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  • Nädalavahetusel on kirgi kütmas teemad Euroopa Liidu majandusühtsuse ja Ida-Euroopa finantsprobleemide kohta. Bloomberg.com tsiteerib ka Eesti peaministrit Andrus Ansipit. Link loole siin. 

  • Niisiis liigume siis selles suunas, et kõigepealt lastakse olukord halvaks ja SIIS sekkutakse.
  • Australia ASX 100 -77.00 -2.79% 2,684.60 3/2 3:51pm
    Australia ASX All Ords -90.60 -2.75% 3,206.30 3/2 3:51pm
    Australia ASX Mid-cap 50 -93.60 -3.22% 2,815.60 3/2 3:51pm
    Hong Kong Hang Seng -490.53 -3.83% 12,321.04 3/2 12:51pm
    Hong Kong HSCC Red Chip -114.85 -3.96% 2,785.48 3/2 12:51pm
    Japan Nikkei 225 -298.64 -3.95% 7,269.78

    aasia punane
  • Meie "kartke esmaspäeva" stsenaarium on kahetsusväärselt käivitunud.
  • pane ennast valmis, mõmm, õhtul tulevad EE mehed kilbi kallale ;)
  • mnjah, ma ütleks, et tallinn on täna pehmelt öeldes veidi punakas... ;) imestan vaid, et kõige selle taustal OMXT ainult paari protsendiga miinuses on. Aga õnneks meil pikk börsipäev ja küll jõuame kukkuda.
  • Aga vaadake milline käive, üle keskmise päev 1,5h tehtud.
  • Dow futuuri pilt on kole.

    Härrased, paluks nüüd kiiresti nimekirja asjaoludest koos tähtaegadega, millal kõik paremaks hakkab minema.
  • mina usun et juba nädala-paari pärast hakkab korralik mitmekuuline mõmmiralli
  • kui esimene kvartal paranemise märke näitab tulemustes
  • Viimased andmed taksojuhtidelt ütlevad, et hetkel veel on vähestel sääste aga aasta lõpus läheb asi hullemaks ja siis aasta veel halvemat aega - teisisõnu kahe aasta pärast läheb paremaks ehk 1. märts 2011
  • abesiki, mis taksofirma house view see oli ... Tulika? Linnatakso? :)
  • March 2 (Bloomberg) -- Options investors are paying twice this decade’s average to protect against losses in U.S. stocks through 2011, signaling the bear market that already wiped out $10.4 trillion of equity value may last two more years.

    “There’s a real panic in the markets, with some people wanting to buy long-term insurance at any price,” said Peter Sorrentino, who helps manage $16 billion, including $130 million in options at Huntington Asset Advisors Inc. in Cincinnati. “People have lost hope.”

    See viimane point võiks olla julgustav.
  • vaivitsi, nii umbes kuu-poolteist tagasi vaatasin kuidas HBC märtsi putte osteti meeletutes kogustes kokku, ise kaalusin aga ei julgenud kaasa minna :(
  • Henno,
    See oli Tallink Takso
    P.S. Üldiselt nii kalli taksoga ei sõida, üritan Revaliga sõita.
  • Punane esmaspäeva hommik. USA turud tegemas reedele jätkuks uued mitme aasta põhjad, Dow Jones indeks ära käimas allpool 7000 punkti. Samas, kogu selle negatiivsuse taustal vääriks äramainimist, et Hiina turg oli täna plussis (!).S&P500 alustab päeva 2%lise miinusega, Nasdaq100 -1.5% ning nafta punases 7% jagu.

