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  • S&P 500 sulgemishinnad alates 16. augustist:

    23-Aug-05    1,217
    22-Aug-05    1,221
    19-Aug-05    1,219
    18-Aug-05    1,219
    17-Aug-05    1,220
    16-Aug-05    1,219

    Alles eile siis suudeti sellest hoogsast paigalseisust välja murda ja oli üsna volatiilne kauplemispäev. Päeva algas kerge miinusega, kuid keskpäevaks oli turg võimsalt rallinud - karulõks e. karud hakkasid liiga julgeks minema ja kiire liikumisega saadi nõrgemad käed välja. Päeva teises pooles vajus turg siiski ära ja seda üsna koledal kombel - kõik suuremad indeksid tegid ka uued põhjad. Langustrend endiselt selgelt jõus.

    Üks märkus - esmaspäev 5. september on USAs püha ning seega ka järgmine nädal võib olla üsna õhuke. Kuid pärast seda peaks ka käibed börsil tagasi olema - suvi ja puhkused läbi.

  • mida järgmiseks olulisimaks toetuseks peetakse ?
  • Ma olen mõnda aega rääkinud Nasdaq 2100, QQQQ 38 tasemetest, praegu ka väga nende testimise järgi lõhnab.
  • Rev Shark:

    Start of a Big Slide? Not, Just Some Expected Selling
    8/25/2005 8:50 AM EDT

    "On the outskirts of every agony sits some observant fellow who points."

    -- Virginia Woolf

    When the market goes through one of its periodic rough patches and participants are reduced to slogging along just to try to keep their heads above water, the pessimists emerge. All of the things they warned us about that were ignored while the market rallied suddenly become the reasons we are due for the agony of a long steady decline into the abyss.

    The pessimist who always has some very compelling arguments for why the market is doomed uses the market weakness to justify his arguments. He tells us the market is falling apart because all of the things he warned us about are now starting to matter. He points at oil, interest rates, the economy and his laundry list of worries and tell us that the market has finally seen the light and is falling apart for these reasons that he knew would eventually matter.

    In the words of the great philosophers" "pffffftttt." The market is going through a correction because that is what it does after a good run. The worries and concerns that didn't matter a month ago are now in the headlines because they are the convenient explanation for the cyclical nature of the market. Negatives matter now because we are in corrective stage and investors are looking for reasons to explain what is happening. The idea that the market simply experiences waves of good and bad isn't sufficient explanation for most.

    Do we panic and embrace the doom and gloom as the market slides lower? No more than we should embrace the market when things look good and it looks like the rally will never end.

    We need to respect the current trend but always remember that it too will end -- like every trend that ever occurred previously. We don't overanticipate when a turn may occur but we also don't buy into the perma-bear arguments that now seem to be a bit more reasonable.

    Just keep on slogging along and ignore that man in the corner who is now pointing at all the reasons why the DJIA is heading for 7000.

    We have a slight bounce in the early going this morning. The scare over the Federal Reserve meeting with large derivative dealers seems to have cooled. Oil is down a tad and there seems to be some optimism that Tropical Strom Katrina may not disrupt the Gulf of Mexico oil rigs. Casual restaurants are being downgraded by Goldman in part because of concerns about gasoline prices, Overseas markets were negative and gold is up.



  • It looks like the primary challenge for the remainder of the day will be staying awake.

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