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  • 08:57 CNBC reports that Merrill Lynch upgrades Technology sector to Mkt Weight from Underweight

    Been underweight since Jan 7.. Trading call, large-cap tech more attractive.
  • Cody Willard:

    GM Resolution Will Give Markets a Wild Ride
    5/18/05 8:28 AM ET

    There's been quite a change in character in the market in the last month, especially tech, which has rallied rather nicely (although both the DJIA and S&P 500 have acted well too). Yesterday's action was pretty classic bullish action, as a weak open and listless trading action quickly turned into a nice rally in the last hour and a half as the bulls found an excuse, even one as inconsequential as our government issuing a quasi-friendly statement about China's currency.

    Despite the change in character, few traders have changed their stance. The quiet, low-volume rally that the Nazz has undergone has been pretty much been a function of sellers having run out of merchandise, as opposed to a bunch of new money flooding the market. Likewise, few bears have covered anything in this latest action. Rather, the bears can smell the blood of GM's debt problems and they are actively pushing GM's debt and its derivatives trying to crack those markets, and subsequently crack the stock markets and economy.

    Fundamentals really are all that matter in the long run, but the investment world is driven in many ways by Soros' reflexivity theory. Just as the bears are leaning on GM's debt in an effort to crack this economy and market, Soros himself made a giant fortune by, in some sense, leaning on the Bank of London until it essentially cracked. In other words, the financial markets can have a big impact on those fundamentals that "are really all that matter," which means that the financial markets definitely matter. And if GM and the debt markets collapse, the bears are likely to make some good money betting against this market.

    The flip side of course is that if GM's debt and derivatives, the corporate debt market and the stock markets right themselves, the bears will get squeezed -- and squeezed big-time, which would set up the exact inverse virtuous cycle resulting most likely in much improved fundamentals.

    I've been citing this GM debt issue for several weeks, and it's still not resolved. But it's important, and the change in character in the stock market has the potential to get the virtuous cycle kicked in, just at the time the bears are aggressively leaning the other way.

    This one's going down to the wire, and something's got to give. It's likely to be wild in one direction or another when it does.

    The markets are looking flattish premarket. As I noted last night, today's "tells" are likely to be the action in AMAT and HPQ after both companies reported so-so quarters and guidance.

    P.S. We've got a surprise guest or two joining us for tonight's Star Wars movie. And I'll have at least another ticket or two to give away to readers today, so stay tuned.

    No positions in stocks mentioned

    Gary B. Smith:


  • Gapping Up

    Gapping up on strong earnings/guidance: HPQ +3%, PLAB +10.9%, PNRA +5.7%... Other News: PLMO +4.2% (introduces LifeDrive, its first mobile manager product), IVII +14% (selected by Microsoft for its DVD playback product for Xbox 360), DAL +11.3% (JP Morgan upgrade), ISON +6.9% (completes acquisition of security co), ESMC +5.4% (extends yesterday's 34% move), CYPB +5.1% (First Albany upgrade), BOOM +4.7%, WYNN +3.1% (Prudential is positive on Wynn Resorts following a meeting with mgmt), JBLU +2.4% (Raymond James uprgade)... Under $3: WQNI +26% (reports Q1), MCZ +9.3% (co to produce video game accessories upcoming Batman movie).

    Gapping Down

    Gapping down on disappointing earnings/guidance: AMAT -1.6% (also CIBC downgrade), REDE -11% (also JMP Sec downgrade), ANF -3.3% (also BofA downgrade)... Other News: XIDE -5.7% (extension of 38% drop yesterday).

