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  • Monster Employment Index (internetis pakutavad töökohad USA-s) tõusis mais 134 punktini, aprill 131, 2004 mai - 105

    Ma ei tea kui palju vihjeid annab see raport homsele riiklikule USA tööjõutururaportile, aga kui homme tuleb oodatust tugevam tööjõuturusituatsioon, siis tasub mängida MNST ennast.
  • Mnjah... aga kas samas ei käi see IV eelmistega sama rada - Ty kasutati koos teiste medikamentidega ning see "kokteil" kokku andis järjekordselt surmaga lõppenud tagajärje. Samas pole tagajärg iseenesest uudiseks... igatahes Pre-Marketil 23,90% all.
  • BIIBi Avonex oli vist see teine kokteili osa Tysabri kõrval. Samas esialgsed katsetused ei näita, et Tysabri üksi tekitaks kahjulikke tagajärgi.

    PS ei ole mingi medifriik, lihtsalt veidi kursis:) Ise ELN ei oma.
  • Copaxone tootev TEVA eeltrul ELN uudise peale väikeses plussis
  • ELN on ilma Ty'ta üks suure võlaga kreemitootja. Paljud teavad seda ja ilmselt shortisid ELN't peale esimest pauku. Ja siis tehti neile kõva short squeeze.

  • Rev Shark:

    All the News Might Be Too Good to Be True

    "The American has no time to tie himself to anything, he grows accustomed only to change, and ends by regarding it as the natural state of man. He feels the need of it, more he loves it; for the instability; instead of meaning disaster to him, seems to give birth only to miracles all about him."

    -- Alexis De Tocqueville, French Social Philosopher, 1805-1859

    The market has become increasingly volatile and unstable in the last couple of days. On Tuesday the major indices turned down but small-caps and speculative momentum stocks were unusually strong. Yesterday, following the surprise comments from the president of Dallas Fed about the course of future rate hikes, the market moved sharply higher but many of the high-momentum stocks reversed sharply late in the day.

    By nearly every definition the market is quite extended. It looked like we might be ready for some consolidation when Richard Fisher of the Dallas Fed made his comments about interest rate hikes being in the "eighth inning." That remark, which was probably not appreciated by Mr. Greenspan, caught a lot of folks leaning the wrong way. That simply served to accelerate the move once it began.

    The most notable action has been the very sharp movements in high-beta momentum stocks. Google (GOOG:Nasdaq) in particular has attracted the hot-money traders as it has flown higher on a target increase ("I'll see your 300 target and raise you 50!"). Aside from Google there were quite a few momentum stocks, like CME and BOOM, that saw some very sharp moves.

    There are some signs that instability is creeping into the market. After a huge month-long rally, there are folks who are now waking up to the idea that there are some pockets of momentum in the market. Some of these stocks are going to run but when the pundits and media start talking about buying high-beta momentum stocks at the very point where they are becoming more and more volatile, it is time to be careful.

    A month or so ago I was writing about the pervasive negativity, and there did not seem to be anything positive for the bulls to higlight. We now have swung in the opposite direction and even have the Fed governor are talking about the end of interest rate hikes. It doesn't get much more positive than that. The market even shrugged off a big jump in crude oil because it was so giddy.

    When all of news is already good it is tough to keep a rally going. It will be particularly telling today to see if we can build on the Fed news from yesterday. If the buyers don't, stay enthusiastic -- we may finally start to see the long-awaited consolidation kick in.

    Early action is stable. Overseas markets were a bit soft. Oil has pulled back a little and the dollar is weak after a strong move the last couple of days. Gold is up and I'm impressed at how well that has held. As I mentioned I started a position in GLD, the gold ETF, last Friday and I'm looking to add if it continues to hold.

    Long GOOG, GLD

  • Gapping Up

    Gapping up on strong May same store data/guiding higher: BEBE +11%, WTSLA +10%, ANF +4.3%.... Other News: SHOP +19% (to be acquired by eBay; up in sympathy: ECST +8%), STK +18% (to be acquired by SUNW +2.6%), GMST +14% (settles litigation with SFA), ANDS +18% (signs deal with NVS), IBOC +9.5%, SIRF +6.1% (buys MOT's G.P.S. chipsets), INCX +4% (to power searches for 8 additional newspapers), ENTU +4% (says it now secures one of Canada's most powerful computing labs), JOYG +4% (decides not to proceed with convertible offering), DUK +3.5% (files merger application in Ohio), FRO +3.5%, DIOD +2.8%, JTX +2.6% (reports AprQ; raises dividend).... Under $3: AVNX +17% (Soleil initiates with a Buy), CRAYE +14% (will not be delisted), CIEN +7% (reports AprQ).

