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Börsipäev 16. aprill - eBay ostab Gmarketi $24 aktsiast

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  • Hiina esimese kvartali majanduskasv on langenud 10 aasta madalaimale tasemele. Kui möödunud aasta neljandas kvartalis suudeti näidata 6.8% kasvu, toimus 2009. aasta esimesel kolmel kuul aeglustumine 6.1% tasemele. Analüütikud olid oodanud numbrit 6.2% juurde.
  • Tänane tähtsaim uudis LHV klientide jaoks on kindlasti seotud eBay öise pakkumisega osta ära LHV Pro poolt soovitatud Gmarketi (GMKT) kõik aktsiad hinnaga $24 tükist, mis teeb ostuhinnaks ca $1.2 miljardit. Tehingu eest makstakse 100% ulatuses rahaga. Yahoo, kellele kuulub 10% GMKTi aktsiatest on juba pakkumise vastu võtnud, samuti ka Interpark, kellele kuulub ca 34% aktsiatest. Kui Lõuna-Korea konkurentsiamet ülevõtu heaks kiidab, peaks tehing sulgema teises kvartalis.

  • Seega $2.6 miljardi eest ostetud Skype välja (eile teatati IPOst) ja $1.2 miljardi eest Gmarket sisse.
  • Kas teil ka Bloomberg.com "must"
    Kui värv siis võiks ikka punane või roheline olla! :)
  • / ..LHV Pro poolt soovitatud Gmarketi (GMKT) ..

    Kas see oli see 2 aasta tagune soovitus $20-ga osta?
  • wifebeater - Gmarketit oleme soovitanud kahel korral. Esimene soovitus oli 5. märtsil aastal 2007 hinnaga $18.80 ning hinnasihi täitumise tõttu sulgesime idee 2. oktoobril aastal 2007 hinnaga $25.45. Teist korda avasime idee 2007. aasta 9. novembril hinnaga $20.50.
  • Gabelli Skype võimalikest stsenaariumitest veel enne IPO-t:

    Telecom or cable companies looking to add a brand and large user base to their VOIP and triple play offerings.
    Google, which would integrate Skype into everything from Gmail to search to Google Talk.
    Microsoft, which could integrate Skype into Windows. Skype, meet Sharepoint.
    A social network like Facebook.

  • JP Morgan Chase prelim $0.40 vs $0.32 First Call consensus; revs $25.03 bln vs $22.95 bln First Call consensus
  • Nokia tulemused juba mõnda aega tagasi väljas, aga panen ka siia. Huvitad punktid - jätkuvalt ootavad 10%list turu langust 2009 vs 2008. 2. kvartalilt oodatakse pisut paremaid tulemusi, kui 1. esimeselt. Müügitulus jäädi Q1 muidu ootustele korralikult alla.

    Nokia beats by Euro 0.01, misses on revs (13.36 ) Reports Q1 (Mar) earnings of Euro 0.10 per share, Euro 0.01 better than the First Call consensus of Euro 0.09; revenues fell 26.7% year/year to Euro 9.28 bln vs the Euro 9.77 bln consensus. Nokia reports Q1 mobile device volumes of 93.2 million units, down 19% year on year and down 18% sequentially. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic volumes of 2.6 million units, with cumulative shipments of more than 3 million units since the smartphone's launch in late November 2008. Nokia estimated mobile device market share of 37% in Q1 2009, down from 39% in Q1 2008 and unchanged from Q4 2008. Nokia mobile device ASP of EUR 65, down from EUR 71 in Q4 2008. Devices & Services gross margin of 33.8%, unchanged from Q4 2008. Nokia operating cash flow of EUR 276 million. Total cash and other liquid assets of EUR 8.1 billion at the end of Q1 2009. Nokia expects industry mobile device volumes in the second quarter 2009 to be at approximately the same level or up slightly sequentially. Nokia expects its mobile device market share in the second quarter 2009 to increase sequentially. Nokia continues to expect 2009 industry mobile device volumes to decline approximately 10% from 2008 levels. Nokia continues to expect the decline to be greater in the first half than in the second half of the year. Nokia continues to target its annualized non-IFRS operating expense run rate in Devices & Services to be lower than EUR 6 billion by the end of 2010. 

  • Kuigi tõenäoliselt pärast Gmarketi ülevõtmist eBay kohe mujale raha loopima ei lähe, siis sellegipoolest võib GMKTi ülevõtu valguses täna turg üles näidata huvi GMKTi Ladina-Ameerika konkurendi Mercado Libre (MELI) vastu. Võrreldes Gmarketiga ollaks küll arengutsüklis pisut maas, mistõttu aktsia hind on oluliselt kallim, kuid see-eest ka kasv suurem. Tasub tänaste uudiste valguses silm peal hoida.

