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  • LHV Pro all ka uus investeerimisidee, mis võib lühiajaliselt ka head kauplemisvõimalust pakkuda.
  • Analüütikute positiivsed kommentaarid Google suhtes jätkuvad. Google suurele tõusule on positiivselt reageerinud ka teised sama sektori firmad. Tundub, et hetkel on kogu internetisektor kuum, sama kehtib ka LHV Pro valiku Bankrate.com kohta, mis on meie arvates liiga kiire tõusu juba läbi teinud.

    GOOG Google tgt raised to $300 at Piper Jaffray; fim would be buyers of YHOO and GOOG (266.00 )

    Piper Jaffray raises their GOOG tgt to $300 from $275. Firm believes the co is rapidly expanding its non-search services and predicts that by the end of 2006, GOOG will be seen as a full-fledged multi-application co with a strong presence in several promising areas. They also believe estimates are conservative. Firm also believes search and advertising are very strong this year and will significantly outperform e-commerce. As such, they reiterate their thesis that YHOO and GOOG are undervalued compared with AMZN and EBAY, which trade at the same levels. They would be buyers of YHOO and GOOG, and with a sector recovery, also INSP, Digital River (DRIV), and the Chinese wireless players.
  • Kas väide, et "internetisektor on kuum" tuleks tõlgendada "sektor on ülekuumenenud" ja oodata kiiret kukkumist?
  • Kindlasti ei oska ma ennustada, millal tõus võiks läbi saada. Pikaajalisele investorile lihtsalt tunduvad praegused tasemed juba liiga kallid.
  • Rev Shark:

    The Contrarian Trade: Raging Bull
    5/31/05 8:34 AM ET

    "That which the fountain sends forth returns again to the fountain."

    -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    The question isn't whether this market is going to pull back, but when and from what level. Predicting that this very strong move won't last forever doesn't require any great skill or insight -- the market will always move in surges and pullbacks. Expecting that the market will take a rest is like expecting the sun to rise tomorrow.

    One of my key tenants of trading is to not be overly anticipatory. As the bears have so aptly illustrated recently, trying to predict turning points is extremely difficult. The market doesn't listen to logic. Arguments about economics, valuations, inflation, housing bubbles and so on are just meaningless blather in the short term. None of those things matter until the market decides they matter, so trying to predict when that might be is an exercise in fortune telling, not analysis.

    Although we should give the benefit of doubt to the trend and not be too quick to anticipate its end, we should watch for potential warning signs. There are a few issues of concern right now that we need to monitor carefully. First, volume in recent days has been slowing. That may be due in part to the holiday but it signals that buyers are not as aggressive as they were when this move started.

    Second, we have some troubling action in various sectors. Oil has been rallying strongly the last couple of days and financials and banking continue to lag. Strength in technology and biotech has been main drivers but that needs to broaden out to other key sectors such as financials if the market is going to go higher.

    The biggest positive this market has going for it has been the persistent buyers. They have pounced on even minor weakness, which tells us that many folks have been badly positioned and did not profit as much as they would have liked from this rally.

    A meaningful pullback is most likely to occur when the dip buyers suddenly find themselves leaning the wrong way. It's when the "buy the dip" trade fails to work and everyone rushes for the exits that a short pullback can occur.

    We are at a very tricky juncture. There are catalysts for a sudden market reversal but everyone is painful aware that the market is extended. If you believe in contrarian thinking, the most contrary position you could hold right now is to be extremely bullish in the short term.

    We have a weak start on the way. The rejection of the EU constitution by France has hit the euro hard and is putting some pressure on European markets. Oil is down slightly and gold is taking a hit on the strong dollar vs. the euro.

    Gary B. Smith:

  • AmTech tõstis EBAY reitingu BUY peale, aktsia juba miinusesse langenud. Hoidke radaril.
  • Võrrelge PIXR ja DWA viimase kuue kuu graafikuid, väga erinevad trendid. Kes Pixari toodangut juba aasta tagasi oskas Dreamworksi omast paremaks pidada, võis tublisti teenida.
  • tundub et tänasest on hea tasuta abimees SCOTTRADER marketmover kinni demo versioonis......teab keegi analoogset tasuta marketmoverit?
  • haip ei jookse üldse: Briefingu momentum profile, mis oli screaming buy eelmine aasta samal ajal, liigub nyyd 20 närust senti.
  • something still...aga jube aeglaselt...masse EI OLE taga.
    sucks ass.
  • ikka ostavad turu päeva lõpuks plussi, paistab, et numbriga 5 lõppev aasta saab peale ülinõrka esimest kvartalit tugevalt jalad alla. Kas tõesti aasta lõpuks turg aasta algusega võrreldes üle 20% plussis?
  • tiny, natuke vara kirjutasid oma commenty

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