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Kommentaari jätmiseks loo konto või logi sisse

  • Täna kell 15.30 (tund enne USA avanemist) USA tööjõutururaport mai kohta, olulisim number mida vaadata on ootus uute töökohtade suhtes, oodatakse 185K koha lisandumist.

    Nasdaq jõudis eile oodatul 2100 punkti alla, lähipäevade tants selle taseme ümber üsna oluline.

  • Pooljuhtide SMH sulgus eile kõrgeimal tasemel alates eelmise aasta juuli algusest (oluline tase $35). Seega oleme tagasi tasemel, kus Intel (INTC) ligi aasta tagasi turgu ehmatas, teatades ootustele alla jäänud prognoosidest, käibest ning marginaalidest.
  • Mida teeb turg siis, kui töökohti luuakse näiteks 300K?
    Mida teeb turg, kui töökohtade loomine alla 100K?
  • Turg tõuseb ootuspärase ja kuumema numbri peale,viletsa numbri puhul saame näha korralikku müüki.Eks näis.
  • REUTERS Derivatives traders see 174,000 U.S. payrolls rise

  • U.S. payrolls grow by 78,000 in May; jobless rate down to 5.1%. Details coming
  • 08:30 Hourly Earnings +0.2% vs +0.2% consensus
    08:30 Average Workweek 33.8 vs 33.8 consensus
    08:30 Unemployment Rate 5.1% vs 5.2% consensus
    08:30 Nonfarm Payrolls 78K vs 175K consensus

    Esialgne reaktsioon üles.
  • Rev Shark ka tööjõuraporti teemal:

    Traders Applaud Weak Jobs Report

    The jobs report is a bit weak and may help reinforce the idea that the FOMC is near the end of its interest rate hikes. Nonfarm payrolls were 78,000 vs. consensus of 175,000, the unemployment rate was 5.1% vs. expectations of 5.2%, hourly earnings met the +0.2% consensus and the average workweek was inline at 33.8 hours.

    The market is starting to tick up on the news. Remember, the key here is that inflation is contained and that may get the FOMC off our backs. Slowing growth is a secondary concern right now.

    Here's What We Need to Move Higher

    "Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy."

    -- Guillaume Apollinaire

    The market has shown little inclination that it wants to pause and simply savor the outsized gains it has racked up over the past month or so. The nature of most market participants is to never be satisfied. Those who have done well want more while those who have lagged get anxious and try to catch up. Eventually this pursuit for more and more leads to excess and sharp reversals. The question is not if that will occur but when and to what degree.

    Yesterday the S&P 500 and DJIA consolidated recent gains to some extent but the Nasdaq and technology stocks in general were able to maintain a strong upside bias. The Nasdaq is now within spitting distance of major resistance at 2100, a level it has not been able to get through on a closing basis since January 2005. Volume dipped on all major indices, but price action was fine, as was the action in many individual issues. Breadth was positive, but not solidly so. Chips stocks led the Nasdaq higher, with the Semiconductor Holders Trust (SMH:AMEX) breaking through major resistance at 35 and hitting a new high for 2005. Select retailers were also especially strong (ANF BEBE JWN STGS PSUN WTSLA AEOS), as it is clear that the consumer is not yet tapped out (at least those who have teenage children).

    The market remains in fine shape with strong upside momentum but it is overbought and in need of some rest. Ideally at this point we would get pullbacks, which would help create cup-and-handle patterns. This would shake out some weak hands and set up breakouts to new highs. For example, the Nasdaq now is now back to the same levels it was at in early March. We have a rather deep cup but now we need a pullback in the form of a handle that will help consolidate gains and shake out marginal holders. Ideally, a shallow, lower-volume pullback lasting a week or two would help form a very bullish pattern but we badly need a rest now.

    We have the jobs report this morning, which may serve as a catalyst for a strong move. A strong number may help fan inflation fears again despite the comments from the Dallas Fed head earlier this week. On the last report the market jumped on the strong number initially but sold off later in the day as inflation worries started to sink in. I would not be surprised to see that occur once again.

    The strength this week has been in large part justified by the idea that the FOMC is done or nearly done with its rate hikes. A strong jobs number or one showing wage inflation may create the perception that the economy remains too strong, or inflation remains a problem, keeping the FOMC active. In a bull market, we should be able to get beyond whatever comes out of the employment report, but when the market is extended, it can provide the excuse for a needed dip. Hopes for a dip may just be wishful thinking, as the market simply has not cooperated, forcing institutions to chase stocks. These same institutions should provide support on a dip, especially at support levels. Things are likely to be very choppy today so be careful.

    Early action is slightly negative. Asian markets saw gains while Europe is mixed. Oil is trading up and gold continues its recovery.

    Short SMH, long WTSLA

  • Gapping Up

    BCSI +21% (reports AprQ; beats by a penny; guides JulQ above consensus; also First Albany upgrade), IIJI +9.2% (extends recent momentum; note this is volume leader in pre-mkt), VPHM +13% (SG Cowen initiation), EXEL +7.7% (Genentech collaboration), CYBX +3.5% (provides treatment-resistant depression update), ELN +3.5% (bounces after 14% drop yesterday), MATK +3.2% (clinical data), ABRX +3%, WYNN +2.5% (CIBC upgrade), BIVNE +7% (Clofarabine clinical data), AWA +6% (mentioned in BWeek's Inside Wall St section), LTXX +6% (reports AprQ), ISON +6%, INCX +4%.... Under $3: EVOL +9% (software deployed by Vodafone Egypt), CTIC +5.5%, SYNC +5% (started with a Buy at ThinkEquity; tgt $5).

    Gapping Down

    DECK -6.2% (lowers Q2 and Y05 guidance), COGN -5.6% (warns for MayQ; down in sympathy: HYSL -2.7%, BOBJ -2.1%), AAPL -4.3% (settles iPod class action suits by offering store credits; Apple overstocked on most iPods, Macs - AppleInsider.com; down in sympathy: PLAY -4.5%, SGTL -2.5%), LWSN -7% (Wells Fargo downgrade), EDS -3.2% (sees potential Q2 impairment charge), BIIB -3.2% (Morgan Stanley downgrade), HCBK -2.7% (announces results of stock offering), TTN -1.5% (to merge with LLL), RIMM -1%, ADSX -5.2%.

  • SCSS hetkel -5,5%. Kas on mingi konkreetne põhjus või lihtsalt järsk kasumivõtt peale pikka tõusu ?
  • Nüüd juba -8%. Yahoo finance's pole küll ühtegi langusele viitavat uudist.
  • Uudiseid, kommentaare pole. Pakkusin juba veidi varem, et SCSS oli veidi üleostetud.

    Selline sirgjooneline kukkumine viitab muidugi jälle..hallitusele :)

    $20 juurest võtaks juurde.

  • 10:04 GOOG Google target raised $350 at UBS (289.00 +1.18)
  • GOOG sells off selle peale. Ilmselt short neil levelitel.

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