  • Rochdale tõstab Goldman Sachsi (GS) aktsiasoovituse 'hoia' pealt 'osta' peale.
  • Euroopa turud on väga rohelised ning ka USA futuurid alustavad päeva protsendijagu plusspoolelt:

    Saksamaa DAX +1.90%

    Prantsusmaa CAC 40 +2.25%

    Inglismaa FTSE 100 +1.78%

    Hispaania IBEX 35 +2.36%

    Venemaa MICEX +1.13%

    Poola WIG -0.04%

    Aasia turud:

    Jaapani Nikkei 225 +0.14%

    Hong Kongi Hang Seng -0.55%

    Hiina Shanghai A (kodumaine) -0.08%

    Hiina Shanghai B (välismaine) -0.01%

    Lõuna-Korea Kosdaq -0.93%

    Tai Set 50 -0.20%

    India Sensex 30 -2.99%

  • Choppy Action Ahead
    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    4/16/2009 8:28 AM EDT

    There is in the worst of fortune the best chances for a happy change.
    -- Euripides

    Earnings from JPMorgan (JPM) are out, and they appear to be ahead of estimates and quite solid. However the stock is trading down about 60 cents as I write. Expectations obviously increased as the stock rallied since the Wells Fargo (WFC) announcement last week and there is now a slight "sell the news" reaction.

    The good thing for the market is that the numbers don't raise any great new concerns. There is nothing in the report to suggest that there aren't some signs of bottoming. The bears may feel that there are still some time bombs to come, but there is no clear evidence of that in the report.

    With JPM out of the way, the next big news event for the market is the Google (GOOG) report tonight. I've heard predictions of disappointment, a blowout and mixed numbers. As is always the case with earnings, no one really knows for sure, and if you are buying in front of the report you are essentially making a bet on a coin flip. You may get it right, but it more likely due to luck than any great insight.

    Aside from earnings, the big market picture continues to look positive. We are still in the uptrend off the March lows, and while we have seen some subtle signs that we are tired and in need of a rest, we've consistently encountered underlying support every time we start to struggle. Yesterday afternoon, for example, we jumped strongly in the final hour as financials and homebuilders rallied into the close.

    The strength in financials helped to offset a generally dismal day for technology stocks. Intel (INTC) earnings disappointed, and that took down the sector. The bulls didn't seem to care much at all as they gunned up REITs and homebuilders. That is certainly a positive sign when market players simply shift their buying to a new group rather than sell everything off in sympathy.

    At this point, I see choppy action ahead. The market is obviously holding up well, and I believe there is still much performance anxiety because many were very slow to embrace this rally. They are providing underlying support and are helping to trigger these late-day spikes that we keep seeing.

    Market momentum like we have seen off the March lows doesn't die too quickly. It has lasted long enough now to convince many that it isn't just a bear-market bounce and even those who don't believe it want to try to catch some upside while they still can.

    Some of the best trading can come in a trading-range market, but it requires the right time frames and style. It is also trickier when you have to deal with earnings reports like JPMorgan and Google that can affect the overall market move. The action today is going to be dominated by anticipation of Google's report tonight. Given the recent way Goldman Sachs (GS) and JPMorgan acted in front of their reports, it wouldn't be surprising to see GOOG trade higher in front of the news.

    Stay flexible and open-minded. The market is still in its uptrend and the bulls are in control, but the pace of the advance is slowing. I still expect some good pockets of momentum, but they are shifting.
    Ülespoole avanevad:

    In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: ORS +50.9%, GCI +11.7%, FCS +9.5%, CSKI +9.0%, NOK +8.5%, HOG +8.3%, ISRG +8.2%, KNL +6.7% (light volume), ATVI +5.7% (also announced that Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft will be licensed to an affiliated company of NetEase.com), CY +5.0%, BAX +1.3%, JPM +1.2%... M&A news: GMKT +19.0% (eBay to make cash tender offer of $24/share for all outstanding Gmarket shares)... Select financials rebounding in morning trade: HBAN +9.5%, FITB +6.4%, C +3.8%, BAC +2.7%, CS +2.6%, USB +1.1%... Other news: UIS +19.7% (awarded $92 mln task order for desktop management services at the U.S. Defense Finance Accounting Service), AIG +9.4% (AIG nearing a deal to sell car-insurance unit to Zurich - WSJ), VE +7.0% (still checking), JAVA +5.2% (Sun ready to resume IBM takeover talks: Report - Reuters), NXG +4.7% (reports Q1 production), ASIA +4.3% (announces that it signed contracts to develop new Business Support Systems for nine China Unicom subsidiaries), RTP +2.2% and MT +1.1% (still checking for anything specific), BIIB +1.8% (receives approval for TYSABRI High Titer Production), GM +1.7% (GM pushes faster plan to cut U.S. dealers: Sources - Reuters)... Analyst comments: MU +4.4% (upgraded to Overweight at Barclays), DNDN +3.4% (upgraded to Hold at Brean Murray), PGR +1.3% (upgraded to Buy at Argus).