  • MIs jama see USA börsil toibub?
    EI lähe nagu käima.
  • Kell on jumalast pool seitse ja ikka eelturg vilgub alles?
  • just just .... kell on juba pool kaks ja mul pole ikka veel ühtegi tulukest silmis ...:)

    meenutades Eino Baskini populaarset estraadinumbrit
  • Ennetades Energyt: ZEUS +10%, konkurent osteti kõva preemiaga ära.
  • Ennetades Fiti: CCJ ligineb 40 USDile ca +3 USD esmaspäevaga võrreldes ... :)

    long@35 call
  • ZEUS make it +25%. Kellelgi kiired näpud ka olid? :)
  • Terase stockid on tana k6ik t6usmas. Kahjuks minul ZEUS kaes ei olnud, ainult GNA.
  • Täna on ilus päev jah, kõik on nii roheline, roheline.
    Tahtmatult tekib selline tunne, et nii on homme ja ülehomme ja järgmine nädal jne.
  • Selle asjaga on niimoodi, et kui muru liiga roheliseks ja pikaks läheb, siis on muruniidukiga pügamine juba lähedal...ja siis päike kõrvetab muru pruuniks/punaseks...kuni tuleb vihma ja muru hakkab jälle kasvama ning on lopsakas, roheline.
  • missed this steel play, took some small shares only, fucking hell, see oli kuu mäng.
  • Inteli jutikene on
    nii illus, et lausa lust vaadata :


    Aga see läheb üle ja siis on jälle nii kole, et süda läheb pahaks.

    Ise ole eelmise harja pealt 25.00 sees.
  • üks trading-guru Todd Harrison ikka pidevalt mainib seda, et "kui turu liikumisel üles tekib koguaeg tahtmine osta ja liikumisel alla kohe müüa, siis tuleks kauplemises paus teha". Praeguse yo-yo turu puhul vägagi paika pidanud.
  • Fitile tänud CCJ eest, tõesti! (Y)
  • Eh, tuleb mingi bad pick ja siis on kõik tigedad jälle :D
  • "Pharmaceutical stocks have achieved a positive technical breakout reminiscent of the launch of each of the past two major bull markets. In both 1994 and early-2000, the 26-week rate of change powered decisively into positive territory concurrent with a rise in the relative stock price ratio above its 40-week moving average, following a failed attempt to achieve a similar outcome several months prior (i.e. in early-1994 and late-1999).

    A replay is unfolding, with the 26-week rate of change powering higher and the relative stock price ratio holding above its MA. Like previous bull market beginnings, the recent breakout follows a failed breakout attempt last year, albeit the subsequent sell-off was more severe owing to the negative reaction to the Vioxx debacle. Bottom line: technical, value and macro developments argue that the S&P pharmaceutical index is about to embark on a sustained bull phase. Stay overweight."

    --- BCA Research, May 18,2005


  • Kas keegi on MCZ ka julgenud osta?
  • Eile kirjutas Briefing.com nii:

    Apple Computer: High-end iPods sales appears to have slowed down considerably - TWP
    Thomas Weisel believes demand for Macs in general remains robust, but mixed. Following channel checks with specialist resellers and AAPL retail stores, they conclude that demand for Apple products (mainly iMac G5, refreshed power book and iPods, especially iPod Mini and Shuffle) continues to be strong, but that other products appear to be lagging. Checks suggest Mac Mini sales are somewhat slow, as consumers realize that the price including a monitor is no bargain. They say high-end iPods also appear to have slowed down considerably and that neither the new higher end 2GHz iMac or Tiger OS appear to be driving new Mac sales. Maintains Peer Perform calling current valuation fair but on the high side.

    MCZ müüb iPodidele lisatarvikuit. Koos iPodi maania vaibumisega võib läbi olla ka MCZ äri.
  • ostsin kunagi MCZ 0,82 pealt, siis ootasin kuni asi 0,46 peal kukkus ja müüsin mõistagi ära. Poole aastase investeeringu jooksul sattusin ka usassse, poes sai ikka müügimehega aru peetud, et hea kaup jne. Lubasin, et aktsiasse enam ei armu ja unustasin kogu loo, nüüd hea vaadata... selline lugu siis
  • Tanud SideKick, tegin vaikse diili 4000tk, vaatame kuidas laheb,
    viimasel ajal on MCZ agreementite generaatoriks muutumas ))))
  • ja mõni minut tagasi:

    MCZ Mad Catz announces exclusive distribution agreement for "Pump It Up" with Matstiff

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