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  • BofA resumes Microsoft (MSFT 28.84) with a Neutral and $31 tgt, as they see few catalysts on the horizon to
    materially drive shares higher over the coming months, and believe a neutral rating is appropriate until the
    market begins to look beyond Vista and profitability in newer initiatives begins to drive improved operating leverage

    Prudential initiates E*Trade Financial (ET 23.27) with an Overweight and $30 tgt, based on the expansion of its
    non-U.S. franchise, its bank-like characteristics and below peer valuation

    ThinkEquity initiates Rainmaker Systems (RMKR 6.64) with a Buy and $12 tgt

    Citigroup downgrades Marvel Entertainment (MVL 26.50) to Hold from Buy

    Merrill Lynch downgrades Vivendi (VIVEF 38.05) to Neutral from Buy

    Merriman upgrades Wells-Gardner Electronics (WGA 3.28) to Buy form Neutral, based on a much improved macro
    outlook for gaming expansion, a quickening of the replacement cycle in slots, traction in direct replacement sales,
    and Q306 results that show further improvement in margins

    ThinkEquity upgrades RealNetworks (RNWK 10.87) to Buy from Accumulate and raises tgt to $13 from $12, based
    on solid Q3 results and believe the co is well positioned to capitalize on consumers migrating their digital consumption
    habits beyond the PC and mp3 players

    Friedman Billings downgrades Ann Taylor Stores (ANN 38.94) to Market Perform from Outperform and $39 tgt, based on
    comp and gross margin comparisons that are becoming increasingly difficult, merchandise at the Loft division that may
    not be resonating as strongly with its customer base and the risk/reward isn't as compelling at current levels

    Credit Suisse initiates the Managed Care Industry saying their outlook on the managed care industry is largely shaped
    by the strategy and business mix of each co. The firm maintained a negative view on the commercial group insurance
    business and advise investors to underweight the stocks of companies that are highly levered to this market. They
    maintain a positive bias toward companies focused on the emerging growth opportunities within the Medicare and
    Medicaid market segments. On Commercial Managed Care, they are taking a negative stance based on their expectation
    that cost trends are set to moderate into the mid-single digits and that premium growth rates will follow. The firm says
    with industry-wide enrollment growth non-existent and margins at or near cyclical peaks, they believe commercial managed
    care growth rates are set to decelerate from the midteens to the high single digits. The firm initiates WellCare Health Plans
    (WCG) tgt $76, Centene Corp (CNC) tgt $30, UnitedHealth (UNH) tgt $56 with Outperforms; Molina HealthCare (MOH) tgt $42,
    Magellan Health Services (MGLN) tgt $47, Well Point (WLP) tgt $80, CIGNA (CI) tgt $125, with Neutrals. The firm also initiates
    Amerigroup Corp (AGP) tgt $27 and Aetna, Inc. (AET) tgt $37 with Underperforms.

    REV Revlon beats on narrower than expected loss, reaffirms Y06 guidance. Reports Q3 (Sep) loss of $0.24 per share,
    $0.09 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of ($0.33); revenues rose 11.2% year/year to $306 mln vs the $284
    mln consensus. Co issues in-line guidance for FY06, sees FY06 revs of reaffirms $1.34 bln vs. $1.34 bln consensus.
  • Majandusstatistika poolest on praegune nädal üpriski vaene – rohkem tähelepanu pälvivad vast töötu abiraha esmaste taotluste arv, toornafta-/gaasivarude raport ning hulgimüügi varud. Üksikuid raporteid tuleb teisigi, kuid investoreid huvitavad numbrid tulevad suures osas järgmine nädal: 14. novembril avaldatakse jaemüüjate numbrid(Retail Sales) ning tootjahinnaindeks(PPI). Samuti teatavad sel päeval suured jaemüüjad Wal-Mart(WMT) ja Target(TGT) oma kvartalitulemused. 15. novembril avaldatakse Föderaalreservi protokoll(FOMC Minutes), 16. novembril tarbijahinnaindeks ning 17. novembril kinnisvara sektoris toimuvat kajastavad ehituslubade(Buildng Permits) raportid ning alustatud majaehituste(Housing Starts) arv.

