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  • Toon Teieni taas LHV Turukomitee ülevaate (loe siin, pdf formaat).

  • Üks huvitav pealkiri:

    Abbott Laboratories Declares 323rd Consecutive Quarterly Dividend

    This marks the 323rd consecutive quarterly dividend to be paid by Abbott since 1924. The cash dividend is payable Nov. 15, 2004, to shareholders of record at the close of business on Oct. 15, 2004.

    ehk Abbott on maksnud dividende 323 kvartalit järjest alates 1924. aastast.
  • Üks tänastest tõusjatest on IVAN hmm, meenutab keeristormi! Kas ka väärtpaberiturul?
  • CNBC kadus ära pool tundi tagasi. Kellelgi veel sama probleem?
  • Fit:
    Augustis hoiatati CNBC Europe's, et millalgi septembri keskel muudetakse saatjat. Kirjutasin igaks juhuks need andmed üles:
    ASTRA 1E:192 degrees east
    Transporder 26
    Frequency 11,597 GHz
    Polarisation vertical
    Symbol rate 22,000
    FEL 5/6
    Kui on see viga, peaks olema küsimus ümberhäälestamises.
  • Fit:
    Vaatasin ja ongi kadunud. Et muud kanalid on alles, siis pead puldiga uue sageduse välja otsima.
  • USA turud on avanemas kerges plussis, suurte sündmuste ja terroriohu tõttu (Olümpoiamängus, Vabariiklaste kongress, 9.11 mälestuspäev) olid paljud investorid meelsamini rahas ning eelduste kohaselt peaks see raha millalgi siiski taas aktsiatesse liikuma. Seega ootaks taas positiivset nädalat.

    Mündi teisel poolel on USA lõunarannikut ähvardav orkaan Ivan, Iraagis toimunud rahutused, Põhja Korea segane plahvatus Hiina piiril ning OPEC-i ministrite kokkusaamine. Lisaks kestab kasumihoiatuste hooaeg.

    Oma finantskvartaliga on tüüpilisest tsüklist väljas Oracle (ORCL), firma avaldab oma teise fiskaalkvartali tulemused neljapäeval, oodatakse 2,23 miljardit dollarit käivet ja 9 senti kasumit aktsia kohta. Lisaks on endiselt kuum teema PeopleSofti (PSFT) ülevõtmine.

    Rev Shark:

    The market climbs a wall of worry" is one of those clever little market adages that is repeated quite often but really is quite insightful. It seems illogical for the market to work its way higher when a lot of folks are worried, but it really is consistent with human emotions and behavior.

    When people are worried, they tend to be underinvested and holding higher-than-average levels of cash. After all, they expect their worries will be fulfilled and they will have a chance to buy at lower prices. However, when there is a very high level of worry, most of the folks who are inclined to sell have already sold. Selling pressure dries up, and that allows the market to rise on a low level of buying. We saw exactly that in recent weeks as the market moved up consistently on low volume.

    The low volume rise in the market is a source of great consternation for investors who have been worried and are holding high levels of cash. They start to wonder if maybe their fears were unfounded, and that maybe they should do some buying just in case. They inch back into the market, and that keeps the rally going and drives more folks to put some cash to work.

    The only thing that market participants worry about more than actually losing money is being left behind when others are making money. It is extremely tough for people to hold on to their concerns, no matter how legitimate they may seem, when the market plods higher and you feel like some survivalist living in a cave, growing potatoes while you wait for the end of the world.

    The dynamics of climbing a wall of worry usually mean that the market goes much further than many folks think is reasonable. The persistent shorts and bears keep adding fuel as they are forced to cover positions, and the frustration levels of underinvested bulls increases exponentially as they are left further and further behind.

    As we kick off a new week, the underinvested bulls are feeling a bit frustrated once again. Even the strategists at Smith Barney are increasing their allocation to equities from 55% to 60%. Wal-Mart (WMT:NYSE) is helping the early mood with upbeat comments about back-to-school shopping, and overseas markets are mostly higher. However, oil is inching up and Broadcom (BRCM:Nasdaq) may hurt the semiconductor sector with an earnings warning.

    Speaking of worry, I have never been as worried about a hurricane as I was on Friday about Ivan. Lucky for us in the Tampa Bay area, the path has unfortunately shifted to the folks in the panhandle. It is a far less populated area, but that does little to ease the pain of those who will be hit. Outside worries and concerns can affect you to a great extent, as I can attest to. I'm looking forward to putting that behind me.



  • Gapping Up

    SPPI +15% (wins FDA approval), GMST +10% (announces multi-Year IPG license agreement with Sony), MKSI +9.5% (highlighted as bargain in Barron's), OVTI +6% (Siemens selects OVTI system), IMCL +4.2% (SunTrust upgrade), ISG +4.2% (guides Q3 higher), MGM +3.5% (investors raise bid), GOOG +1.6% (Fidelity buys up $550 mln stake in Google - FT).... Under $3: ONT +27% (presents latest technology in China), VAST +17% (co announces ocean cargo shipping security solution).

    Gapping Down

    UAIR -56% (declares bankruptcy), CKR -6% (reports JulQ, misses by $0.03), AZN -5.4% (FDA panel says more data is needed for approval of Exanta), GTW -5% (WSJ says co will get out of consumer electronics biz), PDG -4% (Pru downgrade), WLDA -4% (profit taking after 23% move on Friday), ONNN -4% (guides lower), COCO -2% (BofA downgrade).
  • Tehnoloogia rallib kõvasti edasi, pooljuhid on viimase kolme päevaga tõusnud juba rohkem kui 10% - karuturu ralli, kõvasti shorte katab positsioone. Väga jõuliselt ostma ma ei tõttaks, see põrge võib sama kiiresti läbi saada kui see algas.

    Vana majandus on täna pea nullis, seega tasub jälgida täna (ja lähipäevadel) uue ja vana majanduse liikumist.
  • midagi on siiski muutunud
    kui hoiatuse peale aktsia BRCM +10% paneb siis pole see enam see mis oli mõned nädalad tagasi
  • Kas keegi oskab midagi öelda UAIR kohta.Kas firma on pankroti väljakulutanud.Ja kui on,siis miks kaubeldakse?
  • pidid veel jätkama. kulusid kärpima jne.

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