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  • Baltic Morning News


    Saku (Accumulate) reports solid Q4, extra-dividend announced. The Estonian leading brewery Saku posted Q4 sales of EEK 175m, equal to a y-o-y increase of 20.3%. We expected Q4 sales of EEK169m, equal to a y-o-y increase of 15.7%. The Q4 EBITDA was EEK 36m (forecast: EEK34m), equal to a margin of 20.2% (forecast: 19.9%). The Q4 Pre-Tax profit came in at EEK 21m (forecast: EEK 16m), corresponding to a margin of 11.7% (forecast: 9.6%). The announced dividend was EEK 25 per share (payout ratio 169.1%), corresponding to a yield of 10.8%. Saku´s market share in beer segment grew from 44.6% to 46.5% in 2006, while in premium beer segment the company held a market share of 67%, up 10% y-o-y. The company’s market share in cider market improved by 0.5% to 32%, while the market increased by 12% over the same time. In long-drink segment, Saku´s market share remained at 26%, while the market grew by 35% in 2006. It was also announced that the current CFO, Janno Veskimäe, will step down and he will be succeeded by Inga Kuusik, a former CFO of Imperial Tobacco Group.

    Lithuanian real estate prices expected to grow by 10% this year. According to real estate company InReal, real estate prices in Lithuania will grow 10%-15% this year. Stronger supply has stabilized the real estate prices and prompted an increase in rent fees. However, yields are still very low and are approaching Western European averages.

    TEO (Accumulate) sold Comliet-Kaliningrad. The Lithuanian telecom operator TEO announced that they have sold OOO Comliet-Kaliningrad, a company in the Russian Federation, that the Company on 31 January 2006 took over from its then subsidiary UAB Comliet (owned 95% of Comliet-Kaliningrad) and UAB Comliet Sprendimai, a subsidiary of UAB Comliet, (owned 5% of the company). Comliet-Kaliningrad offers fixed and mobile telecommunication designing, construction and maintenance, and other services. The transaction should not have material impact on TEO’s results.

    Devaluation panic in Latvia. Last week, a professor at SSE Riga said to Latvian radio station MixFM that Latvian lats may have to be devaluated if inflation will not come down. The speculation triggered a noteworthy panic in Latvia and by now, several currency exchange bureaus have run out of euros, US dollars and pounds. Because of the panic, one currency exchange office was buying euros for 0.53 lats per euro and selling them for 0.77 lats. Ilmars Rimsevics, President of Bank of Latvia, said that the bank had no plans to devaluate lats.

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  • Näpukas jah ... ei ole suutnud veel rohkemate teemadega esilehel harjuda ;)

    Tänud tähelepanu juhtimast. Nüüd õiges kohas.
  • Can the Good News Keep Buyers Buying?

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    2/20/2007 8:20 AM EST
    Click here for more stories by Rev Shark

    "In the affairs of this world, men are saved not by faith, but by the want of it."

    -- Benjamin Franklin

    By just about every measure the market continues to perform extremely well. We consistently bounce back after dips, we are hovering at new highs, and we have plenty of good news on the wires. The biggest worry is that there is so little to worry about and that any form of caution feels downright foolish.

    If you don't have faith in this market you have been missing out. Investors want to have faith that this market will continue to produce upside and that is a very powerful thing. Fighting a market that is so loved is no way to make money. We need to continue to embrace the upside, but we also must keep a wary eye on the underlying action to make sure conditions aren't changing.

    What I'm watching most closely is the energy of buyers. Are they looking for places to put cash? Are they chasing strength and causing breakouts to run? On Wednesday and Thursday last week I was a bit concerned about the quick flipping and slowing momentum I saw in many small-cap stocks. The action wasn't bad at all but the moves were fizzling and it was obvious that confidence in sustained moves was slipping. However, on Friday the action was better in the smaller stocks and we saw some follow-through.

    As we kick off the action this week we are a bit technically extended in the short term. Throughout this rally we have had sharp spikes up followed by slow fades. We had the sharp spike last week on Ben Bernanke's comments to Congress and we now look ready for a slow fade as that move is digested.

    We have some positive news on the wires and oil is trading down this morning, which should give us a steady start. But then the bulls will have to show us how much buying enthusiasm they have. It is going to be tough to keep building on last week's gains without some rest. Today is going to be particularly instructive in how much energy the buyers have because there really is no reason based on the news flow to sell.

    We have a flat start on the way, overseas markets are doing little and oils and gold are trading down as the dollar strengthens.
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    Credit Suisse downgrades Semiconductor Equipment sector to Market Weight from Overweight saying in 1Q07, memory chip margins are inflecting lower for the first time in 3 years, making the memory bull thesis for S.C.E much more difficult to defend; S.C.E orders stronger than expected. The firm says they have noted that stronger orders will make them more concerned, especially now that memory margins have inflected, as a result they now think there is two quarters of =10% q/q order declines likely in 3Q07 and 4Q07

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