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  • Nagu ka eile börsipäeva alguses kirjutasin, oli turu põrge ülespoole tehtud üha kahaneva käibega ning tõusutrend vahepealse langusega n-ö ära rikutud. See kõik koos majanduses, finantssektoris ja housing'us asetleidvate ja uudistekünnist ületavate probleemidega kulmineerus eilse allamüügiga.
    Current Accounts -$195.8 bln vs -$203.5 bln consensus
    Sharki eileõhtune kommentaar:

    Ambush of Bulls Was in the Charts

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    3/13/2007 4:34 PM EDT
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    If you were cautious the past week as the market bounced slowly and steadily higher on light volume, it probably caused you some anxiety. But that caution surely paid off today. The market beast kept that dead-cat bounce going just long enough to entice some folks back in and then sprung its deadly trap today.

    It was classic action and provides a particularly good illustration of why technical analysis is such a valuable tool. If you heeded the charts, you would be sitting in pretty good shape in the face of some tremendously ugly action.

    Although volume didn't reach the levels we hit on the first leg down a week ago, it did increase substantially over the levels that occurred during our dead-cat bounce. Breadth was horrendous at better than 5 to 1 negative, and the Nasdaq managed only a measly seven new highs today.

    But the big problem for the market now is that the indices are in terrible technical shape. The recent lows provide meager support, and there really is nothing else out there to give us comfort that we can quickly find a bottom. We have to let this selling play out now and not be overanxious to call a turn.
  • Lehmann Brothersi(LEH) tulemused olid ootustest pisut paremad, ent ometi on aktsia eelturul miinuses ning ka turg on nulli lähedal. Kasum aktsia kohta oli $1.96 vs consensus $1.95 ning müügitulu oli $5.05 miljardit vs konsensus $4.94 miljardit. Miks üldse Lehmann Brothersi tulemusi jälgida? LEH-l on näiteks võrreldes Goldman Sachsiga(GS) oluliselt rohkem seotud subprime laenuäriga.

    Micron MU upgraded by Citigroup Hold » Buy
    Jetblue Airways JBLU upgraded by HSBC Securities Underweight » Neutral $12.10
    Chevron CVX upgraded by Deutsche Securities Sell » Hold $65
    Countrywide CFC upgraded by Friedman Billings Mkt Perform » Outperform $45

    Mõned päevad tagasi vahendasime Pro all Citigroupi nägemust Commerce Bancorpist(CBH). Seetõttu vahendan siia ka teavet, et täna sai ettevõte Fox-Pittilit upgrade’i ja hinnasihi $39, kuid tegu pole väga tuntud analüüsimajaga.

    Ülespoole avanevad:

    Gapping up on strong earnings/guidance: SMTX +21.3%, GYMB +7.3%, HWCC +2.6% (reports, also files for 5.5 mln share common stock offering by selling shareholders), JCG +1.8%... A number of mortgage lenders up on short-covering & analyst calls: LEND +20.0%, FMT +6.0%, NFI +5.0%, CFC +2.1% (also upgraded to Outperform at FBR), BKUNA +2.6% (also upgraded to Mkt Perform at Raymond James, defended at FBR)... Other news: ASTI +36.6% (announces Norsk Hydro today acquired 1.6 mln shares of co), ADLS +3.9% (announces Cethromycin granted FDA orphan drug designation for Anthrax), AFFX +2.2% (multiple upgrades following patent victory over Illumina), MU +2.1% (upgraded to Buy at Citi), CAKE +1.8% (to purchase $200 mln of its common stock from Goldman Sachs).

    Allapoole avanevad:

    Gapping down on weak earnings/guidance: SVNT -5.3%, NVAX -4.1%, HWCC -2.3%... Other news: DTPI -16.4% (downgraded to Neutral at Baird), BARE -4.4 (prices 12 mln share offering at $34.50/share), NYX -2.9% (don't see any specific news; but we note that Euronext, which NYX is acquiring, fell 0.9% in Europe following its earnings), HRB -2.5% (said last night it would post an additional $29 mln in pre-tax losses from subprime mortgages and would delay its Q3 regulatory filings).
  • QQQQ on täpselt oma 200-päeva EMA peal. IWM ca 30 senti sellest veel kõrgemal. Nende murdumisel võib liikumine olla kiire.
  • Usun, et on päevade küsimus, mil indexid oma 200-päeva MA-dest läbi sajavad.
    Dow - täpselt 200 peal
    Nasq - juba läbi päevasiseselt
    Ndx 100 - täpselt 200 peal
    S&P 500 - juba läbi päevasiseselt

  • Paaril järgmisel päeval tuleb olulisi majandusandmeid ja panen ootused siia kirja.

    Tootjahinnaindeks PPI 0.5% konsensus
    Tuumikosa PPI-s 0.2% konsensus

    Tarbijahinnaindeks CPI 0.3% konsensus
    Tuumikosa CPI-s 0.2% konsensus

    PPI andmed tulevad homme, 15. märtsil, ning CPI omad optsioonireedel 16. märtsil.
  • Jyriado,

    (S)MA-deni ruumi veel küll. Aga EMA-de peal ollakse küll praegu väga lähedal.

    FTSE -2.44%, CAC -2.52%, DAX -2.58%

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