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  • Rootsi keskpank alandas üleööintressi 2% pealt 1.5% peale, 50 bp langetust ei oodanud suurt keegi. Kas ka mujal Euroopas intressid allapoole tulemas? Kinnisvarabuumile see lisab hoogu.
  • Rev Shark:

    The Trend Remains Up, but Use Selling as Insurance
    6/21/05 8:28 AM ET

    "Nothing is so wretched or foolish as to anticipate misfortunes. What madness is it to be expecting evil before it comes?"

    --Seneca, 4 B.C.-65 A.D., Spanish-born Roman statesman and philosopher

    One of the basic rules of my style of trading is to not be overly anticipatory. I don't try to call tops and bottoms in the market, since stocks have a tendency to trend longer and further than I think possible. I find that trying to call turning points usually takes me out of the market far too early. My experience has been that I maximize profits by waiting as long as possible before declaring the existing trend to be exhausted.

    However, that doesn't mean I sit blithely and do nothing as the market becomes increasingly extended and shows signs of struggle. Yesterday was a particularly good example of this. Even though the indices generally acted well, I did quite a bit of selling. It wasn't that I was anticipating an end to this rally but that many of my individual stock holdings were not acting well and triggered my stops.

    So even though I don't see any major technical flaw in the indices, I raised quite a bit of cash because of the poor action in my individual stocks. If I just happened to have some bad luck yesterday and was overweighted with the wrong stocks, there is nothing to stop me from doing some buying today of new stocks that look set up.

    The key point here is that the trend is up, and I will continue to look for stocks to buy as long as that is the case. If I can't find new buys and my existing holdings start to act poorly, then I will begin to raise more cash.

    This is the strategy that took me out of the market when the bubble popped in the spring of 2000. It had nothing to do with calling market direction in advance. It simply was a function of not letting gains slip away or losses mount in individual stocks that I was holding. Selling is the cheapest insurance you can buy. Use it often.

    The market did a nice job of strengthening throughout the day yesterday, despite the continued elevation in crude oil prices. The market cannot shrug off oil indefinitely, so if it doesn't weaken soon, we may likely see more cracks in this market.

    Overseas markets were mostly positive, and oil and gold eased slightly. We have no major news on the agenda today. I suspect we will have a choppy trading day.



  • intc peaks täna pangesid kolistama.
    Fondide müügirobotid istuvad oma 100`ste kogustega müügi poolel reas hetkel 11 tk
  • Jah, 11 korda 100 aktsiat tähendab INTC jaoks meeletut müügisurvet. Mina juba shordin!
  • Ära pane tähele eilene $ ennustus läks liialt täppi, nüüd näpud tõmblevad ennustada.
  • Quote.com petab inimesi päise päeva ajal:
    Valetab, et hinnad on delayed 15 minutes aga tegelikult kimab hoopis onlines.

  • Kas keegi oskab öelda missugused on ootused homsel Eyetech Parmac Vision Day kohta?
    Saan aru, et tänased uppuja rabelemised ülespoole on puhas spekulatsioon.

    Aga siiski mida siis oodatakse?
  • I used to think I was stupid and then I met philosophers.

    re: henryhenry

    I used to think i talked a lot of shit and then i met henryhenry.
  • Kes on suffiksi kommentaare shortinud said täna margin calli? :)

    Ma mõtlen Mark Cuban jt.
  • Huuuuuuhhhhhh :D:D:D mina olen igatahes laua all :))))))))))
    Kuunaljad jutti reas!

    Disclaimer: long SUFFIKS, HENRY IPO magasin maha ja raketti enam ei püüa :)))
  • REUTERS NordLB, DnB NOR JV could make Baltic acquisitions

    OSLO, June 21 (Reuters) - A banking joint venture between
    German state bank NordLB and Norway's DnB NOR could
    make acquisitions in the Baltic states, a vice-chairman of
    NordLB said on Tuesday.
    "There are lots of possibilities, we could perhaps buy other
    banks in the region," Hans Vieregge told Reuters, adding that he
    was referring mainly to Latvia and Estonia. NordLB already has a
    strong presence in Lithuania.
    DnB NOR and NordLB agreed to set up their joint venture in
    northeastern Europe on Tuesday. DnB NOR would would pay 157.5
    million euros ($192.4 million) for a 51 percent stake in the new
    bank, with Norddeutsche Landesbank (NordLB) holding the rest.

  • Ongi kõik vää?

    Sündinud tarkadel lõppes sõnavara otsa?

    Välisma keeli ja keerulisi sõnu oskavad, kas tead!

    Eelistan areneda endast targemate seas. "Mine arene kuskil oma ette" süsteem ei oma piisavat tootlikkust.

    Laske aga edasi, äkki püüan mõne tarkuse tera kinni, algaja nagu ma olen.
  • Tal praegu ongi, 1 septembril algab jälle kool. :) Henryhenry, tõded isegi et oled algaja: palun õpi vaikselt!

  • Mitte puhkus vaid puhkuse
    Mul on kogu aeg henryhenry,
    "puhkuse" ei ole üldse minu kasutajanimi!
  • Täna algas suvi ja kohe esimesel suvepäeval head uudised DNDN fännidele.

    SEATTLE, June 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Dendreon Corporation
    (Nasdaq: DNDN) today announced that the Company has completed enrollment in
    its Phase 3 PROTECT (P-11) clinical trial of Provenge(R) (APC8015) in men with
    non-metastatic androgen-dependent (hormone-sensitive) prostate cancer.
    Provenge is the Company's investigational immunotherapy for the treatment of
    prostate cancer. Over 170 men with non-metastatic androgen-dependent prostate
    cancer continue to be followed as part of this study.
    "This is another in a series of important milestone achievements we have
    made in the comprehensive development of Provenge," said Mitchell H. Gold,
    M.D., Dendreon's president and chief executive officer. "We thank the many
    patients, physicians and their teams who are participating in and making this
    important trial possible. Provenge is currently the only cancer immunotherapy
    being studied in early stage prostate cancer in a Phase 3 study. We
    anticipate that we will be able to complete the analysis of the trial and
    provide initial results during the first half of 2006."
    Study Details
    The study, known as PROTECT (PROvenge Treatment and Early Cancer
    Treatment) or P-11, is a double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 3 trial
    designed to evaluate Provenge in men with non-metastatic androgen-dependent
    prostate cancer. It is measuring PSA progression and the onset of metastatic
    disease. At the time of biochemical progression, men become eligible for one
    booster of either Provenge or placebo. The study is being conducted at 19
    institutions in the United States and has enrolled over 170 men.

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