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  • Tere. Vaikne hommik:

    - CSFB alandas Inteli (INTC) reitingu Underperform peale. Väga naljakas arvamusavaldus, kuna lühiajaliselt näeb analüütik pigem tõusu. Varasem reiting Outperform. Bloomberg kirjutab täna hommikul, et AMD on turgu võitmas. Pole just uudis enam vist.

    - Morgan Stanley on Schering-Plough (SGP) teemal väljas, kutsudes firma aktsiaid parimaks farma ideeks. Hinnasiht $25. Panen analüüsi pärst ka LHV Pro alla välja.

    - First Albany alustas Google (GOOG) aktsiate katmist Osta reitingu ning $195 hinnasihiga.

    Futuurid kergelt miinuses, dollar veidi rohelises euro vastu.

  • ..nii järsku on ülesse kolistanud, huvitav..... ja nafta?
  • tulu, Venemaa Keskpank lubas oma valuutareservide USD ja EUR osakaalu üle vaadata
  • 08:17 TZOO Travelzoo started with a Sell at Legg Mason (79.71 )

    Legg Mason initiates TZOO with a Sell and a $9-$30 per share fair valuation est. Firm says the co operates a good, profitable, rapidly growing, relatively small business, in their opinion. They estimate that Travelzoo will emerge as a stable, slow-growth enterprise in the next few years with rev as high as $100 mln, and net income as high as $35 mln. Illiquidity and speculative fervor have led to Travelzoo's overvaluation, in their opinion, and they believe the bubble will soon burst. They urge investors, speculators and any other holders of TZOO shares to Sell.

    But no shares to borrow.

  • huvitav, millal keegi SIRI reitingut julgeb alla tuua, liigub teine viimasel ajal nagu TZOO parematel päevadel
  • selles suhtes on huvitav, et paljud turuosalised ootavad aastalõpu tõusurallit.....samas kui mingid tänasele sarnased Venema Keskpanga poolt antud uudised toovad esile väikesied langusi ning lõpuks turg nagu ei tõusegi......
    arvestades viimase aja koralikku tõusu võidakse hakata kasumit välja võtma mis muutub müügipaanikaks....eks näis
  • Rev Shark:

    Traders Can Give Thanks for a Good-Vibes Market

    "A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities; an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties."

    -- Reginald B. Mansell

    Holidays have a tendency to make us optimistic. A few days away from our regular routines, good food and drink and additional time with the people we care about makes many of regular worries and concerns seem less important. After all, how can things be so bad when we are feeling good and having fun?

    What we need to be keenly aware of right now is that this is a market that is driven by mood rather than news or fundamentals. Not only do we have some holiday spirit in the air, we also have an awful lot of market participants who are kicking themselves for not fully participating in the post-election rally. Many who were waiting for a dip that would allow them to put their capital to work never saw one and they are loath to let this market run away without them once again.

    Another bullish factor at work right now is "self-fulfillment." Many investors and traders expect bullish action around the Thanksgiving holiday and they help create it and perpetuate it with their willingness to buy aggressively at the slightest hint of strength. We saw a good example of this yesterday. After a poor day on Friday it looked like we were set for a dour day. Despite the skittishness in the major indices breadth wasn't too bad and the small-cap stocks showed signs of life. Shortly after noon EST we started to turn up, the traders piled in, momentum grew, shorts squirmed and we ended up with a solid day.

    There is little question that traders, including me, are lurking about and waiting to pounce on the first signs of movement. For example on Monday traders sniffed out an I-Pod-related theme because of positive comments from Piper Jaffray about Apple (AAPL:Nasdaq) and Audible (ADBL:Nasdaq). Both broke out to yearly highs, and others in the sector such as SYNA, PLAY, ROXI and LOUD made strong moves. Another group that came to life were shipping stocks, e.g. TK OSG TOPT, and select steel stocks, e.g., X SID CMC CRS NUE CLF and wireless stocks, e.g. APCS, CYCL, UPCS.

    The bears are going to tell us all of the good reasons why market participants should not be feeling so happy and content. The bearish logic will be sound and irrefutable but what this market is about right now is optimism, holiday spirit and a generally good mood. Traders are anxious for action and if they don't find it they will create it.

    This is a particularly good market for "theme" type plays, such as I listed above. Keep your eyes open for stories about hot holiday products, new trends and broader adoption of new technologies. If you can identify these themes early it can make for some nice trades.

    Our early indications this morning are a bit weak. Intel (INTC:Nasdaq) has a downgrade from CSFB, which is weighing on things a bit, but not too badly. Chip stocks were the laggard group yesterday and it didn't hurt things too much.

    Overseas markets were generally positive with oil and telecom shares leading to the upside. The dollar is mixed and gold and crude oil down a tad.

    I expect some good trading opportunities once again so be ready to rumble.

    Please note that due to factors including low market capitalization and/or insufficient public float, we consider ROXI and LOUD to be small-cap stocks. You should be aware that such stocks are subject to more risk than stocks of larger companies, including greater volatility, lower liquidity and less publicly available information, and that postings such as this one can have an effect on their stock prices.


    Gary B. Smith:


  • Gapping Up

    SGTL +7% (guides Q4 higher; Janney raises tgt to $37, says stock could have cult appeal), ROXI +6.8% (Napster and Blockbuster Online Offer New Digital Duo Card), ASKJ +6.2% (JP Morgan upgrade), SIRI +5.4% (passes 800K subscriber mark), DAGM +17% (momentum from 18% move yesterday), ASYTE +11% (resolves contract dispute), NGEN +8% (granted patent), NSTK +5% (acquires exclusive worldwide rights to patents), MEDX +6 (announces collaboration with Medimmune), BRCD +3.5% (Merrill upgrade after co reports OctQ), TWX +3.1% (close to govt settlement regarding accounting irregularities at AOL), DE +2.3% (beats OctQ handily), ANF +1.3% (BofA upgrade).

    Gapping Down

    DY -19% (misses by $0.06, mixed guidance), KOSN -24% (Phase II trial discontinued), ABLE -22% (profit taking after 116% move yesterday), MOSY -9.5%, WIND -9% (reports OctQ, disappointing guidance), NVEC -7.3%, TZOO -6.2% (started with a Sell at Legg Mason), CREAF -5.2% (profit taking after 18% move yesterday), STEM -4.3%, KEYW -4.1% (prices 6 mln share offering at $16.50), BBBY -3.4% (Lehman downgrade), OVTI -3.4% (Wells Fargo downgrade), DADE -3.3% (in 8-K, co announces that a director on the audit committee resigned), VRSN -3.2% (Merrill downgrade on valuation), ESRX -3% (Wachovia downgrade ahead of guidance call tomorrow), OSIP -2.8% (launch of Tarceva), FRO -2.4%, INTC -2.1% (CSFB downgrade).
  • kuskohast saaks vaadata päevasisest graafikut ajaloost?
    varem sai stockpointist aga nüüd enam ei tea
  • Minu vaieldamatuks lemmikuks on www.prohetfinance.com java graafikud. Real time feedi eest tuleb maksta ca $20 aga hilinemisega on tasuta. EOD chartingu jaoks parim.

  • The page cannot be displayed tuleb mul selle peale
  • http://www.prophet.net/analyze/javacharts.jsp?symbol=INTC

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