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Kommentaari jätmiseks loo konto või logi sisse

  • Täna oma 3. kvartali tulemused avaldanud ettevõtetest tooksin välja Harley-Davidsoni(HOG), Winnebago Inds(WGO) ning Domino Pizza(DPZ).

    Harley-Davidsoni puhul oodati ametlikult, et ettevõtte kasum on ca $1.10 aktsia kohta. Rõhk sõnal ‘ametlik’, sest aktsia on viimase 3 kuuga ca 20% juba tõusnud – seega mitteametlikul eeldatigi tulemuste löömist. Saame näha, kas nendest numbritest piisas või mitte...Eile võttis Harley-Davidsoni juhatus vastu uue otsuse, et ostetakse tagasi kuni 20 miljonit ettevõtte aktsiat. See on järgmiseks sammuks senisele aktsiate tagasiostmisele - 2006. aasta esimese kolme kvartaliga on ostetud 17,2 miljonit aktsiat.

    Mootormajade(motor homes) ja rekreatsioonimasinate tootja Winnebago(WGO) tulemused olid tugevalt alla ootuste. 30 senti kasumit aktsia kohta jääb oodatule ca 25% alla. Kuna ettevõte on 52-nädala tippude juures, on sellised tulemused selge pettumus.

    Üks huvitavamaid tulemusi oli vast Domino Pizza(DPZ). Kasum 35 senti aktsia kohta(jättes ühekordse 4 sendise kasumi välja) oli enamvähem ka see, mida oodati. Numbrist palju huvitavamad olid aga tegevdirektori David A Brandoni kommentaarid:

    "Our domestic business operated in a significantly weaker sales environment than expected. We experienced negative traffic counts for most of the quarter and we did not achieve consistent positive sales results across our domestic system of stores."

    "Our goal will always be to grow our sales regardless of external factors, but we were not able to accomplish this during the third quarter. However, we were able to maintain strong earnings growth despite our weaker-than-expected same store sales. We continue to benefit from the growth of our international business, and the cost-management programs we have implemented throughout our business units."

    DPZi rahvusvahelised ‘same store sales’ numbrid olid +3%. Kodumaised numbrid olid oluliselt kehvemad, langedes –3,2%. Eelmine kvartal näiteks kasvasid rahvusvahelised müüginumbrid 11,5%, mis paneb praeguse 3%-lise numbri selle kõrval kahvatama.

    DPZi tulemused mõjutavad: YUM, WEN, PZZA, (EAT, DRI)
  • Stifel initiates Superior Energy Services (SPN 26.78) with a Buy and $42 tgt, as they think the co offers an interesting, balanced exposure to the oilfield activity cycle with a suite of products and services uniquely suited to address currentl and evolving industry needs and trends

    Prudential upgrades Chesapeake Energy (CHK 29.24) to Overweight from Neutral and $38 tgt, based on valuation and strong production and reserve growth

    CHK Chesapeake Energy estimates raised before 3Q06 results; tgt cut to $41 - FBR. Friedman Billings is adjusting their 3Q06 ests to reflect avg prices in the period. Additionally, firm ran a sensitivity analysis on their net asset value to calibrate where they believe the market is trading CHK shares. Firm is lowering their tgt to $41 from $44, reflecting lower benchmark prices. Firm says mgmt has stated that it should avoid any ceiling test write-downs at prices above $4.75/Mcf. Firm likes CHK's defensive hedge position though note that it has less leverage to rising commodity prices heading into winter. Firm is raising 3Q06 EPS/CFPS based on the strength of CHK's hedges. Consensus EPS for 3Q06 is $0.71.