    Saksamaa DAX -2.08%

    Prantsusmaa CAC 40 -2.96%

    Inglismaa FTSE 100 -3.53%

    Hispaania IBEX 35 -3.30%

    Venemaa MICEX -1.64%

    Poola WIG +0.71%

    Aasia turud:

    Jaapani Nikkei 225 -3.81%

    Hong Kongi Hang Seng -3.86%

    Hiina Shanghai A (kodumaine) +0.50%

    Hiina Shanghai B (välismaine) +1.50%

    Lõuna-Korea Kosdaq -3.72%

    Tai Set 50 -3.79%

    India Sensex 30 -3.20%

  • More Negativity
    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    3/2/2009 7:36 AM EST

    The economy will be in shambles throughout 2009 -- and, for that matter, probably well beyond -- but that conclusion does not tell us whether the stock market will rise or fall.
    -- Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett does offer some bits of optimism in his annual letter to shareholders, but he's very clear about the ugly economic situation. It is as grim as many of us have ever seen, and while it will eventually lead to some exceptional opportunities, the key is to make sure your timing isn't too far off.

    Buffett himself has had poor timing with some of his recent investments in preferred stock of GE (GE) and Goldman Sachs. Individual investors who tried to follow in his footsteps in General Electric now need to nearly triple just to get back to even. That sort of hole is awfully tough to justify with the excuse that you are a long-term investor.

    Everyone out there is being affected by this economy. The worry, concern and downright fear are at extreme levels. While negative sentiment like this is usually an effective contrary indicator for at least a short-lived bounce at some point, we have not see any indication yet that we are so washed out that a tradable low is near.

    My mantra has always been to respect the trend. The action this morning helps to illustrate why. The market almost always goes lower than you think is reasonable. Some commentators have been throwing out much lower target prices for the major indices, but many more have been looking for at least some temporary relief. Those who have been anticipating a turn or a bounce will have a chance to average down further this morning, but I suspect that isn't very comforting.

    In addition to the uninspiring predications from Buffett, we have the U.S. government putting more money into AIG (AIG) and very poor action in Asian and European banks. There isn't a lot of surprising negative news out there this morning, there just isn't anything particularly good.

    Our best hope is that maybe this extreme negativity finally helps us progress to the point where the worst is priced in. The problem is that no one seems to really have a handle on what the worst might be. Very few folks expected things to go this far without some sort of temporary relief.

    My best advice remains what it has been for way too long now. Protect your capital, stay out of the way of the downtrend and don't try to anticipate a turn. When a good, lasting turn does come, there will be plenty of time to climb aboard. Avoiding losses at this point will put you far ahead of the pack. Just stay patient and avoid the constant siren song from the serial bottom-callers.

    I absolutely guarantee you that better times will eventual come and we will be rewarded. We just have to deal with this misery for a while and not let is beat us down so much that we aren't ready when better times do come.
    Ülespoole avanevad:

    Gapping up In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: AIG +16.7%, ARCC +16.7%, DISH +11.1%, PWRD +8.7% (light volume), CMED +7.5%, ATPG +7.4%, WEN +5.7% (also upgraded to Neutral at JPMorgan)... M&A news: RTLX +4.4% (light volume; announced that it has received additional unsolicited non-binding proposals to purchase all the outstanding shares or to make an investment in the Company at prices ranging from $8.00 to $10.00 per share in cash)... Select gold related names ticking higher: ABX +2.2% (upgraded to Overweight at JPMorgan), AUY +1.7%, GFI +1.2%, GLD +0.5%... Other news: ALTH +6.4% (Cramer makes positive comments on MadMoney), QGEN +2.6% (still checking), ATHN +2.0% (modestly rebounding following Friday's ~9 point drop; also upgraded to Buy from Accumulate at ThinkEquity).

    Allapoole avanevad:

