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  • Cody Willard hiljuti isaks saanud Rev Shark asemel:

    I'm not one to draw too many parallels between stocks or to read too much into short-term price action. But I do note how much the action in Cisco here looks like the recent action in KLAC.

    Each stock seemed to be essentially sold out by the longs and leaned on by the shorts as it went into its conference call. KLAC was hit during its call by about 3%, only to rally and open up the next day. The stock is now up about 15% from the lows during its call.

    I've also noted similarities in the action between Apple and Google, in that each stock leapt to new highs after strong quarterly reports, then sold off. Apple subsequently rallied to higher highs. I'd note that FFIV also traded in a similar manner.

    Anyway, the futures are stable to green, and we've got a long day ahead. The bulls could use a squeeze today to get some momentum into this market. We shall see.

    Cisco (CSCO) reported an overall pretty ho-hum quarter last night. Although, as I spent last night detailing in my newsletter, there's a whole lot of strength in the company's new technology segments, like VoIP and core routing. As for the stock itself, the company got several upgrades Wednesday off that ho-hum quarter, and the analysts appear to like the results. The stock, which at one point last night traded down 3%, is currently about flat in premarket action.

    Another terrorist bombing attack in Madrid is also going to be in focus Wednesday, or at least on the periphery. Though it appeared that the last tragic bombing had some impact on the voting in Madrid, the violence hasn't stopped. Not much to say about it as far as it relates to the market, except that it is a reminder that the terrorist threat remains, and that being swayed by that threat or by an attack doesn't curb future threats and attacks. It just makes one queasy to think of it.

    Oh boy, there's news that Fiorina's stepping down as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HPQ:NYSE). Besides bidding her adieu, I'd just note that with her departure there's another giant PC company in flux, which has some parallel positive aspects to it for Apple (AAPL:Nasdaq), yes, Apple. IBM (IBM:NYSE) is bailing on PCs, HPQ is in turmoil (... still? ... again? ... whatever?), and Microsoft's (MSFT:Nasdaq) new OS, Longhorn, is not due until 2006 -- why bother with Windows-based platforms? Apple's newer, more stable, cleaner OS that is running on fast chips is the way to go. That's something to consider in a broad-theme kind of way.

    Futures are upticking a little bit here, as we head to the open. More soon.

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