    CIBC downgrades SanDisk (SNDK 57.25) to Sector Performer from Outperformer, as its risk-reward profile appears less attractive ahead of a likely 1H07 N.A.N.D oversupply and challenges in retaining FLSH's DoK business

    Friedman Billings initiates Cameco Corp (CCJ 34.96) with an Outperform and a $46 tgt saying they find such premium to N.A.V analogous to valuations offered to gold mining companies because of the option value on the underlying commodity and store-of-value characteristic. They also expect further upside to uranium prices

    Piper Jaffray expects Apple (AAPL 73.23) to report slight upside to Sept qtr Street consensus ($0.50 on $4.67 bln) when it reports on 10/18. They think iPod units will likely come in shy of the Street's 8.6 mln expectation, but they believe C.P.U. upside (primarily MacBook) will offset. They believe continued Mac market share gains in the Sep and Dec qtrs will be positive for AAPL shares

    Piper Jaffray remains confident in their Select Comfort (SCSS 24.48) Q3 sales and EPS ests ahead of the Oct 24 release. Their estimates are in line with the co's quarterly update provided in mid-September and with consensus. Theyare confident in the co's growth outlook and the opportunity for further upward surprises to estimates

    Piper Jaffray is also confident in their Q3 Tempur Pedic (TPX 18.05) ests, and raises their tgt to $18.50 from $16.

    MCD Mc Donald's sees Q3 EPS of $0.68 vs $0.63 consneus; Sep same store sales increase 7.7% vs +4.1% Benchmark estimate

    Tõenäoliselt saavad nii mõnedki restoranid lähiajal pihta, kuna ootused on juba äärmiselt kõrged. WGO, mis näitas kiduraid numbreid, on samuti aktsia, mis on peale taoliseid tõuse trendikalt alla müüdud. Firma ise kommenteerib tulemusi järgnevalt:

    "While negative economic factors, including rising interest rates, record fuel prices and declining consumer confidence created a very difficult market for the motor home industry, we remained solidly profitable."

    "Fourth quarter and fiscal 2006 results for Winnebago Industries were impacted by a significant shift in mix to lower priced products, primarily Class C motor homes," said Winnebago Industries' President Ed Barker.

    Negatiivset reaktsiooni ootaks ka sellistelt ettevõtetelt nagu FLE, COA ja THO. Kokkuvõttes oli ei ole raske keskkond WGO osas üllatus ning shift madalama hinnaga toodete poole võib olla THO-le isegi pigem hea. Mis puutub HOGi, siis vaatamata headele tulemustele on varud pidevalt kasvanud ning seegi kord on need rohkem kui 20% kõrgemal.

  • Tänane põgus TA kommentaar. Nagu eelmistes börsipäevadeski välja toodud, on väike korrektsioon täiesti õigustatud. Huvitav on aga see, et turu reaktsioonid erinevatele negatiivsetele uudistele on olnud väga tühised. Optimism on valitsev ning tundub nagu ei suudaks pulle mitte millegiga ümber veenda. Mõne päeva tagune AA ootustele mittevastavad majandustulemused, LM hoiatus, on-line brokerite selloff, eilne lennukiõnnetus ning tulemuseks on pisut üle keskmise käibega tagasihoidlik languspäev. Igatahes oleme külgsuunalises liikumises ning selles pole midagi uut. Kui vaadelda eelmise lühiajalise tsükli tõuse ja korrektsiooni, siis olulist ülespoole liikumist ei ootaks. Mina otsiksin pigem toetust 20 päeva libisevalt keskmiselt (sinine punktiirjoon). CMF, mis tänasele graafikule ei mahtund on kahanemas, mis näitab kerget pullide jahtumist. Kui vaadata DJIA graafikut ning selle RSI'd siis korrektsioon võiks olla märksa tugevam. Ka Nasdaq RSI on oma tõusutrendi kauplemisvahemiku vastupanul. Täna on eelturul indeksite futuurid plusspoolel, mis annavad märku positiivsest päevaalgusest ning tõestab taas, et optimismi turul jätkub.

  • Trade Balance -$69.9 bln vs -$66.5 bln consensus
  • Grip Your Wallet During Earnings

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    10/12/2006 9:00 AM EDT
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    "Sharks are as tough as those football fans who take their shirts off during games in Chicago in January, only more intelligent."

