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  • Ireland bids for best researchers

    Kicking off Ireland's biggest investment in R&D yet, the country's National foundation for excellence in scientific research has announced its first call proposals following its official launch at the end of July. The Irish government set up 'Science Foundation Ireland' to help establish Ireland as an internationally renowned centre of excellence for economically strategic
    R&D - particularly in biotechnology and information and communication technologies (ICT).

    Lisainfo: Iiri Teadusfond
  • Sorry, pool infot läks kuidagi esimesel katsel vasakule.

    The concept of the Foundation was set out last year in the technology foresight reports published by the Irish Council for science, technology and
    innovation and Forfįs. The two rganisations recommended that the government establish a major fund to help develop world-class research in Ireland and encourage researchers to return to and remain in the country.

    As part of its response, the government established a 'Technology Foresight Fund' of over 635 million euro to invest in research over the next six years. Science Foundation Ireland has been set up to manage and administer the funds and advisory panels of international experts in biotechnology and ICT have been established to advise on its overall strategy. This is just part of the Irish national development plan for the same period, under which 2.5 billion euro has been earmarked for research, technology and innovation
    in Ireland.

    'We are hopeful that this initiative will prove attractive, not only to Irish researchers who wish to be part of a world class research effort, but also to outstanding researchers world wide who will be attracted by the prospect of building a new, exciting research environment in Ireland,' said John Travers, Chief Executive of Forfįs, at the Foundation's launch.

    Science Foundation Ireland is now calling for proposals for principal investigators in the fields of biotechnology and ICT. The Foundation will support a small number of outstanding researchers and their teams. Each year, these researchers, selected by international peer review, will be offered awards up to 1.3 million euro (1 million Irish pounds) to cover the cost of teams, possibly up to 12 people, over a three to five year period. The deadline for submitting proposals is 26 September 2000.
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