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Börsipäev 9.-10. oktoober

Kommentaari jätmiseks loo konto või logi sisse

  • Citigroup upgrades Advanced Micro (AMD 24.01) to Neutral from Reduce

    Citigroup downgrades Mastercard (MA 75.15) to Hold from Buy

    Goldman downgrades Mastercard (MA 75.15) to Sell from Neutral

    UBS downgrades Caremark Rx (CMX 53.40) to Neutral from Buy and lowers tgt to $58 from $71...UBS downgrades Express Scripts (ESRX 73.92) to Neutral from Buy and lowers tgt to $81 from $98

    Merrill downgrades Cypress Semiconductor (CY 19.59) to Neutral from Buy

    Research In Motion tgt raised to $135 from $110 at Merrill. Tõenäoliselt võime näha kerget pull-backi aktsiahinnas. Tõus onolnud päris võimas ning üht-teist on juba aktsiahinda sisse arvestatud. Usun, et paljud kasutavad võimalust kasumit võtta.Tase $110 on olnud päris keeruline korralikult läbimiseks.

    ThinkEquity raises their Atheros (ATHR 19.21) revenue and EPS estimates for several reasons covering 3Q06 and beyond. They say the single most important near-term reason is the strength they perceive in adoption of Atheros' Chinese PAS design wins. In addition, they believe the outlook for 4Q and beyond is good as a variety of mobile devices, gaming, and 802.11n upgrade cycles drive a strong consumer upgrade market

    MCD McDonald's resumed with an Overweight at Morgan Stanley

    Starbucks (SBUX) on viimasel ajal päris tublisti liikunud ning esindan pigem kergelt negatiivset nägemust ettevõtte suhtes.Täna kommenteerib Thomas Weisel firmat ja taaskord räägitakse juttu, mis ei ole kõrvadele uus. Lisaks muidugi on kergeltnegatiivsust tekitav fakt, et kuist SSS enam ei raporteerita. Starbucks plaanib siiski mahuga lüüa, kõvasti laieneda ja pakkudalaiemat tootevalikut. Kuigi soojade hommikusöökidele McDonaldsile just vastu ei suudeta astuda, on teema huvitav. Siiski jääbfirmal puhtalt ruumist puudu, et pakkuda konkurentsivõimelist ja laia sooja toidu valikut. Sealjuures aga ostetakse kõvasti ahjusid, mis on hea uudis firmale TurboChef (OVEN), kellelt ahjusid tellitakse. Vana uudis, aga tasub radaril hoida.

    SBUX Starbucks: Top-line opportunities abundant; margin opportunity more limited - Thomas Weisel (38.41 ) Thomas Weisel attended SBUX's biennial analyst conf in Seattle on October 5, 2006 and notes key takeaways from the conf are an increased long-term system-wide unit target of 40,000 (up from 30,000), an update on the performance of the international business, the rev opportunity from food sales and drive-thrus, and a change in customer demographics. Firm says SBUX also reiterated Y07 and Y08 EPS guidance of $0.72-0.73 and $0.87-0.89, respectively. Of note, firm says SBUX will no longer be reporting monthly same-store sales. Firm est that the incremental food offerings over the next two fiscal years should maintain the 1.5% to 2.0% boost to SSS. Also, with an average investment to add ovens in stores of $15,000, firm says the investment satisfies SBUX standard goal of a sales to investment ratio of 2:1

  • DigiTimes reports Intel may raise its stake in Nvidia so that they can form a strategic partnership to oppose the merger of AMD and A.T.I. Technolgies (ATYT)
  • Aasia turud olid punases pärast teadet, et Põhja-Korea on läbi viinud tuumapommi katsetuse. Tuumapommi katsetuse võimalikkusest kirjutasin ka reedeses, 6. oktoobri börsipäevas. Esialgsetel andmetel viidi see läbi maa all ning ametnikud kinnitavad, et mingit kiirituseohtu ega –leket ei ole. Kõige rohkem, -2,4%, langes oodatult Lõuna-Korea börs Kospi(see oli ka viimase 3 kuu suurim langus indeksis). Euroopa turud seevastu nii väga punases polnudki..