    Gapping downIn reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: WGOV -13.4% (also downgraded to Neutral at Baird), XTEX -13.3% (light volume), RRI -7.5%, BPZ -6.7% (light volume)... Select financials trading lower following weakness overseas: HBC -19.1% (HSBC trims U.S. consumer unit; plans to raise $17.9 bln by issuing new shares to existing shareholders - WSJ), PFG -12.4%, FITB -10.0%, LYG -9.8% (fights to keep state stake down - Guardian Unlimited), HIG -9.7%, BAC -8.9% (Bank of America carries loans $44 billion above market value - FT), STT -8.0% (downgraded to Neutral at Goldman - Reuters), RF -7.9%, PUK -7.7%, WFC -7.4%, STI -6.2%, CS -5.7%, SLM -5.7%, IBN -5.6%, USB -4.8%, C -4.7% (Abu Dhabi reviewing Citigroup investment, according to sources - Reuters.com), ABB -4.6%, UBS -4.2%, MS -3.6%, KEY -3.3%, COF -2.8%, GS -2.8%, JPM -2.6%, PNC -1.1% (to reduce quarterly common stock dividend to $0.10 per share from $0.66 per share; retaining $1 bln annually)... Select metals/mining names showing weakness: AAUK -7.4%, MT -5.1%, RIO -4.6%, BHP -4.4%, RTP -3.9%... Select oil/gas related names trading lower with weakness in crude over demand concerns: PTR -5.5%, CHK -4.2% (announces production curtailment and details Haynesville Shale joint venture amendment), E -4.1%, APC -4.1%, BP -4.1%, sto -4.1%, RDS.A -4.0%, TOT -3.6%, COP -2.3%, CVX -2.0%... Select drug related showing weakness: GSK -2.5%, PFE -2.5%, TEVA -1.7%, MRK -1.6%, BMY -1.4%... Select airlines ticking lower: AMR -4.4%, CAL -4.2%, DAL -3.2%... Other news: DVA -8.5% (discloses that it is the subject of a number of inquiries by the federal government), MICC -6.0% (announces that the Board has appointed Mikael Grahne to succeed Marc Beuls as President and Chief Executive Officer), PHG -5.2% (still checking), TS -4.4% (still checking), GM -4.4% (bondholders seek meeting with administration, according to sources - WSJ), MGM -2.9% (Moody's downgraded MGM MIRAGE's CFR to B3; PDR to Caa1, ratings remain on review for downgrade), AXP -2.2% (discloses that it revises Q4 profit upward due to hedging accounting error)... Analyst comments: WPI -3.4% (added to Conviction Sell List at Goldman - Reuters), INFY -2.9% (downgraded to Underperform from Mkt Perform at Wachovia), LLY -2.2% (downgraded to Neutral at Cowen).
  • January Construction Spending -3.3% vs -1.5% consensus, prior revised to -2.4% from -1.4%
    February ISM Manufacturing 35.8 vs 33.8 consensus
  • Huvitav, et kuld protsendiga miinuses.
    Dollar kull pea protsendiga plussis, aga oleks oodanud kullalt kui mitte vaikest rallit tanase paeva valguses siis vahemalt pluss poolel peesitamist kull.
  • Akki mister Brownil on veel kulda muua.
    Kui keegi ei ole kuulnud mister Browni geniaalsest majandamisest, siis olles veel majandusminister muus ta kas poole voi enamuse aga paraja portsu UK kulla ara, poolmuidu. Inglastele see ei meeldi.

  • batsu, ma vaatasin just mingit BBC saadet kulla teemal, kus selgus, et Browni geniaalsus olevat tal võimaldanud selle täpselt low peal müüa. Aga noh, mida sa hing leiboristilt (sotsialist!) ikka ihkad.
  • Eraisikud Indias omavad ehetena ca 10% kogu maailma maa peal olevatest kullavarudest - see on rohkem kui USA, Saksamaa ja Prantsusmaa valitsuste kullavarud kokku. India ruupia on aga välisvaluutade vastu sel aastal kõvasti väärtust kaotanud ning ostujõud kahtluse all. Lisaks siia otsa veel India majanduse küsimus, mis varasemate aastatega võrreldes teiste maailma riikidega sarnaselt enam täiskäigul edasi ei vura. Kullapullidel soovitaksin kollase metalli kõrge hinnaga seotud ohtude tõttu lugeda seda artiklit siin... 

