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  • Gapping Up

    OVTI +15% (reports JulQ; guides OctQ revs above consensus; short squeeze), LWAY +21% (to begin distribution to limited test market), ZIGO +10% (reports JunQ), LC +25% (to merge with Raycom Media), QUIN +16%, SBTV +8%, AGIX +6.4% (may be a buyout - BusinessWeek), OPTC +5% (extends recent momentum), BCON +3% (extends recent momentum)... Under $3: DFIB +28% (receives approval from Japanese govt to market biphasic version AEDs in Japan), CNR +17% (announces positive well apraisal), MCEL +4% (extends recent momentum).

    Gapping Down

    Gapping down on disappointing earnings/guidance: LTXX -12%, PETC -10% (also multiple downgrades), CMOS -8.4% (also Adams Harkness downgrade), AGIL -5.4% (also Needham downgrade)... Other News: DOVP -15% (suspends ocinaplon trial), DRL -7.1% (receives subpoena from US Atty; cut to Source of Funds at ThinkEquity), ELN -5% (additional highly suspect Tysabri deaths obtained by Morgan Stanley; BIIB -2.1%), RNVS -4.7% (clinical data), ISRG -3.5% (started with an Underperform at Jefferies; tgt $65), STX -3% (Morgan Stanley downgrade), PIXR -3% (faces informal SEC probe - WSJ).
  • Ken Wolff ütleb praegu, et kui AAPL läheb alla 45.80 - we'll beeee dead.
  • Rev Shark:

    You Can Dismiss Bears, but Charts Don't Lie
    8/26/2005 9:00 AM EDT

    "'Don't you worry, and don't you hurry.' I know that phrase by heart, and if all other music should perish out of the world it would still sing to me."

    -- Mark Twain

    If you take a moment to think about it, it is always possible to find some good reasons to worry about the stock market. The concerns will vary over time but there always is something to cast a shadow over our expectations about how bright the future may be.

    At the moment there is an unusually large number of significant concerns. These problems, along with stumbling technical patterns, are a good reason for us to be more cautious than usual.

    The foremost concern for this market right now is inflationary pressure. The most prominent are crude oil, which is within a tick or two of new highs, and a slowing consumer. The FOMC has clearly signaled that it is going to remain hawkish and continue fighting inflationary pressures by raising interest rates. In a strong economy, that is not likely to have a lot of negative implications but this is a fragile economy, and recent economic statistics haven't impressed.

    There are also finally some signs that the housing market is cooling a bit and that the consumer is beginning to be a bit more cautious. Housing prices don't even need to fall to have a chilling effect on consumers. A plateau in prices or even a slowing in price increases will likely have some effect on the mood of folks who are used to seeing their home equity produce a steadily growing savings cushion.

    I could go on for quite a while about all of the things that should concern us about the market right now but you probably can develop your own list without much problem.

    The reason I'm focusing on worries and concerns today is that we have a technical pattern that suggests they may be of real concern. When the charts look like they do, we can't readily dismiss the perma-bear arguments like we would in a better market. There are signs that the problems they cite are starting to have an effect on this market.

    Our job is not to dwell on all of the worries and troubles, but to make sure we keep our capital safe until things look better. We need not worry and we need not hurry. Stand aside and let these troubles play out. If you are a trader then do your thing, but if your time frame is longer than a day or so, it's a good time to take care of all of the paperwork that has been piling up on your desk.

    We have a fairly stable start to the day. Crude oil is steady, gold is inching up and overseas markets were slightly higher. The news flow is slow and it is likely to be a very quite summer Friday

  • Cramer on Kodaki teemal hoos ... ja graafik näeb huvitav välja ....

    You have to sit up and take notice when a company is cutting back in China. I mean, think about it: Here's the greatest growth market in the world, so anyone who is shutting things down there has to have his head examined.
    Unless you are Kodak (EK).
    Then, it is just par for the course.
    Never in my life have I seen a company squander a franchise the way this Kodak has. So when Kodak plans job cuts in China, the cheapest, best place in the world to manufacture, you have to just say to yourself, "Holy cow, what is the point of this company?!?"
    For as long as I have been in this business, Kodak has been a troubled company. (So has Xerox (XRX), but that's a different story.) It has spun off divisions and bought and sold more properties and thrown up its hands more times than any company I know. It has changed managements, it has changed orientations, it has tried to be a health care company, a drug company, a chemicals company, a distributor and a technology company. Nothing's working.
    Now it is only a $7 billion company. There's only one thing left for it to do: put itself up for sale. Until then, it should just shut up and go lower. Its managers have been incapable of the former, but the latter's been their forte for years.
  • nafta kukub kui kivi nädalavahetuse eel.
  • mis uudis see kell 14:20 tuli ? (21:20 meie)
  • mis te üldse arvate aapl'ist. Kas nüüd on aeg käes? Praegu piinleb seal 45 kandis.
  • Piuks, osta õun! :) Sügis käes ja õunad odavad!
  • Gary B. Smith avaldas reedel oma arvamust drugstore.com (DSCM) kohta.

  • 26/08/05 17:14 postituses toodud Crameri nooled EK suunas on täna G. B. Smith poolt järje saanud, aktsia vahepeal ka allapoole libisenud juba natuke ...

  • Ja jälle EK teemal põhjust juttu teha :)

    15:18 EK Eastman Kodak (+7.3%) surges to highs of day after takeover rumor resurfaces; faces 50-day ema at $26.20 (26.15 +1.78) -Update-

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