Börsipäev 8. juuni - Mr.G. tõstab intresse palju vaja

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  • -USA turud on avanemas muutumatuna ning eilsest tugevast tõusust pole seega oluliselt midagi kaotatud. S&P 500 on 1,5 punkti miinuses, Nasdaqi futuurid on 4,5 punkti miinuses.

    -Take Two Interactive Software (TTWO) aktsia on eelturul tugevas miinuses, firma kahjum ületas kaks korda analüütikute ootusi.

    -Nokia (NOK) aktsia on pööranud taas langusesse, kuna faktid kinnitavad, et firma on turuosa kaotanud. Viimastel andmetel küündis Nokia turuosa esimeses kvartalis 28,9 protsendini (Gartner), varasemalt mainiti numbrit 29,3% (IDC). Firma ise on oma turuosa hinnanud 35 protsendini. Uudis on siiski juba vana ning aktsia hinda sisse arvatud. Eelturul aktsia 2,2% miinuses.

    Cody Willard:

    The Nasdaq has now rallied about 8% off its lows in less than three weeks, and volume has been muted throughout the move. That lack of volume has left most traders flatter than a hippie hairdo from the '60s. Last night, when a colleague told me the lack of volume made him skeptical, I asked him if he meant he was skeptical about the rally, or about the relevance of volume. 

    The fact is, as Jim Cramer often points out, the scorekeepers don't asterisk the P&L. They don't say, "Hey, Billy caught the rally, but it was a low-volume rally, so that doesn't count." Momentum has been around in this market. Plenty of stocks have put on big moves of 30% or more. In my mind, the "catalyst" for this rally has simply been that the weak-handed holders had finally finished selling, as I postulated several weeks ago when the rally started. It takes buyers to drive volume during a rally -- not just a lack of sellers. 

    The big question now is whether actual buyers will finally step up to the plate and take some swings. With bonds acting shockingly well after last week's strong economic data, seemingly indicating that bond traders are comfortable with their positioning as the Fed starts to increase rates at the end of this month, the potential for money to come back into this market off the sidelines is high. 

    We've also got the apparent topping (at least near term) of oil, the Iraq handover and the Fed meeting that will finally get the first rate hike out of the way. That's not to mention mid-quarter and preannouncement season inching up, which from the looks of Intel (INTC:Nasdaq) and Texas Instruments (TXN:NYSE), should be pretty strong. 

    All that said, I'm more of a seller now than a buyer, and I'll continue to pare back some longs. That's as much a function of discipline as anything else. If and when the market gives the bulls another big scare and the bears start growling about how obvious it was that this was a failed rally because of low volume, then I'll probably look to be a buyer again. Just not right now, not after this big move. 

    We've got a flattish to down opening heading our way, as somebody's deciding to do a little more selling than buying. There's a lot of sell-sider and media activity, including buzz, buzz and more buzz about Apple (AAPL:Nasdaq). More on that topic later.

    Gary B. Smith:

  • Greenspan kommenteerides "olukorda riigis" arvas, et intresse tõstetakse nii palju kui vaja, ridade vahelt võiks välja lugeda, et intresse võidakse ka kiiresti ja palju tõsta. Futuurid tegid väikse nõksu selle peale allapoole.
  • Kas keegi oskab öelda mille peale TIVO on täna -11%
  • Adams Harkness langetas TIVO reitingut, lisaks liigub kuulujutt, et DirectTV müüs oma osaluse ettevõttes.
  • Küsin,ülal olevalt graafikult hästi näha .need ristkülikud(seest värvitud -langustrendil ja seest tühjad tõosu trendil),kuidas neid möista?Kas kasti suurus näitab plokktehungu mahtu?
  • Nafta kukkus läbi $38 taseme ja sealt kiirelt edasi, madalam naftahind toetab aktsiaid ja sellest ka põrge turul.

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