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    Rita Overreaction Might Set Up Opportunity
    9/21/2005 8:48 AM EDT

    "Let's hope you feel better now."

    -- Dr. Jack Kevorkian

    The FOMC raised interest rates for the 11th successive time yesterday in its battle to rid the economy of the insidious disease known as inflation. The Fed may indeed make some inroads into eliminating inflation, but the problem is that it may kill the patient in the process.

    The stock market was not happy with the Fed's continued hawkishness. Although a quarter-point hike was expected, the market had expectations of a more friendly policy statement. One thing you can say about Alan Greenspan and the boys is that they aren't letting things like political pressure or charitable instincts influence their thinking.

    If the Fed didn't present enough difficulties for the market, we face a host of other obstacles at the moment. The most evident now is Hurricane Rita, which is very likely to become a Category 4 storm and is headed for the key oil-producing area of the Gulf of Mexico. Many market participants are much more sensitive to the damage such a storm can do after seeing the destruction wrought by Katrina, and crude oil is trading up sharply again this morning.

    We have a number of other less apparent difficulties as well. We are in a tough time of the year seasonally, warnings season is upon us, the economy is struggling, consumer sentiment weakening, and housing and retail sales are sluggish. All that is being reflected in the charts of the major indices, which are starting to crack.

    There are an awful lot of obstacles for this market now but the good thing is that most market participants are already aware of them. They know what the issues are and have tempered their bullishness to some degree. The best thing that can happen when there is a lot of issues is for investors to be cognizant of them, and not ignore them. It is much easier to price in all of the bad news if investors aren't trying to deny that it exists.

    We have a weak start this morning as investors focus on weather concerns. Hurricane Rita is not scheduled to hit until Friday so the market has plenty of time to worry about what may happen. There is a good possibility that the market may overreact this time and I'll be watching that situation for a possible trade.

    Oil is up, overseas markets mixed, gold is up and we are in for a battle.

    Gary B. Smith:

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