    Allapoole avanevad:

    In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: BGG -14.2% and VIVO -10.4% (both light volume), UMPQ -9.2%, PLCM -8.4%, ATR -7.5%, LUV -5.1%, LSTR -3.8% (also downgraded to Neutral at Baird), PH -3.1%, DRE -2.3%... Select European financial related names showing weakness: AIB -12.0%, IRE -10.4%, ING -3.1%... Other news: GGP -52.4% (files for chapter 11 protection), DRE -5.7% (announces it plans to sell 64 mln shares of common stock), CIM -5.5% (prices 235.0 mln public offering of common stock at $3.00/share), NCTY -4.6% (Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft will be licensed to an affiliated company of NetEase.com rather than NCTY), LNC -3.3% (Moody's downgrades Lincoln National (Baa2 sr); continues review), UL -2.1% (still checking)... Analyst comments: CAT -4.5% (trading ex dividend; also downgraded to Sell at Stern), ASML -2.3% (downgraded to Hold at Citigroup), AXP -2.2% (downgraded to Sell at Sandler O'Neil), AXP -1.1% (downgraded to Sell at Sandler O'Neil).
  • Fed's Lockhart says modest economic recovery likely over 2H 2009
    More job losses a threat to consumer confidence

    Ja turg astub sammu ülespoole.
  • Millal on loota suurepärast tulemuste tabelit?
  • dol, annan lubaduse, et kõige hiljemalt esmaspäeva varahommikuks, kus toon tagantjärgi ära ka seni juba raporteerinud olulisemate ettevõtete näidud ja ootused ning kõik tähtsamad järgmise nädala raporteerijad.
  • Sellel nädalal veel ainult üks oluline tulemus - Google (GOOG), kes raporteerib traditsiooniliselt enne optsioonireedet ehk täna pärast turu sulgemist. EPSi oodatakse $4.93 (eelmine aasta oli $4.84) ning müügitulu oodatakse $4.084 miljardit.
  • Fas = Faz. mõlemad 9.18 hetkel. Kas vahetavad oma tipu ja põhja?
  • Homme enne
    GE - ootus EPS 0,21 rev 39 miljardit
    C - ootus EPS -0,32 rev 21,9 miljardit
  • Google (GOOG) prelim $5.16 vs $4.93 First Call consensus; revs $4.07 bln vs $4.08 bln First Call consensus
    Esimese hooga tehti $401.89, kuid nüüd kauplemas kergelt alla 400 taseme.
  • GOOG juba $410 tasemele jõudnud, üsna kena liikumine.
  • Tech Crunch, kelle numbrid Amazoni puhul on ajalooliselt hästi paika pidanud, ütleb, et Kindel 2 seadmeid on tänaseks müüdud 300 000. Amazoni plaan terve aasta peale oli 800 000, seega müük on edenenud oodatust paremini. $359 maksev seade on seega müügitulusid toonud sisse juba üle $100 miljoni.
  • See Kindle on ikka üsna müstiline masin. Eestis ei ole seda kellelgi? Tundub kohutavalt ebamugav, aga peale Oprah' saates mainimist on müük tuule tiibadesse saanud.
  • GOOG juba 385 peale kukkunud, tõesti kena liikumine
  • Eestis ei ole seda mõtet omada. Kindle readerit väljaspool USAt ei müüda. Põhjuseks kui ma mõistega ei eksi, siis whispernet mis ei levi väljaspool USAt, ehk see lahendus mille abil üle wireless/GSM/3G võrgu (???) saab contenti ükskõik kust seadmesse tirida. Kui õieti meenub, siis Verizoniga oli mingi koostöö neil. Mul on sarnane SONY reader ja ei ütleks et väga halb. SONY oma muidugi tülikam, kuid kellel on vaja suuri tekstimassiive lugeda, siis hea silmasõbralik lahendus. Puhtalt teksti sööb reader paremini kui PDFe kus on tabelid, graafikud jms, teoreetilisemat asja PDFides (loe: peamiselt tekst) aga probleemideta.

    Kui Amazon hakkaks pakkuma Kindlet Euroopas samamoodi, et saaks üle mingi võrgu contenti seadmesse laadida, siis ostaks küll. Selleks ajaks peaks juba üsna mitmes põlvkond selja taga olema, nii et vidin oleks juba täitsa kasutatav.

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