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  • EPL is nupuke ,kus kirjas et inflatsioon veebruaris 4,6 .

  • Hõbe lendab viimasel ajal Barclay eestvõttel loodava ETFi ootuses. ETF peaaegu et stardivalmis.
    TheStreets.com kirjuutab: (new window) Silver ETF Takes Step Toward Trading

    "The S-1, which is the registration statement submitted by BGI, has not become effective yet with the SEC so we are still in the quiet period of the registration and a launch date cannot be determined," says Christine Hudacko, spokeswoman for Barclays Global Investors, which is behind the creation of the silver ETF.

    Officials at the SEC could also offer no further guidance on the potential launch date of the ETF. The SEC has, however, closed its public comment period on the fund.

    BGI is applying to list 13 million shares backed by 129 million ounces of silver in a arrangement similar to the pair of existing gold ETFs, the StreetTracks Gold Trust (GLD:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take) and BGI's own iShares Comex Gold Trust (IAU:Amex - commentary - research - Cramer's Take). Under this structure, the precious metal is tucked away in a vault while investors buy and sell shares that each represents about 10 ounces of silver.

    Since 129 million ounces equates to roughly 16% of the world's annual silver production and 21% of the known above-ground inventories of silver, according to investment bank Salman Partners, the ETF potentially could drive up silver prices more than it has already, perhaps even squeezing the market. As a result, the ETF has come under attack by the Silver Users Association, a trade group that lobbies on behalf of silver producers and distributors. The group contests the proposed ETF saying it "could make silver illiquid" and lead to manufacturing job losses.

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