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    12.11.2007 DVFA Conference with Analysts (in the course of Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum in Frankfurt / Main)
    23.11.2007 Nine-Month Report 2007

    Today, the Rohwedder Group - with approximately 1,000 employees - operates in the three growth markets of Europe, Americas and Asia. The Rohwedder Group is one of the leading producers of systems solutions for automation technology.

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    · Sales up by around 47 percent
    · Share of revenue generated abroad: 52 percent
    · Successful start to financial year 2008

    Bermatingen, April 25, 2008. Rohwedder Group sales revenue in financial year 2007 totaled EUR 132.7 million (previous year: EUR 90.4 million). Due to the acquisition of JOT Automation the share of revenue generated abroad rose substantially by 17.9 per-cent to 52.0 percent.
  • ROHWEDDER - How far does the rest go? from Alexander Paulus
    Monday 2nd June, 2008, 14:17 o'clock

    Review: The ROHWEDDER - stock marked a low-pressure area with 3.60 euros in August, 2004. Then the value clearly pulled. Till April, 2006 the value on a high(cheers) recovered with 16.20 euros.

    At this course level sales started again. These continued(went on) in spite of intertemporal Erholungen till the end of March at the beginning of April, 2008. Up to 3.66 euros the course(price) of the stock dropped(fell off). With it(Thus) the rally became from August, 2004 again completely abverkauft.

    Now since beginning of April the course(price) of the stock recovers again. With 5.65 and then with 6.15 euros lie
    important opposition. Even(Still) place(space) to approx. 8.00 euros would be next.

    Charttechnischer view: The stock ROHWEDDER should be during the next days even further(farther) on recreational course. Course profits to at least 5.65, probably even(still) 6.15 euros are to be expected(awaited). Whether the stock can break out(can erupt) more than 6.15 euros and can rise(can build up) then to approx. 8.00 euros farther, is doubtful(uncertain) and must be waited(be watched for).

    Should the stock drop(fall off), however, less than 3.60 euros by weekly closing price, would have to be calculated on other(farther) massive sales. Then purpose(destination) would be approx. 2.34 euros.

    Announcement(Message): Rohwedder improves result clearly

    Bermatingen ( - The Rohwedder AG, a supplier of automation solutions, has her(their) whole achievement during the first three months of the current business year 2008 by about 80 percent on 43.4 million euros (year before: 23.8 million euros) increased(boosted). This results after communication of the enterprise from the growth of the business(trade) in the division Electronics Production Solutions (EPS) to which since 1st June, 2007 also the scope of business JOT(portfolio JOT) hears automation.

    The surgical(operational) result (EBIT) improved in the first quarter on 1.3 million euros (year before: 0.8 million euros) before special effects and on 1.1 million euros after special effects. The backlog lay to the 31st March, 2008 with 55.5 million euros (year before: 37.7 million euros).

    The board of directors(chairman) sees itself with it(thus) in the plan to reach(arrive) the purposes(destinations) for 2008. The prediction(forecast) intends a whole achievement of about 150 million euros and an EBIT of about 4.0 million euros.

    Course course from the 29.04.2005 to the 02.06.2008 (lied. Candle representation / 1 candle = 1 week)

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