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    Selling Can Help Purify the Trading Soul
    7/5/05 8:28 AM ET

    "Mighty things from small beginnings grow."

    -- John Dryden

    The first half of 2005 is now history and it won't be remembered as anything particularly glorious. The major indices are all down slightly and the only groups that have done anything bullish are oils and housing. If you have been treading water or slowly sinking so far this year, you aren't alone.

    But the great thing about the stock market is that every day we are given the opportunity to start fresh if we so choose. Our mistakes can be forgotten by simply hitting the "sell" button on our keyboard and then proceeding to build anew. There aren't many businesses or investment vehicles like the stock market that make it so easy to begin again after a bad run. In most enterprises it is very hard to dispose of the baggage that is weighing you down and keeping you stressed and pressured.

    In the stock market is it very easy to bury your mistakes if you so choose; in fact, the biggest mistake many market participants make is not doing exactly that. They hold on to the poor stocks that got them in trouble because they don't want to admit a mistake, insisting on staying emotionally committed to the stocks that have done them wrong and refusing to see the toll it takes on them.

    One of the great mysteries of the market is why so many folks refuse to take advantage of the opportunity to dump the stocks that have caused them so much pain and stress. If the laggard stocks redeem themselves and start to act better there is nothing to stop you from rebuying them. Selling is an extremely powerful tool that can be reversed in the blink of an eye if you so choose. If you use it wisely and often, every day will feel like a new beginning.

    Investors are back to work after the holiday weekend but they're looking rather unenthusiastic so far. Crude oil is inching up once again and overseas markets were generally lower.

    We are entering earnings warning season and that is likely to generate a few surprises this week. The news flow looks generally positive so far this morning and the dollar is strong but crude oil seems to be the focus once again.

    Gary B. Smith:

  • Gapping Up

    BSX +8% (receives favorable court ruling on Ding patents), IDCC +18% (gets final award in Nokia arbitration), CEDC +11% (comes to terms with Polmos unions, share purchase to be inked next week), GTW +7.7% (positive Piper note), NFLD +6% (sees strength ahead of tomorrow's analyst meeting), IPIX +4.5% (extends 17% move on Friday), BP +2.4% (production beats expectations), NTMD +2% (Bidil pricing sharply higher than expected - FBR), WMT +1.8% (strong June comp guidance; OpCo upgrade), AMZN +1.7% (Legg Mason upgrade)... Under $3: BDCO +11% (crude oil extends Friday's rally), CHRD +6%.

    Gapping Down

    ALVR -19% (guides below consensus), ABRX -14% (cancels Friday's annual meeting), PLUG -10% (negative Barron's article), MERQ -5% (guides lower), PDG -3.7% (strike begins at its Zaldivar mine), TMIC -3.6%, RDWR -3.3% (extends Friday's 15% drop), DCX -2% (WSJ reports Chrysler to offer discount plan similar to GM's; also reports on warning rumor, which co is denying), RIMM -1.7%.

  • INNOVO GROUP INC (INNO) mida arvate?
    Aktsia jarsult langenud eelmisel nadalal, v6tsin sisse positsiooni 5000tk/$2.16
  • Turg täna üllatavalt tugev pärast pikka nädalavahetust, Nasdaq 2100 taas käeulatuses.

    Täna enne börsipäeva tuli uudis, et Marc Cuban on ostnud 9.1% Register.com'ist (RCOM).

    James Altucher realmoney.com'ist arvab järgmist:

    My guess is several things are going to happen:

    a) We haven't heard the last from both Cuban and Mitarotonda. Perhaps there will be higher offers or perhaps these two activists will help find an acquirer.
    b) Register.com, pushed to a corner, will find new ways to generate revenue and income, perhaps with Web hosting. It has been spending money on R&D in the past two years and maybe it will launch a new service (albeit, I wish the old services were better).
    c) Register.com, with the help of CSFB, will quickly find an acquirer.

    Most likely it will be all of the above. My guess is that Register.com gets taken out between $8 and $10 within a year. The worst-case scenario is 20% downside from here as the company gets close to cash levels. But I believe that type of downfall will occur only if both the market goes down and the company has a significant earnings shortfall, both of which I think are unlikely.
  • Cubani osalus juba suurem:

    RCOM Register.com: Mark Cuban reports 13.7% stake in RCOM, after reporting 9.1% stake on 6/29 (7.57 )

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