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  • :-)) Sain kah teemat alustada.

    Mis asi see skandinaavia aktsia Kone OYi B aktsia on? Püsib seal muutumatult juba pikemat aega.
  • Nokia rallib. Ilmselt on kasumihoiatus liikuma hakkanud.
  • Rev Shark:

    Cast a Skeptical Eye on Tuesday's Rally
    6/29/05 8:48 AM ET

    "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

    -- Confucius

    Yesterday the market did a very nice job of bouncing back from its recent fall. There was strength across the board and very positive breadth. Volume wasn't particularly heavy, which is a negative, but it was hard to find fault with the action.

    Does this valiant effort by the market to right itself after the breakdown last week justify our trust? Should we forgive the technical breach and embrace this market once again with our precious capital?

    Maybe if you are operating on blind faith, but the smart bet is to be extremely distrustful of this recovery -- there are too many good reasons for it not to hold. The foremost is that action at the end of the quarter is often manipulated, because there is a strong motivation to hold prices up through the end of the quarter so that good numbers can be reported.

    Another reason to be careful is that the first bounce after a technical breakdown generally has low odds of turning into a V-shaped move back to recent highs. It generally takes several attempts before the market can repair the type of damage this one has seen. Too many trapped longs and aggressive shorts are looking to sell the first bounce after a collapse. There are way too many folks looking for an exit point now and that is likely to kick in sooner or later.

    One of the major justifications for the strength yesterday was the sharp decline in crude oil prices. If the market is trading primarily off of oil then there is a good likelihood we could reverse up very quickly.

    Despite the obvious reasons to be cautious about this bounce, the FOMC interest rate decision that is due tomorrow could trump everything else. If the Fed hints that it is nearly done hiking interest rates, this market could move up very fast. Although it is unlikely the Fed will be obvious about what it plans to do in the months ahead, it could be very dangerous to be overtly bearish in front of that decision.

    Revised GDP numbers just hit and look very bullish, particularly because the price deflator came in lower than expected. Early indications are up somewhat on the news. Overseas markets were generally positive overnight. Oil and gold continue to trade down and the dollar is mixed.

    Gary B. Smith:

  • juuli....juuni....no iseenesest suurt vahet ju polegi. Ainult et kuu aja pärast oleks seda siin ehk naljakas lugeda.
  • Morgan Stanley otsus tõsta Motorola reitingut peaks ka Nokiala hästi mõjuma, samas on reitingu tõstmise taga väidetavalt suurenenud turuosa Hiinas ja Euroopas. Kui see Hiinas toimus kohalike tegijate ja Euroopas Siemensi arvelt siis Nokiale see negatiivselt ei tohiks mõjuda.
  • Jääme siiski juuni juurde, pealkiri muudetud.
  • Investors Intelligence Bull/Bear Poll today:
    53.9% Bulls
    20.2% Bears
  • "Paul Desmond and Richard Dickson of Lowry's Reports Inc. had warned in recent market updates of the growing likelihood of a correction in the U.S. market, which calls for the "sales of weak and disappointing stocks." But the weakness isn't likely to last long, in their view. They recommend that investors "temporarily hold back on new buying in anticipation of a pullback in prices."

    They don't think a bear market is imminent. In Monday's comment, they listed the conditions that are present as the bear first makes its presence known, such as increasing selling and weakening buying and found those conditions aren't present at the moment.

    "The probabilities continue to suggest that we are in the last major up-leg -- the last hurrah -- of this bull market," the analysts said. This period "can be a very profitable period for patient, disciplined investors with carefully constructed portfolios," they added."

    Lowry's Report

  • Ma lihtsalt hoian yldsust kursis, ise ostsin $6.55
  • Rev Shark kirjutas tund aega tagasi:

    There are many folks who just can't stand the idea of letting go of a stock that has had good relative strength. They hate the idea of selling into strength because they are always worried that it may go a bit higher and they will be left out. The worst possible thing they can imagine is being on the sidelines too early.

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