    Sellenädalase suhtelise vaikuse kompenseerib aga USA Kongressi valmiste ümber toimuv, mis leiab aset täna ja millest on ka põhiteemade all kirjutatud.


    Täna teatas Foundation Coal(FCL) oma kvartalitulemused. Kasumit teeniti $0.16 aktsia kohta(jättes ühekordsed kulud välja), mis on 2 sendi võrra oodatust parem. Mis puutub aga tuleviku väljavaatesse, siis nagu kivisöesektorile kohaseks juba saanud, langetas ka Foundation oma 2006. fiskaalaasta kasumi- ja käibeprognoosi. Uueks oodatavaks kasumivahemikus on $1.39-$1.65. Konsensus jäi $1.80 kanti. Samas, selline teade Foundation’i poolt ei tohiks küll enam turuosalistele üllatusena tulla, peale teiste tegevusharu ettevõtete(nt ACI, BTU, CNX...) aruannete avaldamist.

    Playboy(PLA) teatas oma tulemustest täna. Kasuminumber +$0.03 vs -$0.03 lõi ootusi, kuid lähiaja prognoosid ei olnud just kõige roosilisemad – õigemini ettevõte leiab, et lähiaja tulemusi on liialt raske prognoosida

    Boston Scientific(BSX) ootab, et südamestimulaatorite(lühend:ICD) ülemaailmne turg kasvab ca 7% - 13% iga aasta vähemalt kuni 2009. aasta lõpuni. Südamestimulaatorite käekäiguga on seotud ka LHV PRO investeerimisidee Greatbatch(GB).
  • Teva 3Q positiivne. Kasum $606,4 miljonit ehk 74 senti aktsia kohta. Eelmisel aastal 267,1 miljonit ning EPS 40 senti. Analüütikute ootus 63 senti aktsia kohta. Müük kasvas 73,5% põhimõtteliselt ootuspraselt $2,29 miljardini vs $1,32 miljardit aasta tagasi. Kasvu allikaks loetakse Põhja-Ameerikat, kus müük 22 uue toote toel 87%. Eelturul aktsia koguni 2,25% miinusesse kaubeldud.
  • Ka Shark on täna oma tähelepanu koondanud valimiste ümber toimuvale..

    Watch the Context, Not the News Itself

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    11/7/2006 8:36 AM EST
    Click here for more stories by Rev Shark

    "People vote their resentment, not their appreciation. The average man does not vote for anything, but against something."

    --William Bennet Munro

    Americans go to the polls today to let the politicians know how unhappy they are with the current state of affairs. Elections tend to be about voting against something rather than for something, and that means the party in power tends to suffer the most. So the Republicans are widely anticipated to lose the House but to narrowly hold on to the Senate. The big question for us isn't who wins or losses but whether it makes any difference to the stock market.

    The answer is it probably won't matter unless something really surprising happens and one party or the other makes a particularly strong showing. If the Democrats manage to take control of the Senate it would probably be a market negative as Wall Street sees their agenda as raising taxes and more vigorous oversight of big business. If the Democrats take control of the House as expected the biggest change will be that they have the subpoena power of committees and that means we could see a series of investigations in an attempt to gain political advantage. The market probably doesn't care too much about that but it can be a distraction if they go after key industries like drugs and oils.

    If the Republicans do better than expected the market may be pleased but at best we continue the status quo. The great likelihood is that we end up with gridlock and that tends to make many happy because it means government won't be able to meddle as much.

    The market has probably already figured this all out. What happens after the election has much more to do with the psychology that has developed that it does with the ultimate results. For example, the big rally yesterday sets up a dynamic that increases the chances of some selling after the election. People now have more gains and stocks are more extended, so they are more inclined to look for reasons to sell and lock in profits.

    Many market participants focus so much on whether news is positive or negative that they fail to understand that it's the context that is more important. Whether we go up or down on the election depends more on where we've been and how we got there than on the actual news itself.

    We are entering Election Day with a technical setup that will make much further upside fairly difficult. Last week we finally managed to break the several month long uptend and then yesterday we popped back up on lackluster volume. Although the points gained were quite substantial and breadth quite good, the volume was unimpressive. That doesn't mean the bounce won't continue but it does make it suspect.

