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Börsipäev 16. aprill

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    Deutsche Bank upgrades Amazon.com (AMZN 42.41) to Buy from Hold and raises their tgt to $50 from $37, as they believe the potential for operating margin improvement exists in the near term, while the co's Web Services initiatives could provide added growth and margin expansion longer term

    JP Morgan upgrades aQuantive (AQNT 28.52) to Overweight from Neutral

    Bofa upgrades Apollo (APOL 43.82) to Buy from Neutral

    CIBC upgrades aQuantive (AQNT 28.52) to Outperform from Sector Perform and raises their tgt to $35 from $30 saying they believe the DoubleClick acquisition could potentially accelerate the pace of consolidation in the ad serving industry, putting into play AQNT, which owns the ad serving industry's other dominant player, Atlas

    Goldman upgrades Best Buy (BBY 45.52) to Buy from Neutral

    Cathay Financial initiates Diebold (DBD 48.35) with an Outperform and a $57 tgt saying in addition to expected profitability improvements and growth in DBD's Security business, the firm believes a strategy revamp in its Election Systems business may lead to a sale or spin-off of this operation over the coming year.

    Täna hommikul on futuuridele tuge pakkumas Citigroup oma tulemustega:

    Citigroup (C) beats by $0.08, ex items (51.60 ) Reports Q1 (Mar) earnings of $1.18 per share, excluding non-recurring items, $0.08 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $1.10; revenues rose 14.8% year/year to $25.46 bln vs the $24.39 bln consensus.

    Wachovia (WB) beats by $0.04, misses on revs (54.00 ) Reports Q1 (Mar) earnings of $1.20 per share, $0.04 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $1.16; revenues rose 16.8% year/year to $8.24 bln vs the $8.55 bln consensus. 

  • Shark soovitab positiivse tooniga hetkel kaasa minna, kuid kardab, et kukkumine ühel hetkel võib kiire tulla.

    Hand on the Throttle, Finger on Eject

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    4/16/2007 8:43 AM EDT
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    "They were so strong in their beliefs that there came a time when it hardly mattered what exactly those beliefs were; they all fused into a single stubbornness."

    -- Louise Erdrich

    Like many other market players, the persistent and stubborn strength of this market makes me very nervous. The problem is that we seem to be so blithely ignoring the many negatives that are brewing. The Fed has been rendered impotent by persistent inflation, the housing market is still in trouble, and the chances of an economic slowdown are quite high. Nonetheless the market continues to work higher as investors fret about being left behind, as private equity and persistent buying keeps driving us higher.

    When you believe there are good macroeconomic reasons not to like the market but it continues to go up anyway, what do you do? Do you bet on your thinking and hope that the market will eventually recognize the errors of its way? Or do you defer to the action in front of you and keep on buying?

    My view is that you don't fight the market. The market is going to do what it wants regardless of our reasoning and logic. It might be totally irrational but it is much bigger and more powerful than we are, and we are going to lose that fight every time. Even if we are absolutely convinced that the market action is wrong and unjustified, we are foolish to not go along with it as it persists in its "delusions."

    But if we are mistrustful we can do some things to protect ourselves. We don't build large long-term positions, we keep our time frames short and focus on quicker and smaller long-side trades, and we are more selective and hold more cash and even some hedges. Overall we stay bullish and continue to play the long side but are prepared mentally to hit the eject button if our negative thesis does finally take hold in the market.

    We have the typical Monday morning gap up developing once again as a takeover of Sallie Mae (SAE - commentary - Cramer's Take) and strength overseas drive the buying. I'm sure the folks who are spending many billions to buy SLM know what they are doing, but on the surface, lending money to students doesn't exactly sound like a great business concept.

    Regardless of the action this morning, the attention of the market is going to shift quickly to earnings reports. Tuesday afternoon will be of particular interest as IBM, Intel and Yahoo! report. It is going to be very interesting to see if this positive market mood continues.
  • Fedi Fisher võtab seekord päris karmilt sõna. Lisaks tõsistele lühiajalistele raskustel seisab tema arvates USA majandus ka pikaajaliselt tõsiste probleemide ees. Probleemiks harjumuspärane kulutamine tarbija poolt.
  • Meie LHV Pro investeerimisidee Fundtech(FNDT) on täna heade uudistega väljas. Nimelt teatati 8 uue panga lisamisest oma klientide nimistusse, kelle huviorbiiti oli sattunud ettevõtte poolt pakutav CASHplus toode. Nagu oleme ka Pro kommentaaride all kirjutanud, et Fundtechi poolt pakutava tarkvara poole on üha rohkem panku pöördumas juba ainuüksi sellepärast, et see võimaldab kulusid kokku hoida ja konkureerida teiste finantsasutustega, oleme täna sellele saamas ka kinnitust. Üks värsketest klientidest Rabobank ütles, et CASHplusiga liitumise üheks põhjuseks oligi see, et nii on neil võimalik nüüd teiste pankadega edukamalt konkureerida.

    Kui 4. kvartalis teatas ettevõte, et on liitnud endale 11 pangaklienti, siis tegelikult vaid 4 neist olid cash managementiga(CASHplus toode) seotud. Tänases teates figureeriv muljetavaldav number on täpselt kaks korda suurem. Aktsiahind on tasapisi jõudmas meie poolt seatud hinnasihini - hoiame sündmustel silma peal. Meeles tasub pidada ka seda, et ettevõte on jätkuvalt reaalne ülevõtuobjekt tegevusharus toimuvate sündmuste ja seniste tehingute valguses.
  • Kas kusagil on CASHplus pankade nimekiri täielikult ka väljas?
  • Momentum, sellist täielikku nimekirja klientidest küll toodud ei ole.
  • Kahju, sellest pressikast selgub et just liitusid RBC ja Rabobank. Fundtech's CASHplus Momentum Continues with the Addition of Eight New Banks. Need pole just päris õlekõrtest pangad. Oleks huvitav näha kes veel nende kliendid on.
  • Fundtechi pankade nimekiri on väga pikk ja kirju, seda võin küll öelda. Pro all on täpsemad numbrid ka ära toodud.

    Panen siia 1 lause meie Pro tekstist:

    Ettevõtte kliendibaasi kuulub üle 600 erineva finantsinstitutsiooni – neist ca 300 kuuluvad USA 500 suurima panga hulka ning 8 näol on tegu maailma esikümnesse kuuluvate ülemaailmsete finantsinstitutsioonidega, nagu näiteks Citigroup ja HSBC
  • Sulgesime just LHV Pro all tänase kauplemispäeva viimastel õhtuminutitel Peabody Energy(BTU) investeerimisidee. Arvestades, et idee oli lahti kõigest 2 kuud, tuleb tulemusega enam kui rahule jääda.
  • FDC First Data acquires online banking and bill pay company FundsXpress - terms not disclosed (32.47 -0.06)

    Järgjekordne FNDT konkurent läks müügiks.
  • FNDT puhul on huvitav asjaolu, et ühe tootega liitunud pankadele saab müüa ka teisi tooteid/teenuseid. Ehk CASHplusiga liitunud on tegelikult väga lihtsalt (ja madalate kuludega) omandatavad kliendid ka teistele toodetele (gross selling). Lisaks on lihtne müüa lisateenuseid kui kliendid kasvavad.

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