    --Dave Barry

    The market has been on a roll for a while now and the bulls certainly have been in firm control, especially when it comes to the big-cap stocks. The longer the indices trend up strongly the more inclined market participants usually are to simply surrender themselves to the inevitable move to the heavens and stay long indefinitely. After all, anything other than being fully margined on the long side has produced subpar results.

    But the longer a market trend persists the more important it is that we become tough and agile in managing our portfolios. After all, racking up gains is a useless exercise if in the end we don't hold on to them. The problem is that the longer a market stays strong, the greater the temptation to embrace it. Logically it should be just the opposite, but emotionally we are usually tugged in the other direction. Few people enjoy being skeptical or pessimistic when those around them not only are optimistic but profiting from that mindset.

    With earnings season upon us it is even more important to be tough. LAM Research (LCRX - commentary - Cramer's Take) is a particularly good example this morning. The stock ran up big yesterday and dragged the whole semiconductor sector along with it in anticipation of a good earnings report last night. The headline numbers looked good and the stock traded up further but the conference call and guidance weren't so hot and the stock reversed. This morning the stock is down a little more as an analyst at Citigroup states that the good earnings were driven by other income and lower taxes. They say the "beat and raise story" is over for now and reiterate their "sell" advice.

    Stuff like that is not unusual during earnings season and it's why you have to suck it up and stay tough to protect recent gains, and more importantly, your precious capital. Think long and hard about betting on earnings reports or even continuing to hold a longer-term position through a report. It is a dangerous game and you don't have to play.

    We have a particularly interesting day shaping up for semiconductors. The SMH poked its head up out of a consolidation pattern yesterday and looks quite healthy on a technical basis. Much of that was driven by expectations for the LRCX report and now it doesn't look as good.

    Another group to keep an eye on today is retailers. Costco (COST - commentary - Cramer's Take) has been in a downtrend for a while but reported decent numbers this morning and is trading up a bit. The retail group as a whole has been a leader lately and it will be instructive to see if interest in that group persists. The continued decline in crude oil is certainly a factor there and we'll have to monitor that.

    We have a mildly positive open on the way but given how well we have done on soft opens lately that may cause some confusion. Overseas markets are mostly positive and we have the Beige Book report later today that may give us a jiggle or two.

    Now a housekeeping note: To those of you who've missed the ability to read all my posts on one page and to print them out, that feature has been added to the blogs. Simply click on the day you're interested in the calendar archive to the right (today's date if you want today's stories), and click "Print Today's Stories." You will then be given that day's stories.

    At the time of publication, De Porre was long SMH, although holdings can change at any time.
  • jah, ei ole ühtegi probleemi täheldanud
  • Eile oli J.Cramer ääreturt bullish tehnoloogia suhtes. Hetkel tema lemmiksektorid: tech, casual dining, retail - "it can't get much stronger." Crameri O ehk Obvious nimekiri:
    Motorola, Inc. (MOT); Oracle Corporation (ORCL); Microsoft Corporation (MSFT); Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE); Google Inc. (GOOG); Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO); QUALCOMM, Inc. (QCOM); Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) ja Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD).

    :) nii geniaalne kui mees ning tema O nimekiri ka pole, on nimetatud aktsiad lihtsalt oma sektori esinumbrid.
  • Nägin suvel juhuslikult üht The Street.com videot, kus ta seletas, kui Naz üle 37$ läks, et see oli kõigest väike shortide pigistamine, ja ära ole loll, et nüüd kohe ostma kukud. Tegelikult oligi see just õige aeg ostmiseks. Peale seda, ma enam seda meest ei loe ega kuula.
  • EDEN käis 2.37 peal eile aga täna näitab esignal eilseks kõrgemaks 1.5$.
    Et siis 20 minutit tipust on ära lõigatud.Kas esignal paneb kala või kuskil juba muudetakse aktsiate graafikuid vastavalt vajadustele?
  • prophet ja Trader näitavad, et $2,4 on ära tehtud.
  • EDENi puhul veel väike märkus, et aimates ette jäjekordset tõusu 2.2 kanti ostsin 1$ pealt posu kätte ja ootasin tund aega, lõpuks tundus, et ega raisk ikka ei lähe ja sain 1.1-15 pealt välja ja mõne minuti pärast tõusis sunnik 100%.Kas ma olen mingi mõttetu mees, kel puudub kannatus või aktsia lihtsalt ei tõuse enne kui võõrkehad on maha raputatud...
  • "EDENi puhul veel väike märkus, et aimates ette jäjekordset tõusu 2.2 kanti.."

