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  • Baltic Morning News


    Snaige reports loss. The Lithuanian fridge maker Snaige posted preliminary Q4 sales of LTL 109m. Pre-tax loss amounted to LTL 13.2m. When adjusted to bad dept accruals arising from sales during 2004-2005, Pre-tax loss would have amounted to LTL 3.4m. At the same time, the company’s guidance for 2007 was a bit surprising. Snaige expects revenue of LTL 469m and PTP of LTL 10.2m. Hence, Snaige’s forecasted sales growth is ca 31%, which is significantly higher than last year’s growth rates.

    Lithuania's problems with FDI. For a long time, we have considered the rapid foreign direct investment (FDI) flow as the main driver of Baltic economies and stock markets. Now, according to a survey concluded in H2/06, attracting FDI to Lithuania may be handicapped by unclear national priorities and lack of coordination between the activities of public bodies, BBN reports. In December, the FDI flow to Lithuania was LTL 2.41b, up LTL 2b yoy. However, it is important to note that the increase in the FDI flow mainly resulted from the sale of the Cabinet’s stake in Mazeikiu Nafta (equal ca LTL 2.28b).

    Lithuania's inflation at 4%. According to Statistics Lithuania, the inflation rate in January 2007 was 4.0% yoy and 0.0% sequentially. Compared to Jan/06, price decrease was registered in Clothing & footwear and Transportation sectors. The most rapid increase at the same time was in prices of Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels, and Food products and non-alcoholic beverages. Lithuania's January inflation was the lowest in Baltics (Estonia: 5.1%, Latvia: 7.1%). Lithuania's Finance Ministry expects inflation of 4.7% in 2007. 

    Latvia's unemployment at 6.5%. According to Statistics Latvia, the country’s unemployment rate in January was 6.5%, unchanged from Dec 06. The lowest rate was registered in capital Riga (3.8%), while some rural areas in South-Eastern Latvia like Ludza and Rezekne district have more than 22% of people unemployed.

    Mazeikiu squeeze-out. PKN Orlen, the new owner of Lithuanian refiner Mazeikiu Nafta announced that the purchase of shares within the squeeze-out process will commence on Feb 20 2007. The price is equal to LTL 10.25 for one share. Hence, everyone who did not sell during the tender offer will soon have to give up its shares for the same price.

    Tallink (Neutral) shares merge. Tallink's old shares (169.45m shares - TAL1T) and new shares (505.36m shares - TAL4T) were merged yesterday afternoon. Hence, trading will now resume under one symbol - TAL1T. Tallink Group's share capital consists of 673,82m shares.

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  • Goldman upgrades Pepsico (PEP 64.08) and Coca-Cola (KO 47.85) to Buy from Neutral

    SunTrust upgrades Spectrum Brands (SPC 9.09) to Buy from Neutral and sets a $13 tgt, based on valuation

    BofA upgrades Colgate-Palmolive (CL 67.91) to Buy from Neutral and raises their tgt to $74 from $63 saying the stock has had a run, but valuation reflects only 10% long-term growth, as investors fret about coming transitions. The firm says recent mtgs mgmt provide confidence these aren't issues and that long-term growth rate can accelerate to 12-13% from 10% on margin upside

    First Albany upgrades Stamps.com (STMP 14.30) to Buy from Neutral
  • Tuletan siinkohal meelde, et esmaspäeval on USA turud suletud. Pikk nädalavahetus võib tänase päeva käibe keskmisest lahjemaks jätta.

    Play Defense as Well as Offense

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    2/16/2007 8:41 AM EST
    Click here for more stories by Rev Shark

    "The truly ambitious are always as busy on the landings as they are breathless on the stairs."

    -- Louis Kronenberger

    The reason so many never obtain great success in the market is that they lack balance. Most of us are very good at running at full steam in one direction but we have difficulty amending our approach as conditions change. It isn't that we need to suddenly reverse course all the time; we just need to temper our enthusiasm now and then and make sure we are staying objective.

    The pattern throughout the rally that started back in August is a strong upside burst that lasts two to three days, then consolidation and a slow slide back. Once we look like we are in danger of starting a downtrend we have another strong upside move that reignites the bulls and squeezes the shorts.

    It looks like we are ready for that pattern to play out again. So even if you are convinced the market is going to march higher keep in mind the likelihood that we'll see a decent pause at this point before the bulls regroup and make another charge.

    One of the great ironies of the stock market is that many folks tend to become more positive after a strong move like we have had over the last three days rather than more cautious. They have had a taste of profits or maybe are upset that they missed out, and they're anxious for more upside. Rather than take the prudent course of action and lock in at least some partial gains, they dig in their heels and become upset with the notion that even within a strong uptrend a little balance is a valuable thing.

    Our goal while enjoying a strong uptrend isn't just to rack up some gains but to make sure we don't let them slip away, and that means making some sales. Selling isn't negative or bearish; it is just a sensible form of balance. Lock in some profits after a good run, regroup and then go after some profits once again. Too many folks fear that they will miss out if they do anything other than load up and stay long when the truth is that even in the strong uptrends the successful investor plays defense as well as offense.

    We have a soft start this morning primarily because of comments from MSFT about expectations for Vista being too high. Overseas markets aren't doing much and gold and oil are trading down. Today is option expiry and that typically means a narrower trading range. We also have a three-day weekend so volume should slow a bit.
    Ülespoole avanevad:

    Gapping up on strong earnings/guidance: BSQR +39%, STMP +19% (also First Albany upgrade), BWLD +10%, CNTF +9.4%, HITT +9.3%, LTXX +5.3% (also FBR upgrade), CMG +5.1%, LGBT +5%, ONXX +3.9%, ENTG +3.3%, MHK +3.3%, AMMD +3.1%, NTGR +2.3%... Other News: FICC +96% (to be acquired), INO +18% (its partner Wyeth presents data), CYTR +7.5% (profiled in BWeek Inside Wall St section), NABI +6.3% (CEO resigns), CBSS +5.8% (to be acquired), AMR +4.1% (profiled in BWeek as potential butout candidate; up in sympathy: UAUA +1.6%), ARBA +3.4% (extends recent momentum), SYT +1.9%, ADM +1.6% (to repurchase $370 mln in stock; also prices notes offering), KO +1% (Goldman upgrade)... Under $3: ISV +10% (announces licensing deal), BKHM +2.8% (CEO resigns).

    Allapoole avanevad:

    Gapping down on disappointing earnings/guidance: CECO -11% (also Pru downgrade to Underweight), CAPA -12% (also Needham downgrade), NHWK -9.1%, SNIC -8% (pre-reports Q4 revs), QDEL -7.8%, DENN -7.8% (also Merriman downgrade), NANO -5.2%, BUCY -3.5%, ARRS -3.1%, MRVC -2.3%... Other News: MLS -4.5% (reached deal to be acquired by largest shareholder, price is below yesterday's close), ZVUE -4.9%, LMC -3.3% (profit taking after recent move higher), PACT -3.2% (CFO resigns), TTWO -2.6% (Wedbush downgrades to Sell, $15 tgt), HMY -2.4%, BBV -1.9% (to acquire CBSS), MSFT -1.5% (analyst day comments: CEO says some Windows sales forecasts are too high), F -1.2% (Detroit News reports co is failing to meet key goals in its turnaround plan), NYX -1.2% (extends recent slide).

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