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  • Alustame tänast päeva uudisega Saksamaa turult

    DaimlerChrysler (DCX) on koguni +6,60% üleval, mis on antud sektoris ja nii suure ettevõtte kohta väga tugev liikumine. Kasum +28%, 737 miljonit EUR vs .ootused 577 miljonit EUR.

    Lähemalt õhtuses Saksamaa turu ülevaates ...
  • Don't you just love how just about we're supposed to be all concerned about how far this market has already rallied? The Nazz is up double digits since the spring lows, the S&P has rallied 7% or so, and the DJIA about 5%. And that's a big deal apparently!

    But come on, it's not like we've rallied to some bubblicious level or that stocks are trading at some giant multiple to sales. More to the point -- you do realize, don't you, that the Nasdaq was down double digits when we hit those spring lows? The markets had been absolutely and incessantly crushed to get us down to those levels, from which we've now supposedly rallied too far too fast.

    It reminds me of a great retort that a rival hoopster once said to me during a basketball tournament in which I was on fire and scoring at will. After I dunked on the guy late in the second half, I told him, "You gotta step it up, man." He chuckled and simply said, "Scoreboard," which happened to show the reality that his team was up by 10. And really, that's all that matters, right? The scoreboard.

    So let's look at the scoreboard. After this "huge" rally, the DJIA is down on the year more than 1%. The S&P 500 is up a whopping 2% for the year. And that "highflying" Nasdaq? Up almost one half of one percent! Woohoo.

    Furthermore, as I pointed out back in April when stocks were getting trashed, there was a pretty widespread consensus that the market would return low double digits in 2005. As prices tanked, of course, those pundits mostly backed off such projections -- despite the fact that the fundamental picture this year, all in all, has been steady and/or strengthening. The point is we're now almost 60% through with 2005, and it really shouldn't seem so outrageous to expect the market to return low double digits in 2005. And that would mean a resumption of the strong recent rallies into year-end.

    The problem is that we have gotten overextended on a near-term basis. So now we're all wringing our hands and fretting about how the markets have rallied too far too fast, even though, with a little bit of perspective, in some sense they haven't rallied this year. At all. Just check the scoreboard.

  • Gapping Up

    Gapping up on strong earnings/guidance: DRIV +13%, NTRI +30%, ARRS +13%, DWSN +13%, BLDR +11%, TRID +10.5%, STRA +10%, ESRX +8%, IFLO +7%, CRDN +7%, SBUX +6.7%, MXO +5% (also Baird upgrade), BABY +5%, BZH +4.7%, IDTI +4.4%, ALA +4.3%, CLDN +4.3%, ECIL +3.4%, AZN +2.9%, NXTP +2.2%, KLIC +2.1%, ECA +2%, PHM +2%, BMY +1.8%, NANO +1.7%, CELG +1.5%... Other News: DCX +10.5% (C.E.O. to step down), PSDV +11% (appoints director; this nanotech play may also be up with NANO), MDTL +9% (announces $50 mln order), BEAV +8.3% (Mad Money mention), IIJI +8% (introduces new 3G service), DEPO +4.5% (announces license agreement), DAL +4.4%, RGEN +3.6% (momentum from 42% move yesterday), DWA +2.5% (NBC Universal in talks to buy DreamWorks - Reuters), GW +2.7%, BYD +2.7% (Mad Money mention), SIFY +25%, DXPE +2.7% (momentum).... Under $3: ACTU +17% (reports Q2, JMP upgrade, Niku renewal), CNXT +13% (reports JunQ), AATK +12%, LOUD +12% (technology chosen by Panasonic).

    Gapping Down

    PXLW -25%, WOLF -23%, MIPS -22%, ANDW -14%, TTMI -13%, SSYS -12%, AMKR -11%, SPAB -10%, SPIL -9%, ORCH -7%, MVL -7%, SOHU -6.7%, ISSX -6.6%, TSCM -6.4%, RNVS -5.5%, SNE -4.8%, ERES -5%, PLAY -4.8%, MLNM -4.4%, CHRT -4.2%, ILSE -4.1%, CCMP -4%, IPAS -3.8%, CNX -2.9%, NTAP -2.9%, CA -2.9%, SWKS -2.8%, LSI -2.7%.
  • 'Top 100' Volume screens for the monthly NASDAQ short interest release:

    Top 100 NASDAQ Largest Shares Short 
    Top 100 NASDAQ Largest Erlanger Short Ratios 
    Top 100 NASDAQ Largest Short Volume Increase 
    Top 100 NASDAQ Largest Short Volume Decrease 
    Top 100 NASDAQ Largest % Increase in Short Volume 
    Top 100 NASDAQ Largest % Decrease in Short Volume 

  • Investors Intelligence Bull/Bear numbers are too exuberant once again.

    BULLS: 55.29%
    BEARS: 22.6%
  • LHV Pro all ka lühike kommentaar Hooker Furniture (HOFT) tänase kukkumise kohta.
  • Turg juba mõnda aega tugev olnud, ringlemas rohkem karusid pilkavaid linke - 40 bear types.

  • Cody Willard kirjutas hommikul RealMoneys LHV eilse päevapildi (AUO) kohta laheda loo:

    It's another quiet summer day with an underlying bid in the market. I'd highlighted AU Optronics (AUO:NYSE) a few weeks ago as a new long that I wanted to build up, and the stock went down afterward. I then noted that I wasn't adding to it yet. I have started adding to the position around these levels but am still not at a full position.

    Though it's not the reason I'm adding to the position, there is word that the company has won new orders from Samsung for LCD TV panels. Gotta love where that buzz originates from: a broker's note from this morning, which cites the Taiwan Economic News, which cites the Economic Daily News of China, which cited a ranking official at Samsung who supposedly confirmed. And note, of course, that people can now cite me citing all of that!

    Anyway, I added to the position.

    Net long AUO
  • LEXR hetke parast tulemused, aktsia on viimasel tunnil natuke miinust tagasi teinud.
    Vaadates konkurentide tulemusi ja analuutikute suht madalaid ootusi, ootan blow-out numbreid ja rallit aktsia hinnas.
    Lets see:)

    pikk LEXR
  • Pro all soovitatav DSCM tegi päeva viimastel tundidel ja minutitel läbi karmi tõusu. Ise müüsin küll liiga vara maha, et sellest täit mõnu saada. Nüüd tulemused väljas:

    16:02 DSCM sees Q3 revs $93-96 mln vs $101.03 mln Reuters consensus
    16:02 DSCM prelim $-0.05 vs $-0.07 Reuters consensus; revs $96.9 mln vs $98.08 mln Reuters consensus
  • Spunk, loodetavasti jõudsid spike'i ära müüa, pärast käibenumbreid hind veel tükk aega püsis üleval.
  • Kristjan, ma olen LEXRs juba habemega investor (mangisin kohtulahenditele), ei votnud seda possu nuud tulemuste manguks ja seetottu ka kohe spike ei muunud.

    Aga peale esialgset tulemustega tutvumist muusin pool maha, peale cc-d vaatan, mis ulejaanuga teen.

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