    rams, mille põhjal sa seda aimasid?
  • eks ikka eelnevatel päevadel analoogseid tõusjaid mängides, ainult teiste nimede all nagu GRIN CESI ASTIW jne.Neid tuleb veel, on mingi seltskond, kes valiv välja lahja käibega aktsiad müüb 300% kõrgemalt 100k aktsiat maha ja siis tambib ta mutta tagasi.
    Kunagi oli mingi aktsia midamitmel päeval järjest mängiti sarnasel viisil, et toodi 5 taala pealt 4.3 peale siis mingil suvalisel hetkel ilmus 30k islandi order.Sellele müüdi 30k sisse ja minutitega aeti hind 5-5.2 peale ja sama kogus müüdi seal maha.Järgnevatel päevadel ostsin nähtamatult selle 30k orderi eest 8k või nii ja müüsin 80 senti kallimalt maha.Varsti seda süsteemi enam ei kasutatud, sest keegi oli nende relva nende vastu kasutama hakanud.Mingi 15-20 tuli vist mõnepäevaga neid tillitades ära küll.
  • sellest, kuidas aprilli esimese 2 nädalaga pennidaga $100K tehiti, pole mõtet rääkidagi.
    Päeva aktsia käibed olid mul 15 millised ja alla taalaste aktsiate kogu käive nasdaqil oli 40-60 milli aktsiat.
    Ha- ha, aga kraanid keerati jälle kinni.Nagu alati kui keegi suudab usas pappi teha keeratakse kraan kinni.
  • Et siis tegeled aktsiate manipulatsiooniga?
  • ma ei ole kindel, et ma ei manipuleerinud, kui 50k kaupa ostmist selleks nimetada võib, ainult, et ma maksin oma 50k aktsia eest 3$ ja oleks ma pidanud maksma täie rauaga nagu enamus treidereid, siis oleks ma kahjumit saanud 100k plussi asemel.See oli ainult 2 aprilli nädalat, enne seda olid aktiivsed natuke teised raha pumpamis-süsteemid.peale nende süsteemide ja kerge raha kadumist oli raske leida motivatsiooni vanal viisil kaubelda ja aprillist siiani olen teeninud 10k.
    Põhi tõde aktsia turul pole mitte teada, mida aktsia teeb, vaid ka oma aktsiatest lahti saada.Liiga tihti tuleb vaadata kuidas olles ainuke müüa mingi hinna peal ja müües 1000 aktsiat tehakse samal ajal sama hinnapealt 5k 20k tehinguid ja ikka ei saa oma närusest 1k lahti suurematest kogustest rääkimata.Usa turg ja kindlasti ka muud turud on ühed suured mustad ussipesad, kus väljavalitutele(suured marketmakerid) kehtivad omad reeglid, millest tavalisel traderil aimugi pole.
  • Vaadake foorumit-Kuidad teenida rämedalt pappi pump&dump aktsiatega:)))- esimesi postitusi.
    Seal on suffiks, kes näitas, kuidas asja tehakse. Päris huvitav lugemine.
  • nii ongi, et Nasdaqilt teade, et EDENiga pealt 1.5 kõik tehingud tühistatud.Ju keegi, kes polnud oma, lõikas sellest head kasu ja nüüd siss keberniit, nagu nasdaqil kombeks.

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