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  • Täna BSX, MDT, STJ eelturul päris kenas plussis tänu Medtronicu (MDT) kommentaaridele ja tulemustele:

    Jefferies notes MDT reported better-than-expected 2Q07 results, with ICD sales increasing approx 4% Y/Y. Firm is now cautiously optimistic about the growth prospects for the ICD market as it shows signs of recovery. During 2Q, the co reported ICD rev of $764 mln (+4% Y/Y) and estimated that it now holds approx 57% of the domestic ICD market and approx 56% of the WW ICD market (gaining ~6% of market share from competitors during the quarter). Firm is cautiously optimistic that this quarter's better-than-expected ICD sales may signify a stabilization of the ICD market. Firm says the co continues to expect that the U.S. market will rebound to double-digit growth by Y08, and looks for 10-15% WW ICD growth over the next five years. They say MDT continues to expect FDA approval for PRESTIGE by year-end FY07 (with a U.S. launch in early FY08)... (Briefing.com Note: MDT was upgraded to Buy from Accumulate at ThinkEquity; tgt to $59 from $50. JP Morgan upgraded MDT to Overweight from Neutral. Please see our 6:33 and 6:41 comments).

    Oma mõju on sellel ka Pro all soovitatud Greatbathile (GB) ning üritan lähiajal ka oma vaadet kajastada!

    Märkida võib ära ka DE tulemused, mis prognooside kohapealt jäid natuke lahjaks.
  • Boeing(BA) sai täna taaskord ühe suure $5.5 miljardilise tellimuse 25. lennukile – sedakorda Korean Air poolt. Tellimuse täitmise vahemikuks 2009 kuni 2019.

    Pacific Ethanol(PEIX) teatas, et teenis 3. kvartalis kasumit +7 senti aktsia kohta. Konsensusootus oli –3 senti aktsia kohta. Aktsia eelturul ka korralikus plussis. Friedman Billings aga seevastu jätab oma market perform soovituse paika – lühiajaline hüpe kasumis pole see, mis kõik murepilved peaks hajutama:
    Friedman Billings says PEIX reported 3Q06 operating earnings of $0.07/share, above FBR's $0.01/share forecast and consensus expectations of -$0.03, with the stronger than expected results due to advantageous buying and selling of ethanol, according to the co. As a result of the quarter, firm is raising theirr Y06 earnings est from $0.05/share to $0.10/share, but we maintain our Market Perform rating and $16 price target, preferring to wait and see if the co's "destination strategy" can effectively compete with the larger Midwestern producers.

    Bloomberg.com’is kommenteeriti eilset $VIX-i sulgumist allpool 10 taset, mis viimati juhtus 1994. aasta jaanuaris:

    Bloomberg.com comments on the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX), the widely followed market fear gauge, closing below 10 for the first time since 1994, suggesting investor confidence. Story also notes that earnings growth for companies in the S&P 500 are averaging 18.9% in Q3, the fastest rise since Q4 2004, according to Thomson Financial. Bloomberg.com story says that in the three years after the VIX last closed below 10 in January 1994, the S&P 500 rallied 60%. Yet all of the gains were after 1994, when the index posted a 1.5% drop.
  • Realmoney'see kirjutava Cody Willardi kommentaarid aktsiaturule olid päris huvitavad. Vihjeks nii palju, et pealkiri oli "It's a bird, it's a Plane....it's Stocks", vihjates aktsiate kõrgele lennukuse viimasel ajal.
    Cody: "Market's Superman-like strength is reason to be cautious in the near term"

    Sharki kommentaar:

    In This Tape, Show an Independent Spirit

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    11/21/2006 8:53 AM EST
    Click here for more stories by Rev Shark

    "We think in generalities, but we live in detail."

    -- Alfred North Whitehead

    As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and volume slows, the big market picture will become increasingly uncertain. When there are fewer market participants playing the game, the likelihood is that the action will be more random and less predictable, so we can close up shop early and go enjoy the time off, or we can forego the big picture and focus on some individual stocks as a way to make money.

    One important thing to remind ourselves periodically is that for most of us the big money is made by focusing on the details of individual stocks rather than the generalities of the overall market. When we spend too much time and effort trying to guess when the major indices might turn, we often blind ourselves to the opportunities that continue to exist in many individual stocks. Even in a market that is on the verge of rolling over, there will still be an ample supply of trading opportunities. The numbers may shrink, but there is always something that will give us an opportunity to make money.

    In the slower trading around Thanksgiving, there are often some very big movers, regardless of what the indices may do. There are plenty of traders out there looking for action and they have the tendency to gravitate toward the same group of stocks. In a more thinly traded market without some big players looking to unload into strength, a stock will move more than it normally would.

    I have probably spent too much time recently writing about the big market picture and not enough time discussing individual stock-picking. This creates the impression that my concern about how technically extended the market is means that I forego buying stocks. That isn't the case at all. It is not at all inconsistent to maintain a high level of caution about the big market picture while aggressively trading individual stocks on the long side.

    I do feel quite strongly that the market is badly in need of rest or pullback, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to buy anything. In fact, for the remainder of the week, I am likely to be aggressive in buying some individual stocks, although I don't like the overall condition of the major indices.

    It is very quiet out there in the early going. We have a slightly positive start on the way. Oil and gold are trading up, European stocks are bouncing back nicely after taking a hit yesterday, but Asia has managed only a minor rebound.
  • CLX langusele saab päris hästi ka aprilli 70 puttidega panustada
    ajaväärtust on sellise tähtaja kohta vaid paarkümmend senti

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