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  • BofA initiates CNET Networks (CNET 8.48) with a Buy and sets a $11 tgt, as they believe CNET is well positioned to benefit from strong secular online advertising growth due to its leading online brands and relationships with large advertisers

    Bank initiates IntercontinentalExchange (ICE 127.26) with a Buy and sets a $165 tgt, as they feel ICE is undervalued relative to peers and that strong earnings growth is underappreciated at current levels

    AG Edwards initiates Dendreon (DNDN 17.20) with a Hold, as they foresee significant risks surrounding the upcoming May 15th PDUFA action date for lead cancer vaccine Provenge

    Jefferies upgrades Symantec (SYMC 18.17) to Buy from Hold and raises their tgt to $21 from $17 following earnings and based on low expectations for June, a significant new product cycle, a substantial chance of an increased level of share buybacks, and a potential takeout make the risk/reward attractive.

    Edwards initiates Rainmaker Systems (RMKR 8.53) with a Buy and sets an $11 tgt, as they believe the co is well positioned to benefit from the continuing trend of businesses outsourcing internal functions to third party providers that are capable of demonstrating value creation.

    Early Pre-Market Gappers

    Gapping Up: EPCT +23.3%, QMED +23.2%, NVEC +18.1%, YMI +17.3%, BUF +16.9%, SMDI +14.1%, MRX +11.1%, TSYS +10.2%, ALAN +9.7%, RNWK +8.0%, SLW +7.3%, SYMC +6.8%, EFUT +5.6%, CEGE +5.4%... Gapping Down: TLB -9.7%, SMSI -9.5%, JDSU -9.3%, INCY -8.9%, ANDE -8.8%, CELG -6.8%, APKT -5.8%, TSO -5.7%, UBS -5.6%, LVS -5.4%, SUN -5.4%, WYNN -3.2%, AGU -2.8%, AHO -2.6%, RIGL -2.6%.
  • Futuurid said eelturul natukene jõudu juurde:

    Productivity-prelim +1.7% vs +0.8%, prior +1.6%

    Unit Labor Costs 0.6% vs 3.8% Bloomberg consensus, prior 6.6%

    Initial Claims 305K vs 325K; prior week of 321K revised to 326K

  • Watch the Trends

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor

    5/3/2007 7:58 AM EDT
    Click here for more stories by Rev Shark

    "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool."
    -- William Shakespeare

    Anyone who holds opinions about where the stock market is headed is sure to feel quite foolish at times. No matter how smart, how logical or how insightful you may be, the market will regularly do just the opposite of what you believe. To think that we can consistently predict what the market is going to do is not only arrogant but dangerous.

    While market prediction is difficult, there are certain things about market action that do tend to occur regularly. The most important is the persistence of trends. Markets tend to keep going in the same direction for fairly long periods of time rather than move around in erratic fashion. Although price action is often quite erratic there tends to be a steady succession of consistent underlying trends.

    Where most investors get in trouble is trying to predict when those trends will come to an end. We start thinking, "This market has gone too far, and now it's time for a change." That seems reasonable, but the market makes us feel foolish as it persists in its steady trend.

    The easy solution to this problem is to not anticipate the end of a trend. The market should be thought of in terms of Newton's First Law of Motion and should simply embrace the notion that a market in motion tends to stay in motion in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

    The problem with this solution is that when the change in direction does occur it can be quite violent, and if we don't move quickly we can give back weeks of hard-won profits. In addition, the faster we move to protect ourselves when we believe the trend is shifting, the greater the chance we will make a mistake and find ourselves sidelined as the trend continues.

    Ultimately, good investing is a careful balancing act between respecting the underlying trend and being ready to react quickly once it appears that it will falter. No matter how good you might be, you are never going to master the transition.

    You have to be prepared to make some mistakes that are going to cost you some money. Either you are going to embrace the trend too long and not make the shift when it ends or you are going to jump the gun on the end of the trend and find yourself on the sidelines too early.

    At the moment, many market players are starting to anticipate the end of the current trend as the string of positive days hits record levels. That causes a lot of frustration as the market continues to prance merrily along with no concern about those who think it is due for a rest.

    Our job at this point is to continue to stay aware of how strong the current uptrend is but to make sure we are very sensitive to any signs that things may begin to turn. The biggest warning sign right now is that many bears are giving up hope. Yesterday in particular looked like we were seeing some buying capitulation take place as the market stayed strong.

    Keep an open mind as the action continues and don't forget Newton's First Law of Motion. It is firmly at work right now, but when direction does begin to change we had better be mentally prepared to move quickly.

    Once again we have a positive open on the way. Overseas markets were mixed but mostly positive. Oil and gold are up.

  • Massachusetts has become the first state in the country to declare a moratorium on foreclosures stemming from predatory lending.
  • Options action suggests there's a Monster (MNST - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr - Rating) buyout in the works, Jim Cramer said Thursday on CNBC's "Stop Trading!" segment. Buyout as high as $60 a share.
  • Kõva käive oli ka DJ optsioonidega, mis vihjab info lekkimisele. Ka Armor Holdingsi (AH) optsioonikäive on olnud üüratu - samuti ülevõtukuulukad tiirlemas!

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