    Gapping Down

    ELN -20% (notifies FDA of a fourth patient contracting PML -- Boston Globe; also BIIB -4.7%), ITRI -8.5% (provides guidance; First Albany downgrade), GPS -6.3% (May same store sales), GGC -5.7% (guides Q2 below consensus), INTV -5.6% (gudies MayQ revs lower), CTXS -3.5% (to acquire privately held NetScaler), VOD -2.6%, VSEA -2.3% (Lehman downgrade), STLD -1.9% (guides lower), CEPH -1.7% (announces $800 mln convertible debt offering).

  • DSCM Drugstore.com discloses last night that director Melinda Gates bought another 75k shares at $3.35-3.49 (3.59 +0.04) /Briefing/
  • Jeff DeGraaf Lehman Brothersist avaldab arvamust, et tehnoloogiasektor on sedavõrd üleostetud, et üleostetus on muutunud positiivseks. Sedavõrd suur ostuhuvi tema meelest hea märk ja pigem toob tõusu jätkumise.
  • Tänane The Boston Globe:
    Food and Drug Administration officials said they haven't confirmed the diagnosis or whether the suspected illness may have been caused by Tysabri.

    Seega - seni palju kära ei millesti ning riskialtimatele oli eile soodne ELN taassisenemiskoht; ise näeksin sellise uudise taga võimalikku hypet ülespoole.
  • Tänane Forbes.com:
    Path Outlined For Tysabri To Return
    06.09.05, 12:12 PM ET

    Earlier this year, Biogen Idec (nasdaq: BIIB - news - people ) and Elan (nyse: ELN - news - people ) pulled their multiple sclerosis drug, Tysabri, after the drug was linked to a disorder called progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML). Three of the 3,000 patients who took Tysabri in clinical trials developed PML, which is caused by the JC virus, which is often dormant in many patients. Today, the New England Journal of Medicine published case reports on all three of those patients. Alongside the reports, which provide a great deal of detail on how PML developed, the journal also published an editorial by Joseph Berger and Igor Koralnik, two of the world's top experts in PML who have worked as consultants for Biogen Idec and Elan. The two write that the linkage between the drug and PML, though unexpected seems clear. But they also provide a bit of light to investors, writing that it may be possible to detect the proliferation of JC virus before much of the damage is done and then stop Tysabri treatment. It remains an open question whether the Food and Drug Administration will require a new clinical trial to prove that is the case. Biogen Idec says it hopes to finish its safety review by the end of the summer. Shares of Biogen Idec and Elan were both up 4% ahead of the announcement.

    ELN hüppas juba umbes 10-15 minutit enne uudist 15% üles. Nüüd umbes 10% veel edu järel.
  • ELN euroopas umbkaudu 25% plussis,

  • Loodan ise 7,50 augusti callilt head tootlust:) Kas peaks praegu müüma (sell on news) või ...?
  • Ootamisega andsid poole kasumist ära vist juba.

  • calli kasumi sulgemiseks oleks pidanud shortima siis eelturul
  • NOOF New Frontier Media beats by $0.02; guides FY06 EPS above consensus, revs in-line (7.03 )

    Reports Q1 (Jul) earnings of $0.11 per share, $0.02 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.09; revenues fell 3.7% year/year to $11 mln vs the $11.1 mln consensus. Co issues upside guidance for FY06, sees EPS of $0.39-0.43 up from $0.37-0.41 vs. $0.38 consensus; sees FY06 revs of $44.5-46 mln vs. $45.07 mln consensus.

    Minu üks lemmikaktsiaid :)
  • SideKick, tahad Sa selle firma äri detailidest lähemalt rääkida?
  • seda saavad kõik asjasthuvitatud ise teha :)
  • NOOF ... distributes adult entertainment programming through electronic distribution platforms
  • to Bettie ja Henno

    Tänud näpunäidete eest! Siiski õnnestus 87% kasumit saada, kuna ei oodanud/hoidnud väga kaua aega ...
  • 07:46 NOOF New Frontier Media: Sex sells. Should you buy? - CNNMoney (7.33 )

    According to the CNNMoney, sex, like politics and religion, is usually a taboo topic to discuss in polite conversation. But that hasn't stopped people from investing in co's that make money from peddling, uh, adult-oriented entertainment. Take Playboy (PLA), for example. Shares are up nearly 65% during the past 12 months thanks to a turnaround in the co's financials. Shares of New Frontier Media, which distributes films (ok, porn) through subs and pay-per-view channels, have gained nearly 25% during the past 3 months. Part of this could be due to takeover speculation. The stock shot up nearly 6% on Tue after the co said it was "considering strategic options," a phrase that is often interpreted by Street as a "For Sale" sign. Article suggests that Playboy is probably the safest bet. New Frontier Media stock's move does look like it has more to do with takeover talk.

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