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  • Tänases Financial Times on artikkel, et Inglise firma Old Mutual võib osta Skandia (SDIA-SEK). Hinnaks pakutakse 3,5 miljardit GBP = 47.4 mld SEK. Praegune Skandia turuväärtus on 35,7 ehk arvatav ülevõtmise hind on ca 33% kõrgemal.

    Skandia avaldas ka hommikul juba pressiteate, kus ei soovi antud teemat kommenteerida.
  • Hetkel on kauplemine juba peatatud Skandia aktsiaga
  • Täna siis Tallinna börsi noteerimiskomisjoni koosolek, kus otsustatakse Tallinna Vee aktsiate börsile toomine või avalduse tagasilükkamine.
  • WSJ kirjutab: British financial-services group Old Mutual PLC said it is in preliminary takeover talks with Scandinavian insurer Foersaekrings AB Skandia. The discussions "are at an early stage and may or may not lead to Old Mutual making an offer for Skandia," Old Mutual said.
  • Google aktsionär on ikka hea olla, saab süüa ja puha aktsionäride koosolekul.

    GOOG Google: Asked about splitting its stock, Google responds: Not now -- San Jose Mercury (228.72 )

    Internet search leader Google, whose stock is trading well north of $200 a share, has no immediate plans to split its stock, company executives said in their first shareholders meeting Thursday. Investors attending the gathering at Google's Mountain View headquarters raised the idea of a stock split as a way of lowering the price per share and opening the door to more potential investors. "We have discussed this question and we have decided not to do it at this time,'' said Eric Schmidt, the company's chief executive officer. "That's probably all I should say.'' Co-founder Sergey Brin later said the company is not planning a split now but might consider it at a later date. The meeting was attended by about 200 people who were treated to lunch -- unusual for an annual meeting. On the menu: roasted chicken, broccoli, pasta, fruit and cookies prepared by the company's chef, Charlie Ayers, who formerly prepared meals for members of the Grateful Dead and funkmeister George Clinton.
  • Cody Willard:

    Tech's Under-the-Radar Rallies Just Getting Started?
    5/13/05 8:38 AM ET

    Quietly, almost completely unnoticed by most traders, tech has suddenly found its footing and -- yes, it's true -- even had some steady rallies of late. It's been mostly big-cap, old-school stocks that have put on the biggest moves, with stocks like Applied Materials (AMAT:Nasdaq), Cisco (CSCO:Nasdaq) and Corning (GLW:NYSE)popping higher in the last couple weeks. Indeed, Corning's been hitting 52-week highs on a regular basis, and Cisco's battled its way back to almost getting even on the year.

    It's moves like these that have had the good Reverend Shark writing about his sense that there's been a change of character in the market. The important question from here, of course, is whether or not these under-the-radar rallies are just beginning or whether they're already burning themselves out.

    I'm firmly in the camp that this is just getting started. Despite so many analysts' proclamations that "tech is still expensive", I sure don't find many tech stocks that I'd call "expensive". We'll always have a Google (GOOG:Nasdaq) here, trading at nearly 50 times projected earnings (projected earnings which, in this case, seem to need to be ratcheted up almost every day), and a Pixar (PIXR:Nasdaq) there, also trading at nearly 50 times projected earnings. On the other hand, Cisco and Dell (DELL:Nasdaq) and so many other tech stocks that are likely to grow 10% to 15% (or more) this year are trading at less than 20 times projected earnings. "Cheap"? Perhaps not. But certainly tech is not across-the-board "expensive".

    There's no way to know when (or if at all) the market will come back to rewarding tech earnings a higher multiple. There's no "right" valuation for these stocks. Just as there's no law that the market has to trade at the same multiple as its multidecade average in the early 1900s, there's no law that says Cisco should trade at a 25 P/E.

    I'm in the business of making investments based on how I perceive the risk/reward in the marketplace. While I certainly could be wrong, I think the odds are quite high that the market puts a higher premium on tech earnings than the current quotes. So I've put on an aggressively long stance. But there's certainly risk that I'll be dead wrong.

    Those dudes trading futures have us pointing to a higher opening this morning. With Dell's strong report and semi company Nvidia's (NVDA:Nasdaq) surprising blowout quarter, the bulls certainly have some fundamental ammo to rally the markets today. The onus remains on the bovine camp to follow through with a strong day and a good close -- or certainly to avoid a major reversal and an ugly close.

    Net long CSCO, GLW, GOOG, NVDA

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    Äriprotsesse juba "analüüsivad" - millal võib maaklerteenust oodata neilt?

  • Ma ikka alati imestan neid cnn-i tüüpe, kes pealkirju panevad :))
    "Techs' Dell-icious day"
  • USA E-geeni ja nanotechi firma CBMX on oluliste uudiste eel teise käigu sisse lülitanud
  • Mida DELL esmaspäeval teha võib? tõuseb ikka sama kõvasti edasi?
  • osta parem IBM-i, mis on lubamatult alla müüdud
  • :) abesiki, neil läheks selles äris kindlapeale jube hästi.

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