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  • Täna tuli LHV chatis jutuks, kes see Ken Wolff on, kelle nimi siit-sealt vahel läbi jookseb. Eks Google otsing aitab kah ;), aga lisaks aegajalt RealMoneys ja raamatute kirjutamisele on mehel selline firma nagu MTrader. See koondab soliidse liikmemaksu eest momentum-tradereid ja neid kes selleks saada tahavad.
    Mõned infobitid Wolffi arvamuste kohta on ka siin foorumis olnud, aga see on tegelikult liiga aeglane vahend. Kui LHV chat elutseb, siis siit LHV tradingroomist saavad head inimesed kiireid ideid jagada mida Wolff välja pakub.
    Tegelikult on see Wolffi chat päris omanäoline teenus, kus aktiivseim tegutsemine käib esimese paari tunni jooksul peale turu avanemist. Et info kiirelt liiguks, siis Wolff mitte ei kirjuta kogu aeg vaid ka räägib mis parajasti toimub. Õhtul kui rahulikum võib ka seda kuulda, kuidas mees naljaviluks oma banjo välja võtab ja natsa tinistab :))
  • Mulle on reeglina meeldinud Wolffi kirjutisi lugeda, kuna tegemist on sellise suht hard-core daytraderiga, kes räägib äri praktilisest poolest. Mingi eriline suurkaupleja ta ei ole, pigem selline, kes regulaarselt 1-2K aktsiaga raha teeb.


    Morning Momentum
    8/24/2005 9:24 AM EDT

    Good morning! Not much happening today in the world of momo. Usually on big gap-down days I see early buying on key stocks such as Qualcomm (QCOM:Nasdaq) and Apple (AAPL:Nasdaq). So initially I expect a pop in the market, but how much we pop is iffy.

    I am expecting another wild day with Baidu.com (BIDU:Nasdaq ADS). It is currently gapping down on some negative news, plus the negative market, from $82 to $77.50. It should pop $2 from the open again if it's going to rise to $85 today, which is my rough estimate. If it fails to pop $2 from the open, then it will not have much upward momentum today. Good trading!


    Morning Momentum
    8/22/2005 9:22 AM EDT

    Good Morning! It's been a real struggle to make a dime in this narrow, end-of-summer sluggish market.

    I am watching two stocks today for better-than-average upward momentum. Panacos Pharma (PANC:Nasdaq) is one that has HIV news on a phase 2 trial. This stock can run to $15 and, if it has good upward momentum, will climb to around $11.50 and move to $12.50 with no selling near the open. If I see it go under $11.50, I will only look for about a dollar off the bottom.

    Another stock that may do well is OSI Pharmaceuticals (OSIP:Nasdaq). It is buying Eyetech Pharmaceuticals (EYET:Nasdaq), and I will be looking for at least a dollar off the low, which should be around $33.50.

  • LHV Chatis on viimase kuu-paari jooksul olnud valikuliselt näha mida woffi chati rahvas treidib. Eelmine nädal kui Ken puhkusel oli, siis pommiti ühte Keni usinat õpilast, et ta kirjeldaks oma tööpäeva. Lubasin LHV chatis kokkuvõtte siia foorumisse panna. Traageldasin selle teksti nüüd kokku ja viskasin muu jutu vahelt välja. Eks ta konarlik ole, chati asi, aga hea tahtmise korral saab aru. Kui huvi on, siis lugege läbi ja kiitke takka või lööge maha. Tüüp teeb raha sellest hoolimata ;)

    I'll give a brief outline of what I look for and the data/info I follow.
    I track each day a select list of stocks (15 max because they fit on one sheet). Every quarter the list is re-evaluated according to the season (especially for bio-techs) and culled accordingly.
    Presently, I track CELG, QQQQ, KLAC, GENZ, SYMC, INTC, QCOM, QLGC, AMZN, BRCM, YHOO, OSIP, AMGN, GILD and EBAY. These are popular stocks, with good ranges (for their respective risks), and big volumes.
    Every night, after the market closes (after hours also), I pull down the following stats: gap, open, H, L, and C and then calculate R2, R1, M++, M+, M--, M-, Pv, S1, as well as S2. Within this program, the values for Range (R), %R, and 5 DAR are factored in the program also tabultes and prints recent H's and L's, 52-week H and L, DTV, 10 DAV, and DTV as a % of 10 DAV.
    Given this data/info, I am aware of the analysts' evaluations, recent upgrades/downgrades, and other news. The volume is my first review because it shows interest in relation to its 10 DAV ... that's why I track % 10 DAV ... anything greater than 100 % is a signal only (along with the % range and closing OBV. If I see a 200%, 300 and so on for % 10 DAV, that is a key idea.
    The news is the greatest influencing factor on the DAV so I need to be aware of it.
    Those stocks with the greatest DAV (as a %of 10 DAV), %R, 5 DAR, and good closing OBV are my best bets for the following day.
    - what is a DTV and DAV?
    DTV, Day's Total Volume ... DAV, Day's Average Volume over 10 days.
    Pre-market volume, gaps, and news are the last factors that influence my choice of the 5 stocks I will track for trading.
    - you refer to "a program." did you write it or is available commercially?
    The program was written in part by my son and me, based on what I thought to track/follow. 10 DAV is similar , in concept, to 5 DAR. Most importantly, though, you need to follow Level 2, along with the 5 and 15 SMA's, %K, minus DI (similar to %D), S, R, Pv, OBV, BB, MF ... let's not forget the market/economy/global news as well. any questions?
    - can you explain evaluation of top 5 stocks to trade on given day?
    I choose the top 5 based on where they finished in % R, OBV, DTV as a % of 10 DAV ... gives me an idea of interest by the market. Pre-market conditions also dictate what may get added to the list of five and what may be dropped.
    I use three PC's; 2 for trading (one on cable and the other on DSL) while the other is for the rooms and e-mail an Real Money.
    Really, there is no secret ... ken, phil, gimmie, whale, and catman all say most of this stuff everyday.

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