  • Pubis uks pubirentnik raakis, kuidas ta enne pubijuhatamist, kuskil karjaaris mingil kopal hullu moodi rabeles, kova papi kokku loi ja paraja hunniku vabatahtlikku pensionifondi pani, valitsus nillis selle fondi aa, oli veel vist Blairi aeg, aga arvake aa kes oli Chancellor of the Excequer ? Mister Brown oli.
    Voib-olla jai kulla muugist raha puudu.
    Kuhu kulla ja pensionaride raha laks ??
    Aastal 2007 kevadel, kinnisvara mulli tipus , kui UK keskmine majahind kallines paevaga rohkem kui miinimumpalk, s.t. ule £50 paevas ja isegi med-oed ja politseinikud kuskil oma £30 000 aastapalgaga ei suutnud kuidagi kinnisvararedelile saada, ahvardasid erasektorisse minna ja uldse raagiti juba 100 aastasest mortgage `st nagu Jaapanis olevat, siis otsustas valitsus(arvake aa kes oli majandusminister) maksta votmetootajate kinnisvara 20 % eest kinni,nice.
    Ajaloolises loikes on keskmise maja ja keskmise aastapalga suhe UK`s 3.5
    Tipus oli kuskil ligi 6, kui juba valitsus 20 prossa ise kinni maksab ?
    Kusjuures programm ei olnudki vaga suur. Aidati nii monikummend tuhandet kinnisvaraiharat.Kisa oli aga sellest et raha joudvat hoopis valedele inimestele, ei tea kas moni patt liitus ruttu politseiga ?

  • Kullamehed ilmselt kardavad S&P põrget 700 pealt. Siis kukuks kuld kolinal allapoole trendi suunas.
  • Dow näeb täna tavapäraselt nigel välja. Harjumuspäraste kukkujate BACi, Citi ja GM kõrval teeb ilma ka GE (-9.5%), mis reedel oma dividende 68% $0.10-ni langetas.
  • See siis kõigile kes mõtlevad lühikeste positsioonide sulgemise peale
  • Hakkab pimedate novembrioode jarele lohnama, tundub et + - 10 % paevad voivad naasta , moned (hedge) fondid on vist veel likvideerida.Aktsiates pikad arge pange pahaks, peale -10 voib ju + 11,1... tulla , fondidega pikad: peale -10 voib ju + 12 ? tulla,
    ultra pikad + ????, direxioni vennad.....
    Ei tee pikkade ule nalja
  • Citi täitsa mõeldav juba, 1 taalaga võiks ju võtta. Perspektiiv nii 3-6 kuud.
  • oleks aeg hakata panuseid tegema, mis tasemelt põrge tuleb
    minu bet on 560-600
  • põrge tuleb 875- 20% ehk 700 punkti, tiba selle alt, ehk 696punkti juurest:)
  • No kaua või? Langus jätkuda. Tundub, et mõne aktsia hind ei lähe nulli vaid lausa miinus märgiga!
  • Miinusmärgiga aktsiad on täiesti norm, sest on ju loogiline, et tuleb peale maksta, et leida loll ( ,, pommikoer,,), kes su sõnniku üle võtab.
  • ma natuke õgvendan oma pakkumist
    ma arvan, et 5 algav S&P number tahab ära tulla
    põrge 580-600 tasemelt
    600st minnakse juba paanikaga läbi -> kapitulatsioon -> põrge
  • FAS pole veel alla 4 vajunud , nüüd tegi selle lükke ära, hetkel 3,98. Kas on oodata ka 3,50 või on põhi käes. Tundub, et börsi on tabanud gripiviirus mis põhja alt ära lööb.
  • Day's Range: 700.03 - 729.57 Hirm on nii suur selle 699 ees. "Jah saame hakkama" ütles kiisutakso analüütik.
  • Liis Lassil kõva Kiosaki põhi all, peaks tema käest küsima, mis ta kogu sellest loost arvab?
  • Vast seda, et tark isa on targem, kui loll isa ning et haridussüsteem toodab depiilikuid ja rahavoog on positiivne, missiganes see siis ka ei tähendaks:)
  • Olemegi tagasi siis seal kus alustasime eh:)
    Aastas 1996

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