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  • Citigroup on andmas positiivseid kommentaare SanDisk Corpi (SNDK) osas:

     Stock Strategy – We are bullish on SNDK’s 12-month upside potential. QTD NAND contract pricing action augments near-term plusses (margin andexpense–related upside potential) and intermediate-term catalysts (pos 2H07est revisions and multiple expansion), bolstering conviction in our call.Reward/risk is 2:1 on 16% upside potential in memory’s best secular story.Tactically, build positions patiently thru the Q on market volatility (for now lessurgency needed than in analog Co’s ADI, ISIL, FCS and SMTC). What’s New – NAND contract pricing was stable in 1H May and overall densitiesare tracking flat QTD with 4Gb+ up 10% (vs 1Q averages). While we expect amodest June swoon (seasonality), prospects are increasing better-than-modeled2Q07 pricing (-5% embedded in our 3Q07 royalty calculation). RecallSamsung/Hynix guided to +20% 2Q pricing). Implication – Positive estimate revision drivers may be forming for SNDK.Largely hinging on Samsung’s pricing and bit production (Hynix royalties justbeginning) SNDK’s royalties are recognized a qtr in arrears. We model $97M,$99M, and $106M in 2Q-4Q07 ($399M in 2007E or $1.05 in EPS). Forsensitivity, every 5% change in quarterly contract pricing impacts annual 2008EEPS by $0.03 (Our ests $1.23 and $2.32 in 2007E/2008E).

    Baird initiates GSI Technology (GSIT 5.49) with an Outperform and sets an $8 tgt, based on its position as the only pure play in the consolidating supplier SRAM market, an attractive business model and the gaining of share at key customers while ramp of its next-gen product line should act as a strong catalyst to the top line starting 2H07...

    Gapping Up: CRTX +36.4%, VAS +33.9%, INFT +26.9%, PRM +19.7%, JCDA +11.4%, SILC +10.4%, SMTX +10.1%, ACH +8.9%, AEY +8.2%, SIF +7.0%, PGLA +6.8%, GERN +6.7%, XNN +6.7%, SORC +6.6%, ONT +6.6%, EAGL +6.0%, ECGI +5.5%, ALTI +4.6%, GNVC +4.3%, DCX +3.9%, DNDN +3.9%, MEND +3.9%... Gapping Down: RICK -8.8%, MYL -6.3%, RDY -5.8%, RTP -3.8%, NFI -2.9%, LEND -2.7%, BHP -2.0%, TEVA -1.6%, CGV -1.5%, GOLD -1.4%, AAUK -1.3%.

  • Nokia (NOK) tõstab oma teise kvartali turuosa prognoosi, oodates turuosa kasvu võrreldes eeslmise kvartaliga (Q1 lõpus ca 36%). Varasem prognoos turuosa kasvu ette ei näinud.

    LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Nokia (NOK) on Monday lifted its market-share outlook for mobile devices for the second quarter, now expecting its market share to improve from the first-quarter's 36%. The world's leading mobile phone handset maker previously expected second-quarter market share to be steady. The rival to Motorola (MOT ) and Samsung Electronics said excess device inventory has sufficiently cleared. Nokia said it still expects 2007 market share to improve..

    Aktsia kaupleb 3% kõrgemal võrreldes reedeste sulgmistasemetega, kuid ilmselt uudised väga suureks üllatuseks ei ole...

  • Rev paneb täna päris hästi sõnadesse selle, mida paljud mõtlevad - kaua veel turg tõuseb, kas selline liikumine on jätkusuutlik?! Kahtlemata oleks turuosalistel kergem aktsiaid osta, kui tõus liiguks ülespoole väikeste lainetega ja mitte nii kiiresti. Nüüdseks on tulemuste hooaeg möödumas ja uudiseid turule tulemas üha vähem

    Frustrated by the Go-Go Market? Some Tips

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    5/14/2007 8:08 AM EDT
    Click here for more stories by Rev Shark

    "Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your momentum."

    -- Tom Watson

    The most difficult thing about this market is that is so easy to find good reasons for why it should stop going up. Even some of the most confident bulls were happy to see the pullback last Thursday and said it felt right that we have some sort of correction given the record-setting run in the DJIA. The problem for investors is that even if a pause or pullback seems highly logical and reasonable, we just aren't seeing it and when we do weaken -- like we did last Thursday -- the buyers waste no time jumping in and driving us right back up again.

    The hardest thing to do is to not think too much but to just trust the momentum to continue to run. Although that sounds dangerous and lacking in prudence, it has been the smart thing to do and folks like Jim Cramer have been right to urge sticking with the uptrend and not looking for reasons that it is going to suddenly end.

    So what do you do if you have idle cash on hand and you are growing increasingly frustrated watching this market go straight up? Do you just jump in, buy anything and hope you aren't too late to the party?

    No, you can't allow yourself to be sucked into the market by the emotion. You have to stay selective with buys and not make them simply to be in the market. On the other hand, you have to recognize that this momentum can easily continue and that you can make some money by playing the game. You just have to have the right mindset and approach.

    I suspect there are a lot of folks who are playing the long side right now while they keep their finger not far away from the eject button. That is why when we dip like we did on Thursday it feels like such a complete meltdown. The buyers complete dry up at the first sign of trouble and then dive right back in, like they did on Friday morning, when it looked like the market had found support.

    It is going to be particularly interesting to see how the market acts this week with most of the major news flow past and we start moving into a seasonally weak time of the year. Option expiration could serve to hold things up but the news catalyst seem likely to slow.

    There is no question about it that this is an extremely tricky market to trade right now. The momentum game is certainly working but it is becoming more and more dangerous by the day. We need to stay particularly vigilant and make sure we don't get caught by a nasty mood shift.

    We have a stable open on the way. The Chrysler takeover is helping the mood but Europe is mixed and Asia strong. The Hang Seng Index, which is a cap-weighted index of Chinese stocks traded in Hong Kong, is up 2.50% this morning and other Asian indices are strong as well. Oil and gold are up.
  • Föderaalreserv on tunnistamas laenuturu nõudluse vähenenemist

    U.S. Fed survey finds broad tightening of lending standards for non-traditional, subprime mortgages - Reuters

    Fed survey says notable percentage of domestic banks report weaker demand for consumer loans - Reuters

    Fed says domestic banks report weaker demand for commercial, industrial, and commercial real estate loans - Reuters

    Fed survey says one-fifth of domestic banks report weaker demand for all types of residential mortgages - Reuters
  • Kui natukene peale kella 12 USA idaranniku aja järgi levis turule teateid, et kivisöetootja Massey Energy(MEE)- turukapitulatsiooniga 2.2 miljardit - võib seista silmitsi riikliku kohtujuhtumiga ning aktsiad kiiresse langusesse läksid, siis nüüdseks peale 15%list kukkumist peatati lõpuks aktsiatega kauplemine.

    Väljatulnud uudis ise järgmine:

    Feds seek over $1.6 bln in Clean-Water suit against Massey; suit says MEE illegally polluted waterways since 2000

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