    Ülespoole avanevad:

    NRPH +43% (FDA issues approvable letter), AMKR +33% (files 10-Q; cures alleged defaults on debt), MRBK +22% (to be acquired by PNC), NTRT +14% (VNU to acquire remaining shares), SHPGY +8.7% (FDA approval for ADHD drug), SNMX +5.9% (Cramer bullish on Mad Money), SYX +2.4% (moves to #1 on IBD 100 list), SEPR +2.2% (FDA approval for Brovana), INFY +2.8% (tech strocks up in India overnight), JBLU +2%, CMG +1.9% (JP Morgan upgrade), T +1.2% (Citigroup upgrade), GOOG +1% (positive broker comments), CSCO +1% (positive Barron's mention), WYE +1% (Merrill adds to Focus One list), AMD +1% (UBS upgrade).

    Allapoole avanevad:

    PWAV -18% (guides lower), MA -3.5% (downgrades from Goldman and Citigroup), CAKE -2.7% (reports Q3 revs below consensus), VZ -2.2% (Citigroup downgrade to Sell), ESRX -2.2% (UBS downgrade), FNSR -1.9% (exchanges convertible notes), BOT -1.7% (Credit Suisse downgrade), S -1.6% (UBS downgrade), AKAM -1.5%, MNST -1.3% (CEO resigns), JCI -1% (guides below consensus for DecQ).

    Nafta taas uudistes. Eile vähendasid mitteametlikult kuus OPECi riiki toodangut 1-miljoni barreli võrra päevas. See teeb ca 3.4% OPECi kogutoodangust. Vähendajateks olid Saudi Araabia, Venetsueela, Nigeeria, Kuweit, Liibüa, Alžeeria. Seetõttu võib juhtuda, et OPECi liikmesriikide poolne toodangu vabatahtlik vähendamine saab täna ametliku pöörde uute kvootide ratifitseerimise näol.
  • Words of Caution in the Euphoria

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    10/9/2006 8:22 AM EDT
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    "All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem."

    -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The market has made some remarkable progress off the lows in July. The technical conditions have improved dramatically and the mood has changed tremendously over the last three months or so -- all of the worries and concerns that were plaguing us back in July have seemingly evaporated as we march steadily higher. It is a Alfred E. Neuman environment right now: "What? Me Worry?"

    The question isn't whether the market is looking good (it certainly is), but how much longer it can trend upward without some sort of meaningful correction. The higher we go the greater the risk and with third-quarter earnings reports looming, there is a potential negative catalyst on the horizon.

    I warn quite often about the dangers of being overly anticipatory in a market that is trending strongly. Trends almost always persist longer than seems reasonable and if you try to apply some logical arguments as to why they are destined to turn, you will come to learn what the market beast thinks about things like common sense and logical arguments.

    However, the further the market progresses in a straight line off the July lows the more we need to contemplate the problems this progress may create. Is the increase in stock prices going to cause a problem if the economy isn't as strong as some seem to hope? Are we in danger of a "sell the news" reaction as earnings reports roll in?

    I don't know the answer to those questions but I do know that the further we progress, the greater the likelihood that we will have some problems that slow things down. Just keep that in mind as you contemplate the market. The one great certainty of the stock market is that stocks will go up and down and quite often when progress has been the greatest and things look the most positive, we are the most vulnerable.

    A nuclear test in North Korea is shaking up the markets a bit in the early going. Overseas markets are mixed with oil-related stocks helping out a bit on the upside. OPEC ministers are mulling production cuts and that is supporting crude a bit. Other than North Korea, the newswires are fairly slow. There is speculation that Google will announce a deal with YouTube after the close today -- I'm long Google as a trade on the YouTube momentum.

    At the time of publication, De Porre was long Google, although holdings can change at any time.
  • President Bush condemns North Korea nuclear test; says int'l community will respond, deserves immediate response by UN Sec Council

    Says a transfer of nuclear technology by North Korea to Iran, Syria, etc would be a grave threat.
    South Korea's Ban Ki Moon nominated as next United Nations Secretary-General - Reuters

    Justkui saatuse kokkulangemisel valiti täna, mil Põhja-Korea viis läbi tuumapommi katsetuse, et järgmiseks ÜRO Peasekretäriks saab lõuna-korealane Ban Ki Moon, kes vahetab 31. detsembril ametist välja Koffi Annani, kes on vastavat ametikohta siis hoidnud juba 10 aastat.
  • Üks lõik briefingust metallisektori kohta:

