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  • Yesterday finally saw a market without a strong underlying bid to it -- it was really the first day in July in which the bears could claim victory. After a day of mostly long, slow and flat action, the markets sold off in the closing hours and finished near the day's lows. Not the type of action that the technicians would tell us is bullish.

    I don't think most traders would be shocked at a pullback here, not after the huge rallies from the April lows and, more recently, the steady uptrending days. In fact, partly because I am quite bullish into year-end, I want to see some selloffs, because stock markets don't go straight up -- don't let the month of July and the prior spring rally fool you. A healthy market is going to entail some backing and filling at the very least, although I actually would like to see some scarier action than just backing and filling.

    A whoosh down would work to really shake out the unsure longs. And there remain oh-so-many hedge funds and traders who are anxious to make money on the short side. Many of those short-sellers have partially squeezed themselves out of their positions, especially during the July move. And those folks are ready to come plowing back in if this market were to look like it would crack. Although this steady upward action in July, especially in the face of an escalation of terrorism (though obviously not of outright "terror" as reflected in the markets' shrugging it off) might give the impression that this market is all but impervious.

    It's not.

    Come-play-in-Cinci isn't just an invitation to party in Ohio. So let's not be complacent.

    We had lots of big earnings overnight, and there will be some choppy action with big movers to the upside and downside in reaction to those earnings reports. Texas Instruments (TXN:NYSE) was far and away the star of the night, with big numbers and share buybacks and dividend boosts. Both TXN and the SMH will be key "tells" today. If they can stay strong, we'll likely have to give the ball back to the bulls once again.

  • Turg suudab esimese tunni lõpuks veel kerget plussi hoida, tänane päev üsna hea indikaator, väga olulisi uudiseid pole, seega näitab hästi ostjad/müüjad jõudude vahekorda. Päeva lõpus tulemus näha.
  • Explosion heard in central square in Istanbul - Reuters
  • Henno, see oli ju eile: "ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A large explosion was heard in central Istanbul on Monday."
  • Briefingu arust täna. kuid eksimine on inimlik ... :)
  • LHV Pro idee SCSS ka tublide tulemustega ... + 5% ja langusele vist joon alla
  • Ilmselt oleks mõistlik olnud LHV Pro kauplemisidee TTWO positsioon juba eilse börsipäeva jooksul sulgeda. Tõenäosus, et TTWO sulgub päevalõpu stopist kõrgemal oli praktiliselt olematu. TTWO langes 7,24% ja järelturul täiendavalt veel 1,23%.

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