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  • Kinder Morgani(KMI) näol on tegemist energia infrastruktuuri pakkujaga. Ettevõttel on 40,000 miili loodusliku gaasi torujuhtmeid ja 150 terminali. Kinder Morgan on hommikul suures plussis +23.5% ja maksab hetkel eelturul $104. Hinnahüppeks on ka põhjust. Ettevõtte tegevdirektor on loonud ühise plaani senior management'i ja väliste investoritega, et ettevõtte aktsiaturult ära tuua ja muuta eraettevõtteks. Pakutud hinnaks on $100. Praegune hüpe pakutud hinnast kõrgemale eelturul tähendab, et investorid ootavad konkureerivat pakkumist või ei ole lihtsalt selle hinnaga nõus müüma.

    Selline hinnapakkumine ettevõtte ladviku poolt on eelturul üles lükanud ka teiste energiaga seotud ettevõtete aktsiate hinnad. Näiteks Chesapeake Corp.(CHK) +2.3%. Vaatame, kuidas sündmused edasi hargnevad.

    Vodafone(VOD) tuli välja oma tulemustega. Teatas, et kaotas oma fiskaalaasta jooksul, mis lõppes 31. märtsil kokku $41 miljardit. Tulemust leevendati teatega, et investoritele tagastatakse augustis kokku $16.7 miljardit, mis on 50% rohkem kui ettevõte sai oma Jaapani tegevusasutuste müümisest Softbankile. Hetkel aktsiahind 3% jagu plussis.
  • Don't Fear Selling

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    5/30/2006 8:48 AM EDT

    "Let us watch well our beginnings, and results will manage themselves."

    -- Alexander Clark
    After a nasty breakdown over the past two weeks, the indices finally managed a bit of a bounce last Thursday and Friday. Many market participants breathed a sigh of relief as the extreme downtrend paused, but we are by no means in healthy technical shape now.

    At this juncture it is extremely important to increase our vigilance and not let our positions slip should the market turn back down. Now is the time to be lean, mean and distrustful. Market conditions have changed and are much more dangerous now -- the trend is no longer up and many folks are trapped in positions that they will be happy to escape if they can recoup some losses and get back close to even.

    If you have been trying to catch a market bounce, make sure you don't let your trade turn into an investment. If the indices move back toward the lows of last week, aggressively cut your exposure.

    If you watch your positions carefully, limit losses, and protect your capital, you will be far ahead of the game when the market is acting better. Having to make up losses to get your portfolio back to its prior levels is unproductive. Not only are you working to get back what you already had, but you are missing out on building higher from more elevated levels. If you have a pullback of 20%, you have to produce gains of 25% just to get back to even. If you can avoid that pullback altogether you not only avoid having to make up losses but can push your account to new highs very quickly. You will end up 50% ahead of your low point rather than just even again if you avoid the drawdown completely.

    So get tough with your stocks; don't let them dig a hole for you. If the indices were in an uptrend and conditions looked better, you could be a bit more forgiving and wait for things to work out. We can't afford to do that in the present market or we will create a lot of additional work for ourselves if the market does not cooperate.

    We have a soft open to start the week. The dollar is weak but rebounding on news of a new Treasury secretary, Wal Mart says high fuel prices hurt sales in May, European markets are being sold, a powerful earthquake in Indonesia contributed to weakness in Asia, and oil is trading up. We have our work cut out for us.

    At the time of publication, De Porre had no positions in stocks mentioned, although holdings can change at any time.

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