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  • Ravimite tarvitamisega seotud surmajuhtumid on kuum teema: nüüd ollakse siis ka GlaxoSmithKline antidepressantide kallal, mis väidetavalt suurendavad suitsiidikalduvusi

    Glaxo Londonis -1,41%

    Täpsemalt siiski üles soojendatud vana looga tegu ...
  • 06:21 EYET Eyetech gets $20 a share offer from OSI Pharma (13.99 )

    Ehk siis vastus küsimusele miks EYET on eelturul +32%, neile kes Graafiku posti teises teemas ei märganud
  • Rev Shark:

    Don't Let Boredom Affect Your Style
    8/22/2005 8:49 AM EDT

    "You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong."

    -- Warren Buffett

    There are times when the market can be very forgiving: Strong, uptrending markets have a way of bailing us out of our bad trades and mediocre stock picks. This is not one of those markets.

    In a slow, thin market like we are facing now it is very easy to make mistakes. It isn't that our decision-making ability is suddenly impaired but that the market is particularly unforgiving of errors and is not going to help us out at all if we are less than perfect in our stock selection.

    It is very easy to add to the potential for mistakes by making trades out of boredom or impatience. We sit there and look at the market and talk ourselves into doing things even when we know deep down that we should simply sit and wait.

    Most trading and investing styles do not produce even results week after week. We go through a period when we make little progress and then suddenly we are red-hot and make a big run. The slow times often tempt us into tinkering with our approach so that we can rack up more consistent profits. But more often than not, we simply end up paying some tuition so that we can be taught yet again that the best approach is what has worked for us in the past.

    If we are in a market that is not favorable to your style of investing or trading, don't try to fight it and set yourself up for mistakes. Acknowledge when the market is tough; rather than fight it, embrace it and focus primarily on not making mistakes and above all else preserve your capital.

    We have an upbeat Monday morning on tap, which, as you know, is something that always makes me distrustful. Monday morning optimism has a way of fading very quickly.

    Overseas markets were mostly higher, oil is steady, the dollar soft and gold is rallying.

     Gary B. Smith:


  • Gapping Up

    PANC +70% (HIV drug meets primary endpoint in study), LANV +49% (reports Q2), EYET +34% (to be acquired by OSIP), PKZ +20% (to be acquired by China National Petroleum Corp), NWAC +8% (mechanics strike has led to few disruptions -- Bloomberg.com), SBTV +7% (to be acquired by private equity firms), REDF +6% (extends recent momentum), RRGB +5% (KeyBanc upgrade and BofA upgrade), MYOG +3.5% (extends recent momentum), FDRY +3.5%, SIFY +3.2% (extends recent momentum), LLTC +2.5% (BofA upgrade), MOT +1.8% (mentioned in Barron's), DCX +1.7%, MRVL +1.6%, PG +1.3% (mentioned favorably in Barron's).... Under $3: NGRU +12% (to sell certain assets), INSM +11%, TMTA +6%.

    Gapping Down

    OSIP -15% (to acquire EYET), BNHNA -9% (reports Q1), ITWO -5% (registers 7.65 mln shares for sale by stockholder), IMCL -3.2% (fallout from OSIP buy of EYET), KSWS -1.5% (Brean Murray downgrade)... Under $3: ANGN -20% (not in compliance with Nasdaq listing requirements), NWD -15%.
  • " Ned Davis Research, meanwhile, was ready to wave the flag at the swelling crowd of oil bulls. The firm's most recent Sentiment Poll on Energy Futures showed the portion of bulls at 81.3%, 'about as extreme as they have been over the last decade", and which Davis believes signals a potential top in crude oil's surge." -- Barron's, August 22, 2005
  • QQQQ $38.75 ja Nasdaq 2135 pt. olulised tasemed (paari päeva lõikes). Kui need lähevad, siis ilmselt kiirenevas tempos alla.

    Päeva alguses üles - hoida ei suudetud, päeva keskpaigaks miinuses, kui õhtuks ennast parun Münhauseni kombel välja ei tõmmata, siis järjekordne märk tehnilisest nõrkusest.

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