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  • -USA turud on nädalat alustamas kerge plussiga. S&P 500 futuurid on 4 punki ja Nasdaqi futuurid 7 punkti plussis. Aasia lõpetas päeva tugevalt, Tokyo Nikkei indeks kerkis 1.2%, Taivani turg 2.4% ja Lõuna Korea 1.5%.

    -Microsoft (MSFT) on lahendamas oma patendivaidlusi, firma maksab 440 miljonit dollarit InterTrust`le lahendamaks kõik patendi ja litsentsimured selle firmaga. Eelturul Microsofti aktsia kerges plussis.

    -USA keemiahiid nr. 2 DuPont (DD) teatas, et koondab 3500 töötajat ehk 6% kogu töötajaskonnast. Firma on oma tegevust restruktureerimas, mis tähendab järgmise kvartali kasumi vähenemist 17 kuni 19 sendi aktsia kohta.

    Rev Shark:

    It's time to shake off the pleasures of the long weekend and prepare for what should be an eventful week. Earnings reports are in the forefront with several hundred companies scheduled to report, and later in the week we have economic reports that are likely to attract some attention. 

    On Friday we saw the market shrug off some excellent earnings reports as it focused on the unrest in Iraq, various terrorism fears and political posturing over 9/11. A pause in the Iraqi hostilities and no major terrorist activity over the weekend is helping to produce a little bounce to start the week. 

    We had a couple of worrisome developments on Friday. Foremost was the inability of the market to rally given some excellent earnings news to work with. Also, very poor action in the retail sector has help raised concerns about the continued health of the consumer. On the other hand, the bulls were willing to excuse the weak action as primarily a function of conservative positioning before the long weekend, with the Iraqi situation appearing so explosive. 

    If Friday was merely a function of caution in front of the weekend, we should see a reversal and some buying activity today. Iraq is still unsettled and presents a good excuse for profit-taking, but the bulls should be able to handle those concerns if they are given some decent earnings to work with. There are still buyers out there who are ready to unleash buying power if given a good excuse. 

    One positive of the lackluster action last week is that it helped work off some of the overbought condition that resulted from the big bounce over the 10 previous days. We continue to hold above the gap created by the strong jobs report and are above the key 50-day moving average. The indices could continue to flop around for a while with no negative technical impact on the bigger picture. As long as we hold above the Nasdaq 50-day moving average of about 2017, which is also the bottom of the recent gap, we can be optimistic about the technical picture. 

    There continue to be some very good pockets of opportunity in the small-cap sector, which is a bullish sign. We saw a number of security-related stocks fly last week as the speculative traders searched for action. The hot money mo-mo boys are out there and looking for action. There continues to be a healthy appetite for risk even though there is a lot of nervousness over valuations, geo-political matters and interest rates. 

    The key this week will be how the market mood is affected by earnings. Do good earnings produce a sell-the-news reaction or will positive reports reassure investors and spark sustained buying? As long as the indices don't crack technical support I'll give the benefit of the doubt to the bulls. 

    In the early going we have a positive bias. The Nikkei bounced around quite a bit over the last couple trading days but strength in financials are helping out. (European markets remain closed for the Easter holiday.) Barron's lived up to its "Bearons" nickname and even bashed St. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A:NYSE). 

    It is going to be a busy with plenty of twists and turns. It is up to us to take control of our destiny, and take the week by storm. Good luck.


  • Fuel-cellid täna kuum teema - loodetakse, et president Bushi alternatiivenergia programm neid veelgi toetamas on.

    Vaadake - Energy Conversion Devices (ENER:Nasdaq), Ballard Power Systems (BLDP:Nasdaq), Headwaters (HDWR:Nasdaq), FuelCell Energy (FCEL:Nasdaq) ja Plug Power (PLUG:Nasdaq)

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