Börsipäev 23. veebruar

Kommentaari jätmiseks loo konto või logi sisse

  • - Tänast börsipäeva algust ilmestavad kaks teadet Citigroup`i 2.7 miljardi dollariline firmaost Lõuna Koreas ja Qualcomi (QCOM) teade prognooside tõstmisest.

    -Qualcom (QCOM) aktsia on eelturul üle 7% plussis. Mobiilsidesektorile seadmeid tootev firma tõstis kasumiprognoose eelolevaks kvartaliks 47-49 sendile aktsia kohta, varasem prognoos oli 40 senti. Firma rõhutas tugevat nõudlust mälukiipide osas pea kõikidel cdma turgudel. Kasvu rõhutab firmajuhi näide, et "2002 fiskaalaastal toodetu 65 miljonit kiipi, samas 2004. aasta esimese kvartali prognoos on 63-64 miljonit".

    -Citigroup (C) teatas Lõuna Korea suuruselt kuuenda panga KorAm ostmisest 2.7 miljardi dollari eest.

    - Kodukaunistustooteid müüv Lowe (LOV) teatas neljanda kvartali müügi 20% kasvust, millega ületati analüütikute ootusi. Tugev majadeehitus on seega jõudnud ka kodukaunistustoodete sektorisse.


    Gary B. Smith:


    Rev Shark: 

    The market environment has recently been undergoing a change in character. The easy gains and strong momentum that we saw at the start of the year have slowed substantially. For the first time in quite a while the bears are becoming a bit more hopeful that there is a chance to make money on the downside. 

    The indices are sitting at important technical junctures. We are still holding above key support levels but we are testing them and are in danger of breaking the trends that have been in existence for many months. It is a precarious situation and the side that triumphs here will have the edge. 

    No one knows for sure which way the market is headed but the one great certainty is that if we wish to extract profits in the current environment, we will have to work harder. In a struggling market, we have to be much more vigilant about protecting our capital to ensure we don't get caught leaning the wrong way. When greater clarity does develop we have to be ready to move quickly and decisively. We can't just buy, hold and hope for the best in this environment. 

    I've been increasingly cautious about this market over the last two weeks. I've shifted from an aggressive long posture at the start of the year to a defensive mindset as I wait for the technical picture to clarify. The primary reason for my caution has been the lack of momentum and follow-through in the small-cap, high-beta and speculative stocks that I prefer to trade. I look at hundreds of individual stock charts every day and that is what helps me develop my feel for the market. Lately it has been extremely difficult to count on sustained buying to drive stocks, and traders have been much more inclined to lock in profits rather than chase things higher. 

    When momentum doesn't work as well we need to look at other ways to rack up gains. Since so many individual stocks have already pulled back quite a bit there are opportunities in oversold stocks at support levels. These can take some digging to find but the risk-to-reward ratio is often better than trying to chase momentum in the current environment. 

    This morning I'm seeing a number of positive comments about technology stocks. Upgrades in the semiconductor equipment sector, positive guidance from Qualcomm (QCOM:Nasdaq) and even some upbeat comments about Microsoft (MSFT:Nasdaq) and its cash horde. 

    But as we saw last week, the market wasn't too impressed with positive news, and we sold off harshly after good earnings reports in the semiconductor equipment sector. The market also seems like it's becoming increasingly sensitive to any signs of interest rate hikes. Strong economic and jobs data are being greeted as mixed blessing: The market wants growth but not so much that interest rates increase. It is tough balancing act and the market is struggling with it. 

    Once again we have a little Monday morning optimism to start the week. Overseas markets were perky and the news flow has a very positive tone so far. The battle lines are clearly drawn. The bears have had the edge lately but the bulls can turn the tables quickly if they are able to produce a bounce that holds for a while. This strong open will be an excellent test of the bulls. If they can maintain it the bears will quickly recall the pain of the squeezes they have been experiencing over the past year. 

    Good luck and go get 'em.

  • Lisaks Qualcomi positiivsetele teadetele rõõmustab investoreid ka Merill Lynch ja Nokia. Merill tõstis oma mobiilimüügi prognoose 535 miljonilt 560 miljonile sellel aastal ning järgmise aasta müüki kergitati 566 miljonilt 595 miljonile.

    Nokia juht Jorma Ollila tutvustas täna Cannes uut Nokia Communicator`it ning teatas, et 2004. aastast saab 3G WCDMA võrgu käivitumisaasta.

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