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  • Toll Brothers (TOL) teatas sarnaselt teiste majadeehitajatega, et ilmselt ei suudeta prognoose täita. Turgudel kestab pidu siiski edasi.

    Co reports that second-quarter home building revenues were approximately $1.17 billion, second-quarter-end backlog was approximately $4.15 billion and second-quarter net signed contracts were approximately $1.17 billion. These totals were down 19%, 32% and 25%, respectively, compared to FY 2006's second quarter results. Co notes, "Given the current state of the market, we no longer expect to achieve the most recent quarterly and annual guidance we provided on February 22, 2007. However, even at the upper end of our range of second-quarter write-downs, we expect to report a profit for our second quarter."

    Jefferies upgrades Macrovision (MVSN 24.01) to Buy from Hold and raises their tgt to $31 from $26, following Q107 revenues that were in line and $0.01 better on EPS while the co maintained FY07 revenue guidance and raised the EPS midpoint by $0.04 and believe the risks around studio renegotiation are diminishing.

    Merrill upgrades Credit Suisse (CS 75.86) to Buy from Neutral

    AMZN Amazon.com upgraded to Accumulate from Source of Funds at ThinkEquity

    IBM IBM upgraded to Buy from Neutral at Goldman
  • peale pidu tuleb tavaliselt pohmell........
  • 9 kuud on olnud pidev pidu, 1 pisi pohmakaga, eelmist sellist olukorda mäletan enne aasta 2000 aprilli(märtsi), mis peale seda toimus mäletab nii mõnigi! täpselt aasta tagasi lõppes eelmine pikem pidu, kuidas läheb seekord?
  • Sellel leheküljel õpetati ennem kuidas Eesti neti saite rünnata
  • Don't Expect a Selloff on Fed, Cisco News

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor

    5/9/2007 8:20 AM EDT
    Click here for more stories by Rev Shark

    "Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse."

    -- Thomas Szasz

    Will today's FOMC interest rate decision, along with the mediocre earnings from Cisco, give market participants an excuse to do some selling? Maybe, but if recent history is a guide the selling pressure won't last for long.

    One of the reasons this market has kept going is that there simply have not been any negative catalysts. Earnings have been consistently positive and economic news has been uniformly good. The only real worry that most folks have had about the market is that the mega-cap stocks have gone up at such a furious pace with no meaningful pullbacks.

    All of the news out there lately has been perceived as positive. There are a few issues such as gasoline prices over $3, continued issues in the housing market, and some cracks in GDP, but corporate earnings and the booming international economy have more than offset those problems. There really has not been any real reason for market players to feel that a bout of selling is about to hit us.

    Is it possible the Fed decision today will be the catalyst for a change in market character? I doubt it. It is unlikely the Fed will do anything dramatic. Interest rates will remain unchanged and the likelihood is that the accompanying policy statement will continue to indicate a balance of concerns between inflation and growth.

    In any event, those aren't the issues driving this market. The drivers have been good earnings and the strength in international markets. Market players are more worried about not participating in this uptrend than they are about what may go wrong. Why focus on the problems that have been out there seemingly forever when we keep making new highs every day?

    One of these days the market will roll over and downtrend for a while but the breakdown is probably not going to be swift and sudden, but will occur only after we struggle near the highs for a while and the dip buyers become tired. We simply have too many folks who have missed out and are sitting on the sidelines with cash. They will serve as support against any immediate weakness. The Fed and Cisco aren't going to scare them away for long because they'll still focus on the recent gains they have missed out on.

    We have a slightly weak start following the Cisco and Disney reports. Overseas markets are seeing some strength on speculation about mergers in the mining sector. Oil and gold are steady and the market is likely to be quiet until the Fed decision at 2:15 pm ET.

  • Mis te arvate JRCC viimase aja liikumisest?
  • Ilmselt lähiajal kommenteerime ka Pro all, kuid soovitus on jätkuvalt "hoia" peal. Lõpuks ometi on juhtkond tegema hakanud seda, mida neilt oodatud on. Mitte küll ettevõtte müügiga, kuid kontrollitakse kulusid ning suletud on ebaefektiivselt töötavaid kaevandusi, keskendudes niimoodi vaid kõige paremini töötavatele üksustele (viies nii tootmiskulusid alla). Lisaks on CAPP regioonis pakkumine kõvasti vähenenud (vallandedes nii ka palju professionaalset tööjõudu) ning nõudlustrendid on samuti firmat toetamas. Suhteliselt palju on siiski söehindade liikumise taga kuna firma marginaal on siiski äärmiselt õhuke.
  • FED jätab intressimäärad muutmata ning sõnastus suhteliselt sarnane varasemaga. Hääled jagunesid 10-0.

    14:16 Fed says high resource use may sustain inflation pressures
    14:16 Fed says inflation pressures likely to moderate over time
    14:16 Fed says FOMC vote to keep rates steady was 10-0
    14:15 Fed says 'Future policy adjustments' depend on outlook, data
    14:15 Fed says economy likely to expand at moderate pace over coming quarters
    14:15 Fed says core inflation remains somewhat elevated
    14:15 Fed says future policy adjustments will depend on outlook for both inflation, growth
    14:15 BONDX FOMC leaves rates unchanged at 5.25% as expected

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