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  • Gapping Up

    TXN +2.3% (provides mid-qtr update; guides higher), TIVO +12% (co, Microsoft and Intel announce a nationwide upgrade to TiVoToGo service), CMTL +10% (reports AprQ; beats by $0.08), IMCL +9% (positive Phase III study results; Icahn to buy more of ImClone - WSJ), GM +2.8% (Kerkorian increases stake in GM), CAT +1.8% (Pru upgrade, $120 tgt), MO +1.4% (govt lowers claim against co by $120 bln), COOL +10% (reports AprQ), SWIR +7.2% (RBC upgrade), VISGE +7% (Piper upgrade), SONS +6% (announces termination of SEC probe; Jupiter Telecom implementing SONS platform in Japan), FMD +4%, IACI +3.7% (sells Vivendi Universal stake - WSJ), MLNM +3.2% (reports positive results for melanoma drug), ECST +3% (bounces after 10% drop yesterday), XRX +3% (Lehman upgrade), INGP +2.5% (Third Avenue bids for Instinet unit - WSJ).... Under $3: KNOL +19% (ups Y05 EBITDA guidance), GIGM +18% (reports Q4; first ever profitable year), SYNX +18%, MPET +8%.

    Gapping Down

    COI -25% (prices secondary offering), ATAR -20% (C.E.O. resigns), MATK -4.1% (reports AprQ), BRCD -3% (delays 10-Q filing, will restate), BIIB -2.2% (Bear Stearns indicates Avonex may no longer have exclusive patent protection in Europe), FRO -1.6%, RIMM -1.3% (Yahoo, Sprint launch e-mail service).

  • Rev Shark:

    It's a Good Time to Mull Your Trading Strategy
    6/8/05 7:54 AM ET

    "All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved."

    -- Sun Tzu

    When the market is running, it is our tactics that bring us profits, but when things slow down it is our strategy that helps us preserve our gains and position ourselves for the next set of opportunities. If you have employed aggressive tactics during the recent run you have probably made some good money, but when momentum starts to show signs of slowing then it is time to step back and think about your overall strategy.

    Chasing breakouts, buying strength and pouncing on dips are great tactics in a strong market but what do we do as things begin to falter? Do we hold on to our positions and wait for strength to return or do we sell now and hope to buy back our favorite stocks at lower prices or when momentum has returned? How defensive should we become when it looks like the market may finally start to consolidate after this powerful rally?

    The very sharp intraday reversal yesterday should have us at least contemplating some changes to our approach. What worked for most of May when the market went straight up is not going to work as well if the market becomes choppier and profit-taking kicks in.

    The most significant strategic decision to make now is what time frames you are going to use. Are you going to try to finesse things by exiting positions completely and then rebuying once it looks like we may turn up again, or are you going to hold tight and try to withstand the pain of holding during a consolidation or correction? If you dump your positions, how great is the risk of being out of the market for another leg up? On the other hand, if you sell aggressively now and the market pulls back you will be nicely positioned to profit once we find some support.

    After the action yesterday my strategy will be to increase my defensiveness. That means adjusting my tactics to take profits a bit quickly and to cut losses a bit faster. I may be less aggressive in my buying and take small positions until I feel that we have found some support.

    The intraday swing yesterday was notable for a number of reasons. First, it was the first big intraday reversal we've had since this rally began and it clearly indicated bulls are becoming more skittish and inclined to protect profits. The other significant thing was that the weakest stocks were the big-cap technology issues that account for much of the Nasdaq 100. It was these stocks that led the market up and they are likely to lead us back down.

    If you've had a good run recently it may be time to reconsider your strategy and start tinkering with your tactics. The only constant in the market is change and we have to be watching carefully for any change.

    Texas Instruments (TXN:NYSE) is helping the early indications after raising its second quarter guidance. Asian markets are also higher on the news but European stocks are struggling. Oil is down and gold up just a tad.

    Gary B. Smith:



  • GOOG $300 alt pööraski ringi, täna ka ninaga allapoole ($284).
  • Bull/Bear Sentiment Poll from Investors Intelligence :

    50.6% BULLS
    20.9% BEARS
  • Internet Search Names under pressure amid concerns about s-t search pricing trends: GOOG -3.8%, YHOO -1.8%, FWHT -4.8%, INCX -3.5% -Technical-

    Other names to watch for possible weakness include Infospace (INSP 32.99 +0.14, +0.4%), DCLK 8.27 -0.03, -0.3%) and CNET (CNET 10.14 -0.36, -3.5%)
  • Mohhammedi jutu juurde ka graafik, kui I kvartali langusega turul kosus jõudsalt ka karude protsent, siis praeguseks on see kiiresti vähenenud aasta alguse tasemete juurde.

  • Saksamaa turu suhtes avaldatakse ka iga nädal sarnast statistikat, see peaks üldjoontes andma ka pildi sentimendist Lääne-Euroopas aktsiaturgudel üldse, väljapoole eurotsooni jääv Suurbritannia ehk siis välja arvatud.

    DAX Puts Bears under Pressure

  • buying CEDC here, täna õhtul või homme hommikul võib tulla huvitavat infi:)
  • Mingi poolakeelne ajaleht jälle kirjutab? :)

  • midagi sinnapoole. hea salakeel käib:D
  • WORLD AIR HOLDINGS (WLDA) on yletanud $9 piiri.
  • Kas kellelgi oleks anda aadressi või enda tehtud tabelit oluliste tulevate FDA otsuste või kohtuotsuste kohta?
  • kristjan, mis allikast see graafik on see saadud?
  • Näed siis. Kuidas on poola keeles well done? :)

  • CEDC Central European Dist: Polish Treasury Ministry has failed to conclude final negotiations with Sobieski Distribution

    Co announced that the Polish Treasury Ministry has failed to conclude final negotiations with Sobieski Distribution for the purchase of 61% of the outstanding capital stock of Polmos Bialystok, during an exclusivity period which expired June 8, 2005 as part of the government's privatization of Polmos Bialystok. Officially, all three candidates, CEDC, Polmos Lublin and Sobieski Distribution are eligible to further negotiate with the Treasury as Sobieski's exclusivity period expired as of June 8, 2005. The Treasury should decide the next steps in the privatization process of Polmos Bialystok in the next few days.
  • tõenäoliselt jääb CEDC 35 kanti tiksuma.
  • CEDC joonistab ikka eriti uhkeid poognaid...

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