24. detsember börsipäev

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  • Ilusaid pühasid kõigile foorumlastele!

    USA börs on täna avatud pool päeva ehk sulgub meie aja järgi 20.00. Homme on börs suletud ja ülehomme ehk 26. detsembril on turud avatud tavapärasel ajal.
    Euroopas on turud suletud nii homme kui ka ülehomme.
  • Gapping Up:
    In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: N/A

    Other news: NVGS +14.2% (positive Cramer mention on CNBC), TASR +2.6% (still checking for anything specific; strength may be related to news of another shooting and subsequent scuffles with police in St. Louis where a police officer shot and killed a man who pulled a gun), GPRO +1.8% (still checking), RAD +1.7% (still checking).

    Analyst comments: ACHN +5.2% (positive Piper Jaffray comments)

    Gapping down (thin pre-market volume today):
    In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: CALM -7.6%, CAMP -4.2% earnings

    Other news: SNN -3.4% (giving up some of yesterday's gains made on M&A story) NQ -3% (pulling back following yesterday's strong gain) LAKE -2.1% (pulling back after late-day spike on news of NY patient with ebola-like symptoms) INFY -1.9% (still checking), RIG -1% (still checking).

    Allikas: Briefing.com
  • USA möödunud nädala oodatust oluliselt suurem naftavarude tõus on avaldamas survet naftahinnale ja energiasektorile

    DOE U.S. Crude Oil Inventories (DEC 19): 7267K actual vs -2500K estimate, -847K prior.

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