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  • *** Esmaspäeval USA börsid suletud, seega seal kolmepäevane viikend.

    *** Straddle hooaeg kogub jõudu ning seega ootame täna alates kella 15.00-st kõiki chatti.

    *** Samsung tuli öösel tulemustega ning kuigi marginaalid olid nadid, olid muus osas tulemused head.

    Briefing kirjutab:

    06:46 Color on Samsung's 2005 capex guidance

    With 2004 results Samsung also announced its 2005 capex plans. Smith Barney says Samsung announced C2005 semi capex budget of 6.01TkrW (~$5.65 bln or up ~10% yoy), better than their forecast of flattish. Cos in their coverage with large exposure to Samsung include AMAT, LRCX, ASML, and NVLS... CSFB says Samsung's 2005 semi capex guidance is inline with street expectations, working out to $5.25 bln (up 10% yoy) on average 2004 exchange rates vs their est of $4.6 bln and recent street consensus that had crept up to ~10% yoy. Firm raises their global capex est for 2005 to $39.1 bln from $38.4 bln. Firm notes that NVLS has strong exposure to Samsung, particularly to the logic spend... Goldman Sachs says Samsung's 2005 semi capex $5.2 bln, up 9% yoy is below their forecast of 12% yoy. Firm notes that TFT-LCD capex was guided to be $2.5 bln, significantly higher than expected, but sees AMAT as only beneficiary within their coverage.
  • ei tahaks väga juhm paista väja aga kuidas sellega ikkagi on :

    chatis kui peale 2-e "enterit" ja vajutamist "sisse" öeldakse:

    "Sisenemine ebaõnnestus,vale parool...."

  • none,

    sisesta kasutajanimi (enter) parool (enter) ja kliki Sisse. Peaks töötama.
    aga tehinguid teha see parool lubab...
  • Ühenduse loomine ebaõnnestus WWW.lhv.ee:9999 Milles viga?
  • Cody Willard täna Rev Shark asemel:

    The late-day fade trade continued yesterday. Other than when it's early morning poppage (which has invariably been followed with late selloffs), the Nasdaq has hardly upticked in the last 13 sessions. Thirteen sessions! That's a long streak of incessant selling.

    Put another way, the Nasdaq hasn't had a meaningful higher closer since the day after Christmas. And it's mid-January now.

    The bulls (and trapped long shorts) haven't had a respite from their pain in a long time. The good news for those still long is that a lot of folks have been giving up the last couple of days -- the mood among traders last night was one of frustration and even the beginnings of hopelessness. Those are necessary emotions for the market to put on any type of a decent rally.

    The markets really spiraled out of control in the last half-hour of trading yesterday. There's been a lot of chatter of big program selling as the culprit for the broader weakness, but I think yesterday's closing action was more indicative of some capitulation (at least from some traders).

    They won't sound the all-clear whistle when this bear phase is over, so unless you're already fully invested or you're a bear who thinks this market is heading much lower in the near to intermediate term, a good approach is to scale into some positions and keep cash around in case things fall further.

    Gun to head, I think after that nasty close yesterday that the risk/reward is finally shifting back in favor of the bulls in the near term here. I'd been cautious since mid-December or so, after that huge run. While I'm certainly not as bullish as I was back last summer, color me more bullish than cautious here.

    The futures are up a little bit. Long day ahead -- I'm going to sip some hot tea and do more preparation. Back soon.

  • Gapping Up

    ASKJ +6.2% (Piper upgrade), NOVL +4.3% (BofA upgrade), FLEX +2.5% (UBS upgrade), TASR +2% (momentum from 22% move yesterday; short covering), CAAS +30% (signs licensing agreement with Korea Delphi Automotive Systems), YHOO +1.4% (estimates and tgt upped at Piper).... Under $3: AICXE +55% (receives FDA 510k clearance), DCEL +8.3% (positive article on rural wireless cos - Unstrung.com), ASTM +6.2% (receives patent).

    Gapping Down

    CREE -21% (misses by $0.04, ex items, light on revs; issues downside guidance), LOOK -20% (cuts Q4 forecast), EPIX -17% (FDA requests additional clinical studies), GMTN -8.5% (lowers JanQ guidance), DHB -3.7%, SUNW -3.3% (reports DecQ, light on revs), STX -2.2% (CSFB upgrade, but gets request from investor to file shelf registration), SGP -1.8% (BofA initiates with Sell), ALB -1.7% (prices offering).
  • mis seda AAPL'i kinni hoiab? Lihtsalt kasumivõtt?
  • Kuigi reedene päev vahetult enne pikka nädalavahetust, on käive turul üsna korralik (veidi isegi üle 30 päeva keskmise). See viitab sellele, et tõus pole õhukesest turust kinni, vaid ikka ostuhuvist. Iseaasi kas päeva lõpuni peab.

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