    One of the things that continues to favor the bulls is that much of the buying seems to be driven by large institutions that are allocating giant chunks of capital to big caps. Stocks like CSCO and AAPL are leading the charge and the focus seems to be more on getting in than buying cheap. If big institutions continue to receive cash they will continue to buy and trying to guess when it stops is nearly impossible.

    The market is always a balancing act and we have plenty of negatives and positives out there right now. I'm leaning toward the proposition that we have another dip coming but the timing is key and we have to watch how the election results kick in and affect psychology.

    We have a neutral start to the day setting up. Overseas markets followed through over night and oil and gold are close to unchanged.

    Ülespoole avanevad:

    Gapping up on strong earnings/guidance: INPC +16% (also Deutsche upgrade), VTIV +8.2%, ICFI +10%, FTEK +7.3%, OPTV +6.9%, OMRI +7.9%, GRRF +7.6%, RNWK +5.8%, HLF +4.3%, INAP +4%, SLE +3.3%, CHINA +3% (guidance only), MNT +3%, CVLT +2.6%, REDF +2.6%... Other News: KKD +9.6% (Cramer bullish on Mad Money), BBI +5.7% (same), ANTP +4.7% (extends yesterday's 55% move), GOLD +1.9%, LMRA +1.8% (extends yesterday's 18% move).

    Allapoole avanevad:

    Gapping down on disappointing earnings/guidance: BKHM -12%, AHR -10%, SYKE -6.6%, NTES -6.3% (also Lehman downgrade), COWN -8.6%, EMKR -5.6% (guidance only), CUTR -5.4%, EXPD -5%, GGP -4% (also RBC downgrade), PFGC -2.7%, SONS -2.2%, TOL -2.1%, BGFV -2.1%, MGA -1.3%... Other News: BOOM -5.6% (Cramer negative on Mad Money), AHM -4.9%, MDTH -3.3% (prices offering), CHL -3%, HANS -2.8% (bearish Goldman note on option review), COGO -2.1% (WR Hambrecht downgrade), URBN -1.8% (reports Q3 sales; Piper downgrade), FMCN -1.3%... Under $3: NT -5% (reports Q3).
  • Täna eelturul majadeehitajad miinuses. BZH lõi oma allatõmmatud prognoose, kuid langetas tulevikunägemust. Jätkuvalt tühistatakse tellmusi jne. Deja vu all over again..

    Toll Brothers reports preliminary Q4 and FYE2006 home building revenues, backlog and contracts (28.05 ) : Co reports preliminary results for home building revenues, backlog and contracts for Q4 and FYE2006. For Q4, home building revenues were approx $1.81 bln compared to the Q4 record of $2.01 bln in FY05; quarter-end backlog was approx $4.49 bln compared to the Q4 record of $6.01 bln in FY05; and signed contracts during the quarter were approx $710 mln compared to the Q4 record of $1.59 bln in FY05. Home building revenues, backlog and contracts declined 10%, 25% and 55%, respectively, compared to FY05's record Q4 results. The co's quarterly contract total was negatively impacted by a higher than normal 585 cancellations. The Q4 cancellations measured approx 7% of beginning Q4 backlog, compared to 4% in its Q306. Viewed as a percentage of contracts signed in Q406, cancellations totaled 37%, compared to 18% in Q306. For the full 2006 fiscal year, record home building revenues rose 6% to approx $6.12 bln, compared to $5.76 bln in FY05, the previous record. Signed contracts were approx $4.46 bln, a decline of 38% compared to the fiscal year record of $7.15 bln in FY05.

    Beazer Homes beats by $0.30, guides FY07 EPS well below consensus (41.94 ) : Reports Q4 (Sep) earnings of $2.19 per share, $0.30 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $1.89; revenues rose 3.8% year/year to $1.88 bln vs the $1.49 bln consensus. Co issues downside guidance for FY07, sees EPS of $3.65 vs. $4.67 consensus. Co sees FY07 home closings of 12-13.5k with new orders of 12-14k. Co's FY07 EPS guidance is based on high-end of home closings guidance of 13.5k. Co states, "The company has not provided a diluted earnings per share estimate for the 12,000 unit level of closings as there is insufficient visibility to assess the level of margins, the potential for additional impairments, or further overhead reductions required at this volume level". 

