Börsipäev 27. detsember - SIRI 1 mln klienti

Kommentaari jätmiseks loo konto või logi sisse

  • SIRI Sirius Satellite passes 1 mln subscriber mark (7.95 )

    Oodati aasta lõpuks miljoni täitumist, nii et ületati ootusi ;)
  • SIRI +7%

    Võib tänase momentumi mõõtmiseks SIRI hinda kasutada.
  • Rev Shark:

    A Tough Week to Game
    12/27/04 8:06 AM ET

    "It is normal to give away a little of one's life in order not to lose it all."

    -- Albert Camus

    Hopefully everyone has been able to invest a little of themselves in enjoying the holidays with family and friends. It sounds illogical but it is not always an easy task to enjoy our free time in the way we should. The limited holiday schedule set by the exchanges makes it even more difficult to make the transition from work to play.

    The week between Christmas and New Year's is a particularly difficult time when it comes to balancing work and pleasure. The kids are off from school, many businesses are closed and many folks are enjoying vacations. On the other hand, the end of the year has particular significance for those who make their living in the stock market. This is the last chance to adjust holdings and play catch-up with the benchmark indices.

    Many big fund managers have already wrapped up their year and are enjoying the holidays but there is also a contingent that is looking to this last week of thin trading as an opportunity to edge ahead of the competition. Trading is going to be thin and that means there will be opportunity for those inclined to trade aggressively.

    It is a peculiar week for the market. We have a benign upbeat holiday spirit as a backdrop but we also have the very serious business of end-of-the-year portfolio adjustments and performance vs. benchmarks. Throw in the tendency for cash inflows and we have the makings for a generally positive market environment. That doesn't mean will be going straight up but the pressure on the market is mostly to the upside.

    Despite a horrific tidal wave in Asia the early indications this morning are positive. Many overseas markets were closed for holidays. Oil is down over a $1 a barrel again and that is helping the mood.

    Although there has been lots of talk about a weak holiday spending season, MasterCard reported that sales were up a solid 8.1% over last year. High-end stores and the Internet did particular well. The bears' traditional predictions of doom and gloom appear to be for naught once again.

    The stage is set for thin but upbeat trading. There should be plenty of action for those inclined to play but it is unlikely to be a week of great significance in the bigger scheme of things.

  • Gapping Up

    SIRI +6% (reaches 1 mln subscriber mark), AFFX +4.6% (microarray system cleared by FDA), SNIC +7.6% (Piper upgrade), WGAT +11% (momentum from 70% move over last 2 weeks), STEM +9% (momentum from 15% move on Thursday), GILTF +8.3% (to operate under 2 separate business units), MIKR +8.2% (momentum from 68% move last week), UBET +6.7% (momentum from 15% move on Thursday), ANTP +3.7% (momentum from 22% move on Thursday), DHB +3% (announced body armor contract late Thursday), CMCSA +3% (Barrons' cover story).... Under $3: IIP +19%, ARTG +5.7% (expects profitability and cash flow positive performance for 2005).

    Gapping Down

    SHRP -14% (reports holiday sales, reduces JanQ guidance), VISG -9.8% (profit taking after 25% move last week), CALM -9.6% (reports NovQ loss, cites substantially lower egg prices), NFLD -7.8% (files $100 mln shelf registration statement), DAL -6.8% (Delta's Comair subsidiary grounded holiday flights due to computer problem; also, airline woes could worsen in the coming year -- NY Times), GNLB -6% (profit taking after 46% move on Thursday), OTIV -4.6%, INMD -4.5% (profit taking after 35% move on Thursday).

  • Morgan Stanley vaade aastasse 2005, väga põhjalik ja erinevaid teemasid puudutav (erinevad börsid, valuutad, toorained jne.).

    Kui aega lugeda, soovitan. (Tuleb siiski arvestada, et nad olnud sellise karuse nägemusega juba mõnda aega).

  • Olympic Steel (ZEUS), yletas tana $28.
  • Mulle meeldib ka see ZEUS, annan BUY soovituse :)
  • Kas keegi teab, mis AMZN -iga toimub, pea + 10% juba?
  • Jõulumüügi positiivseid kuuldused Amazoni kohta, toetab ka turgu.

    Lisaks lendavad tsunami-mängud: TAYD +111%, NGRU +48%, BTHS +33%, CLWT +33%
  • 08:05 SIRI Sirius Satellite: Too much hype and expectations on Stern, risks to a capital raise - BofA (8.10 )

    Banc of America reiterates their Sell on SIRI, although they raises their tgt to $5.25 from $3.68. Firm prefers XMSR and raises their tgt to $44 from $37, suggesting to buy it for growth and mgmt focus on OCF. While they see strong sub growth for SIRI as well, they cite too much hype and expectations on Stern, risks to a capital raise in the near-term, and uncertainty on timing of OCF profitability as reasons for their Sell rating. For overall satellite radio industry, firm sees strong growth ahead and raises their FCF growth rate est to 4% from 3.5%. Firm says SIRI continues to gain retail share, but XMSR's portables are showing stronger than expected demand as well.

    Easy money anyone?


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