    We note that metal stocks across the board are showing outsized gains this morning (WOR +2.5%, TIE +5.1%, ATI +4.1%, AKS +3.0%, X +5.7%, NUE +5.2%, CRS +3.1%, etc). Given this renewed interest in the sector, we though we'd highlight titanium producer Allegheny Technologies, which caught our attention as it has broken above its 3-month range highs of 65.75-66.00... The move in the stock appears to be a result of a renewed interest in commodity stocks lately heading into the Q3 reporting season. Many commodity stocks have pulled back sharply from their highs in April/May, but are starting to attract interest again. Earnings results have been a catalyst for these stocks. Specifically, ATI has beaten consensus for eight consecutive qtrs, with the last few being by wide margins. Also, the fundamentals look solid for ATI given its solid balance sheet and capacity expansion. Currently, the co has about a 40 mln ton capacity for titanium, but this should double when new facilities ramp up over the next 12-18 months. Of note, on its last conf call during Q&A, an analyst ran through the potential per share impact and came up with an additional $2.50 to $3.00 per share of earnings just from this new expansion. That's pretty sizeable for a co expected to earn $5.08 per share this year... ATI has started to move higher, the past few days. However, we'd keep an eye on the other titanium makers which have not moved as much yet

    Mis puutub teistesse nimedesse, siis USAP on juba natuke huvi üles näidanud. Käive hetkel siiski suht väike, kuid varasemalt on aktsia teinud nii mõnegi lennu koos sektoriga.

  • OPEC will not hold a special meeting Daukoru spokesman says
  • OPECi ametlik kohtumine peaks toimuma minu mäletamist mööda detsembris ja seetõttu võidakse outputi vähendamise otsus langetada alles sel ajal
  • Täna väärib "jutlustaja" Shark veelkord välja toomist:

    When I go to a football game, I really enjoy watching and listing to the cheerleaders. They help get you in the spirit of the game, keep emotions running high and usually are rather pleasing to the eye.

    When it comes to the stock market, I have a very different opinion of cheerleading. I don't want to see it or hear it. Even if I'm fully margined and think the market is going straight up a thousand points, it always pains me somewhat when subjected to bullish predictions and vocal optimism in a market that is obviously quite strong.

    I get excited and enjoy it when the Michigan Wolverines are running the score against their opponents, but when I'm enjoying profits in the market, I really wish the "fans" would contain themselves. Why the difference in feelings?

    The answer is the cyclical nature of stocks. The more emotional, optimistic and positive market participants become, the more likely we are close to a top. Enthuasism for the market has a very strong inverse correlation with future failure. The more people cheer the market, the more cash they have invested, and the more likely we are close to a top.

    Market cheerleaders are ultimately not good for the investors. They push people to chase the market and use up their buying power when it isn't always the prudent thing to do. Emotionally driven investors usually are the ones who suffer the most when the excitement cools.

  • Täna ei õnnestunudki LHV keskkonnas oma portfelli update'tud seisu näha - puudutab USA aktsiate hindasid ja investeerimis- ning kasvukontot.

    Ka peale südaööd vastu teisipäeva näitavad portfellid reede õhtust seisu.
  • Citi, mis on juba mõnda aega majadeehitajaid toetanud, tuli täna hommikul (10. okt) välja kommentaariga LEN kohta (hinnasiht $68):

    ➤ Following our trip to LEN's headquarters last week, we assess the company'scontroversial operating strategy that seems to sacrifice margins for volumes.➤ We believe that Lennar’s “even flow” approach is in many ways morepragmatic, conservative, and wise than it may at first appear.➤ We point out that the attempt to preserve margins at the expense of volume isnot without its drawbacks. We provide seven reasons why high-volumestrategy looks more appealing than a low-volume/higher-margin strategy.➤ We conducted a case study analyzing the outcome of a high-volume (current)Lennar strategy versus a low-volume strategy. The results greatly favor thehigh-volume strategy (discussed in greater detail below).➤ We continue to expect the stocks to outperform in 4Q, as moderatingcancellation rates couple with easing order comparisons.We also note thatindustry-wide inventory and mtg. application data have strengthened recently.

    Eile kommenteeris UBS samuti natuke majadeehitajaid ning näha oli kerget huvi tekkimist. Usun, et kommentaar võib tekitada natuke huvi aktsias ning pakkuda väikese kauplemisvõimaluse.

