamatupoes
    ei lähene absoluutsele külmumispiirile

    Abesiki pakub omalt poolt:
    telefoni kasutamise võimalust
    pesumasina kasutamise võimalust
    pliidi kasutamise võimalust
    tasuta öömaja

    Pakutav palk: 20-30% netosissetulekust
  • Mul on korralik nahk nokakas....lähen panen teise vist marinaadi! Aga õhtu on veel noor!
    Vist peab viina järgi ka minema.....! Ah seda elukest küll !
  • Vaatan, et täna on LHV foorumites puha peen inglise huumor! Way to go men!

    Muuseas, nahast soni söömine pidi tunduvalt lihtsam olema kui karvamütsi söömine. Asi lihtsalt selles, et karvamütsi karvad pidid koledal kombel kurku ja söögitoru kõditama - on oht naeru kätte ära lämbuda :)
  • Murzilka sa olid vist naasteraffas :)
    Kas sa täna õue võid tulla vää?
    Lähme mürame natu Lasnamäe liivakastides.
  • Ei kao see Mama veel kuhugi.Niipea kui Cuban on unustatud,rallib ta j2lle yle 10...
  • No homme MAMA koos turuga tõusus.....aga kaua mütsi marinaadis hoida...kas kellelgi on kogemusi!?
  • Abesiki, isegi kui oleks naasteraffas, siis sinu pakutavad nõuded ja tingimused pole kahjuks sobivad.

    Tagasi mütsisöömise juurde. Et karvamütsi söömine veidi lihtsam oleks, tuleb seda süüa nii nagu joogad teed joovad. Joogade nipp: istuvad teetassi peale ja siis "imevad" tee päraku kaudu otse makku :)
  • Uh õnneks ma ei ole jooga ja teiseks on tegu mitte karvikuga!
  • Murzilka, kole mõelda, mida need joogad siis suu kaudu teevad...

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