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  • We are a Certified retailer of Afro-Caribbean food products and beverages in Estonia. We retail African products all over Estonia , Promote African Cuisine through workshops, Seminars and African Cultural events. Our products are rich in nutrients, relatively cheap and Affordable. .Mama Afrique is the first African Shop in Tallinn.

    We Are in need of investors. We are also willing to sell out shares to potential business partners. Our investment project stands at 25000 euros, If interested contact me for more info.

    Edmond Ebot
  • Your store looks nice. Will pay a visit. It seems like you have entrepreneurship and a positive attitude.
    Best of luck with your business!
  • Andekas noormees. 25 aastane, juba Euroopas ning varsti juba kohtulikult ka karistatud.

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    17. mai:

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