  • Hinnad on portfellis uuendamata, tegeleme sellega ning loodetavasti õigepea asi korras.
  • Täna alustab väike analüüsimaja Stifel Nicolaus SCSS aktsiate katmist "osta" reitinguga ja hinnasihiga $30, tuues välja nende tugeva positsiooni turul ning kiites nende ärimudelit. Stabiilne kasv ja vähene kapitalivajadus teevad firma atraktiivseks.

    • We are initiating coverage of Select Comfort Corporation, a leadingmarketer and manufacturer of premium quality air-chambered bedding,with a Buy rating on its shares.

    • Select Comfort is now the sixth largest manufacturer of mattresses in theU.S., but it is the largest national retailer with $540 million sales in 2005.Select Comfort's retail stores are projected to number 423 by the end ofthe third quarter 2006 and average $1,333 per square foot, one of themost productive ratios we know of in the retail furnishings space.

    • Select Comfort's built-to-order, direct-to-consumer business model givesthe company a unique position in the bedding industry, allowing it tocontrol a high percentage of its business. We believe the business modelis extremely attractive with low working capital needs and high returns.This low capital intensive model generates substantial free cash flow andis why the company is debt free.

    • For the third quarter, we are estimating EPS of $0.26, a penny ahead ofconsensus, on year over year revenue growth of 21% to $213 million. Wehave established our full year 2006 EPS estimate of $0.98, a pennyahead of consensus, on revenues of $841 million, a 22% year over yearincrease. Our full year 2007 EPS estimate is $1.24, on revenues of $981million.

    • Shares currently trade at 22.0x our next twelve month EPS estimate,slightly below the 5-year average. Looking out to our 2007 EPS estimate,the shares trade 19.0x.

    Haarde alla on võetud tegelikult sektor ning konkurente hinnatakse tunduvalt nõrgemate tegijatena:

    Stifel Nicolaus initiates Tempur-Pedic International (TPX 18.01) with a Hold, saying the foam category in general will grow and Tempur will benefit as the leader yet numerous competitors are getting more aggressive with product launches and this could continue to put pressure on gross selling prices

    Stifel Nicolaus initiates Sealy (ZZ 13.68) with a Sell, as they are concerned that the co's near-term results will remain soft due to overall weakness in retail sales of bedding and the co's transition to new products and suspect they could experience several quarters of negative unit volumes year over year

  • UBS downgrades Starbucks (SBUX 38.40) to Neutral from Buy. Eilse börsipäeva teema jätkuks. Usun, et SBUXil on ruumi alla tulla.

    JPMi kommentaari peale võib nõrkust näidata LHV Pro lühikeseksmüügi idee CCL. CCL ja RCL ralli on olnud viimaselajal võimas ning usun, et osaliselt tänu naftahinna langusele. Kruiisidekorraldajad on siiski tarbijakulutustega seotud ningtõusule eelnenud kukkumine ei olnud asjata. Tugevneva naftahinna korral võib siin kõvasti allaruumi olla. JP Morgan downgrades Carnival (CCL 48.30) to Neutral from Overweight... JP Morgan downgrades Royal Caribbean (RCL 39.65) to Neutral from Overweight

    Ja majadeehitajad saavad täna positiivseid kommentaare. See säde võib nad natuke liikuma ajada. Kuigi üldiselt majadeehitajate suhtes veel negatiivne, on juba palju aktsiatesse sisse arvestatud. Hoiatused ei tule kellelegi enam üllatusena (tänaneDHI kommentaar ei sisaldanud midagi uut). XHB näitab vägisi lühiajalisi tugevuse märke. JP Morgan upgrades Toll Brothers (TOL 28.81) to Neutral from Underweight... JP Morgan upgrades DR Horton (DHI 23.84) to Overweight from Neutral

    Goldman downgrades Exxon Mobil (XOM 66.55) to Neutral from Buy'

    Piper Jaffray raises ValueClick (VCLK 18.02) tgt to $26 from $24, based on expectations for 2H outperformance and conservative Street estimates and guidanceRBC downgrades ValueClick (VCLK 18.02) to Sector Perform from Outperform.

  • SCSS-i ei ole PRO all ammu uuendanud

    oleks huvitav teada, mis mõtted teil peas liiguvad ?

    sama FMD-ga

  • Speedy, mõtted jätkuvalt ettevõtte osas positiivsed. Üritame lähiajal kommenteerida. FMD ei ole PRO soovitus hetkel.
  • Warm Fuzzies Face a Challenge in Earnings

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    10/10/2006 8:42 AM EDT
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    There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning, and yearning" --

    Christopher Morley

    Today is the day we start learning what companies have been earning for the third quarter. The key for the market will be measuring those numbers against the yearnings of market players, and the recent market action suggests that many are yearning for some very good reports. That can present a problem if earnings turn out to merely meet expectations.