  • BB&T notes that yesterday SWFT received a buyout offer from founder and former CEO Jerry Moyes, the second buyout offer in the truckload space in less than two months (in late Sept Liberate Tech offered to take USAK private for $21/share). Firm believes that more deals could be on the horizon, as truckload multiples have contracted recently while most carriers maintain a solid financial position and continue to grow earnings. While it is impossible to predict which truckload carrier will be next, firm thinks that a potential deal could benefit any of their Buy-rated names that do not have a deal pending: CLDN, JBHT, and KNX.

    CLDN chart on päris ilus
  • Lehman raises their tgt on select Oil stocks - Some of the larger tgt raises are CVX to $92 from $63, XOM to $81 from $71, HES to $44 from $26, PCA to $50 from $36, PBR to $81 from $63, SU to $85 from $48.
  • Tänasele päevale kohaselt toon välja ühe paari aasta taguse Forbesi artikli:
    The Presidential Portfolio

    S&P 500 on Demokraatide ajal näidanud keskmiselt 14.1% aastast tootlust alates 1945 aastast ning märksa väiksemat, 11.8% tootlust Vabariiklaste ajal. Parim toolus oli Bill Clintoni perioodil, mil aastane tootlus ulatus 17,4%ni, järgnevad Gerald R. Ford ning Harry Truman.
  • Party on...Kuubikute tugevus on suhteliselt äärmuslik. Toon välja, et GS ja BSC on miinuses. Väga negatiivne märk sellisel turul.
  • Üks ilus põrke-case veel tänasesse päeva Lowes Corporationi (LOW) näol. Aktsia küll juba mõnevõrra kerkinud, kuid $29 peal on ka kerge vastupanu minevikust, mille pealt võimalus pikaks minna.


    Päevasiseselt graafikult on näha, et aktsia on päevasiseselt käinud läbi $29 korraks, kuid hetkel liigub pigem selle ümber.

  • Briefing kommenteerib valimisi ja selle mõju turule:

    The market has been surprisingly strong this morning given the uncertainties of tonight's mid-term election. Conventional wisdom is that the Democrats have a good shot at taking back the House tonight, although recent polls suggest Republicans will hang onto the Senate. The stock market doesn't seem to have much conviction regarding the outcome though, or seems to be anticipating little overall change from the election, as those groups widely considered winners if Democrats pick up seats (alternative energy, stem cells, GSE's, etc) and losers (tobacco, defense, oil, healthcare) are generally not showing any clear direction -- although a number of Alternative Energy stocks are catching a bid (SPWR, STP, WFR)... One thing to watch for this afternoon is the possibility of a repeat of the "exit poll surprise" in the 2004 presidential election, when the market sold off sharply in the final hour when exit poll numbers were leaked that purported to show a Kerry landslide. In short, the final 1-2 hours of the session could be very volatile if someone again decides to leak some numbers showing the election swinging one way or the other
  • Rev Shark ütles täna väga õigesti - unustage uudised ja vaadake, mis kontekstis me oleme ja kust me siia saime.

    mida pajatavad meile ajaloolised graafikud?
  • Järelturu tulemustest:

    Blackboard(BBBB) sees Q4 $0.15-0.16 vs $0.15 Reuters consensus; sees revs $49.4-50.4 mln vs $49.36 mln Reuters consensus.
    Reports Q3 (Sep) earnings of $0.02 per share, excluding non-recurring items, $0.01 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.01; revenues rose 40.3% year/year to $50.4 mln vs the $49 mln consensus. Co issues in-line guidance for Q4, sees EPS of $0.15-0.16 vs. $0.15 consensus; sees Q4 revs of $49.4-50.4 mln vs. $49.36 mln consensus.

    Time Warner (TWTC) prelim ($0.09) vs ($0.09) Reuters consensus; revs $196.1 mln vs $195.31 mln Reuters consensus
  • Uskumatu video MBNA-Bank of America ühinemiscallilt selle kuu alguses:

  • Hetkel 49 kohta läheb Senatist demokraatidele ja 49 vabariiklastele. 2 koha puhul loetakse veel hääli, kus hääled on kahe kandidaadi vahel äärmiselt võrdselt jagunenud.

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