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    BofA upgrades Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME 512.60) to Buy from Neutral and raises their tgt to $622 from $575, based on valuation

    Baird upgrades Charles River Laboratories (CRL 47.74) to Outperform from Neutral and raises their tgt to $54 from $48, as they believe '07 should be a cleaner year for CRL, without major business unit divestitures or discontinuation, with fewer one-time initiatives and facility issues, and with less lumpiness in the reporting segments or sub-units

    BofA upgrades RTI Intl Metals (RTI 80.39) to Buy from Neutral

    Citigroup upgrades Audible (ADBL 9.58) to Buy from Hold

    JMP upgrades Sangamo BioSciences (SGMO 7.15) to Strong Buy from Outperform and maintains their $15 tgt following earnings. The fimr says more importantly, Sangamo made significant corporate and clinical progress in 1Q. The firm notes the recently announced a collaboration with Genentech (DNA) that increases the scarcity value of the platform for industrial uses

    CIBC initiates Aeropostale (ARO 40.01) with a Outperform and sets a $49 tgt, based on above-average sq footage growth of 11%, easy comp comparisons through 1H07 and potential for gross margin improvementI

    GT Intl Game Tech added to Conviction Buy list at Goldman

    Soleil says that after WFR beat Q1 expectations and guided Q2 in-line, there really were no significant disappointments. Looking ahead to 2H07, they believe that consensus ests do not reflect the large polysilicon capacity addition the co will bring online over the next several quarters. Firm believes that this major addition to capacity will provide the next major upside to consensus.

  • Gapping Up: HRSH +34.2%, NT +14.0%, SWKS +13.7%, OSCI +11.8%, ADLS +8.8%, MA +8.2%, CTB +7.6%, IVGN +7.0%, BWLD +6.6%, STEC +6.2%, CMG +5.7%, ANPI +5.1%... Gapping Down: CGPI -21.5%, DIVX -12.3%, SOHU -10.7%, ACAS -7.8%, CBAK -6.8%, GRMN -6.3%, S -2.9%, CTSH -2.8%, LCC -2.7%, ARRY -1.5%.
  • Ma ei ole veel kõike seedida jõudnud, kuid 2008. aasta käibeprognoos on suhteliselt in-line, mis nendelt tasemetelt peaks ilmselt nõrgaks osutuma.
  • This Market's Driven by Liquidity

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor

    5/2/2007 8:45 AM EDT
    Click here for more stories by Rev Shark

    "Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted."

    -- Deepak Chopra

    As the DJIA trudges higher at a record pace, it is very difficult for most reasonable people to believe that we can continue like this without a rest. Even in the stock market the law of gravity tends to kick in at some point, and if you aren't at least a little anticipatory you are likely to suffer some pain when it does occur.

    The great frustration in the stock market is that trying to accurately anticipate turning points is impossible. You are always going to be frustrated when you try to catch a turn and even more so when the action of the market is seemingly irrational.

    What makes this particular market even more difficult is that the broad indices, especially the DJIA, are not reflective of the broader action. Multinational mega-caps are leading the indices to new highs while under the surface, the action in the vast majority of other stocks is mixed if not downright arbitrary. A good example I noted yesterday is the difference between an IBM, that had a lousy earnings report but announced a buyback, and a Google, which had an excellent report but is not viewed as a safe-haven big-cap in which to park cash.

    The market is being driven by liquidity, which flows to bigger stocks and isn't sensitive to valuation. The big-caps that posted good reports are really not great bargains, because many are selling at PEs that are double their growth rates, but they have the momentum and buyers are buying them because they are working. It won't last forever but it is working for now and that is all that matters.

    I have to admit I've been struggling with the market lately as stocks outside the big-caps have been very choppy. That is even more difficult to deal with when you see the major indices moving up so consistently.

    We have a strong open once again as merger and acquisition activity dominate the headlines once again. Overseas markets were strong, oil flat and gold down.

  • Palun lisada MRU Holdings (UNCL) kaubeldavate aktsiate hulka.

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