    After the close today we will see reports from AA and DNA. These aren't going to be all that significant in the context of the broader market but they will give us some insight into the mood of market participants.

    Quite often earnings season tends to play out in a consistent manner. Some times all earnings news is good news even if estimates are not exceeded by much, and other times all news is bad news even when the reports seem particularly strong against the stated expectations. When the market has been particularly negative or pessimistic for a while, the worst is often built in and buyers are inclined to buy even if news is bad. When the market has been trading strong going into earnings, expectations increase and there is greater tendency to be disappointed.

    The key thing to keep in mind is that earnings are often a catalyst for a change in the character of a stock, and as a group can have a profound effect on the market trend. Earnings force market players to confront how realistic their expectations really are. It is quite easy to say stocks are cheap and that they should go much higher when there is no hard numbers to support opinion one way or the other. The cold hard reality of earnings reports has a way of changing those warm and fuzzy feelings that have been driving stocks in a news vacuum.

    We still have a week or so before the bulk of earnings start to hit but it isn't too early to start contemplating how we are going to deal with them. AA and DNA this evening will be good initial tests.

    We have a mildly positive start this morning as oil continues to tumble and the Google-UTube deal dominates the headlines. Overseas markets were mostly strong once again. We have wholesale inventory numbers later this morning but the economic calendar is quiet. Intel gets a downgrade from Goldman this morning because it is close to its 23 target and because it doesn't see much upside to third-quarter earnings. I'll be watching that one watching closely to see how forgiving the market is.

    At the time of publication, De Porre was long Google, although holdings can change at any time.
  • Ülespoole avanevad:

    DCTH +16% (ends proxy battle with large shareholder), TFSM +10.2% (RBC upgrades to Top Pick), PMTC +10% (guides above consensus), LWAY +6.2% (reports Q3 revs), OMNI +5.5%, SWFT +5.2% (guides above consensus), ACOR +4.3% (extends momentum), NTRI +5.2% (Kaufman raises tgt to $100), ACGY +3.8%, NVAX +3.2% (details advantages of its manufacturing process), YRCW +2.9%, IMCL +2.7% (chairman resigns under pressure form Icahn), AEP +2.1% (guides higher), DHI +1.9% (JP Morgan upgrade), VOD +1.8% (Bernstein upgrade), ROH +1.6% (guides above consensus; announces strategic alternatives), MDT +1.4% (FDA approval for bone graft), DVN +1.1% (Goldman upgrade), GOOG +1% (confirms it will acquire YouTube), BOBJ +1% (Canaccord Adams upgrade).

    Allapoole avanevad:

    INFS -8% (guides Q3 revs below consensus), VECO -7.9% (guides lower), DVAX -8% (Questions Arise After Dynavax Offering -- TheStreet.com), DRTE -4.1% (Pfizer to discontinue Dendrite dervices), SHPGY -4%, EMMS -3.4% (reports AugQ), VCLK -2.9% (RBC downgrade), LEAP -2.6% (announces Q3 sub adds; also notes offering), VPHM -2.4%, EAT -2.4% (Bear Stearns downgrade), RI -2.1% (Bear Stearns downgrade), CCL -1.9% (JP Morgan downgrade), CHAP -1.8%, NRPH -1.8% (profit taking after 61% spike yesterday; also First Albany downgrade), CYH -1.7% (Deutsche downgrade), BEN -1.6% (Pru downgrade), SBUX -1.3% (UBS downgrade), INTU -1.2% (Citigroup downgrade), XOM -1% (Goldman downgrade).

    Kui mõni aeg tagasi sai kirjutatud, et Chesapeake Energy(CHK) oli vähendamas oma gaasitootmist selles osas, mis polnud varem ette ära müüdud, siis täna jäi silma kivisöe tootja Consol Energy(CNX) teade, et 'pehmete turuolude' tõttu on ettevõte otsustanud vähendada oma kaevandamismahte oma Jones Forki ja Mill Creek kaevandustes.

    Mis puutub Carnivali(CCL), siis kipun siin Oliveriga nõustuma. Meelde tuleb 2005. aasta detsember ja 2006. aasta talv, kevad ning varasuvi, mil ettevõttest tuli pidevalt teateid, et kütusehinnad on ettevõtetet pitsitamas. Mitu-mitu korda alandati kasumiprognoose. Seega tegu on tõesti ettevõttega, kes on üpriski sensitiivne nafta hinna suhtes.
  • Lisan tänase tehnilise pildi DJIAst. Eelmine TA kommentaar asub siin.

    Eelmisel korral mainisin, et indeksid on jõudnud piisavalt kõrgele, et võiks oodata väikest korrektsiooni. Tänne DJIA graafik näitab, et korrektsioon on siiski olnud väga tagasihoidlik ning peegeldab seda, mis on toimunud ka eelnevatel nädalatel peale kiiret ülesliikumist. Tõus on olnud täie tervise juures, seda näitab CMV ja OBV, sest tõusupäevade käive on olnud suurem kui languspäevade oma. Indikaatorite põhjal on toimunud viimase kolme päeva külgsuunas liikumine väheneva käibega ning on TA mõttes väheoluline. STO näitab, et lähenemas on negatiivne crossover (sõltub muidugi tänasest kauplemispäevast) ning RSI järgi oleme jõudnud aga samuti tugevalt overbought tasemele - tase, millel toimus maikuu suur allamüük. TA järgi ootaksin sellelt tasemelt korrektsiooni toetustasemele, kuid ilmselt saab eelseisev majandustulemuste hooaeg olema indeksite peamiseid mõjutajaid ning tegelik suund sõltub juba üsna määramatutest teguritest.

  • Wal-Mart(WMT) on testimas $48 taset. Viimasel 7 kauplemispäeval on $48 olnud just see piirkond, kust on tagasi põrgatud. Eile oldi läbikukkumisele 2 korda väga lähedal, kuid suudeti siiski taas põrgata. Selle murdumine võib kaasa tuua kiire languse ning päris tugeva vastupanu moodustumise samasse piirkonda.
  • Alcoa Inc. -AA- reported an 86% jump in net income for the third quarter, but the company sharply missed analysts' expectations amid lower metals prices, setting off a sour start to earnings season.

    The Pittsburgh-based company, which makes the bulk of its profit on its bauxite mining and alumina-refining businesses, reported third-quarter net income of $537 million, or 61 cents a share, compared with $289 million, or 33 cents a share, in the year-earlier period. The company's third-quarter earnings from continuing operations were 62 cents a share.

    Analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call were expecting earnings of 77 cents a share.

    Its sales of $7.6 billion were up 16% from $6.57 billion a year earlier. Aluminum shipments rose to 1.4 million metric tons flat from a year earlier. Analysts were expecting revenue of $7.75 billion for the quarter, according to Thomson First Call.

    As the first blue-chip company to report earnings, the company opens the season on a disappointing note. The results are likely to be a stunner for the market, which was anticipating a steady quarter from the industrial bellwether.

    Alcoa shares recently fell 6% to $26.51 in after-hours trading, after gaining 1.1% in the regular session to close at $28.29.

    Recently, commodity prices have tumbled, and aluminum has been among the hardest hit, falling roughly 20% from all-time highs set in the spring.

    "In July, we said the third quarter would be solid, but would reflect the traditional seasonal slowdown and lower metal prices." Alain Belda, Alcoa chairman and CEO, said in a statement. "While the North American automotive and the housing construction markets are softening, most of our downstream markets continue to be strong - especially aerospace and commercial transportation."
    Alcoa is redistributing some of its aluminum-production facilities, known as smelters, to regions around the world with cheaper electricity. Aluminum is the second-most power-intensive industry, after paper- and pulp-making.

    On Monday, Russia's OAO Rusal announced a three-way merger that would create the world's biggest aluminum producer, dethroning Alcoa.
  • Mingil põhjusel olid turu ootused Alcoa suhtes ülikõrged ja esimene reaktsioon oli langus 28.29-lt ca 26.30-ni. Aga tuleb arvestada, et enne tulemuste avalikustamist oli aktsia juba ca 1,5 dollari võrra juba kerkinud. Alles eelmisel kolmapäeval oli aktsia hind olnud 26.75.
    Aga suure tõenäosusega on nüüd turul optimismi kõvasti vähem.
  • Aga aktsia hind taastub päris hästi. Pole ime, kui homme ollakse taas üle 27 dollari taseme.

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