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  • Eelmise nädala Briefing.com "Swing traderis" välja pakutud graafikutest toon ka siia mõned huvitavamad. Cardinal Health Inc (CAH) on jaanuaris teinud läbi järsu tõusu, mille peatas $73 vastupanu. Sama taset on peale seda mitmel korral testitud, kuid tulutult. Kui aktsia suudab murda $73 taseme, siis võimalus pikaks minna, positiivsust lisavad paari nädala tagused põrked 50EMA pealt.


    Mastercard Inc. (MA) oli kauplemisideena LHV Pro all välja pakutud ka 2 nädalat tagasi (kliki siia). Aktsia on peale $112 juures käimist vajunud tagasi alla ning hetkel liigutakse mööda trendijoont vaikselt ülespoole saades tuge ka 50-päeva EMA-lt. $108 juures on kerge vastupanu, mille murdmisel juba võimalus pikaks minna.

  • Prudential tõstab täna E&P ettevõtete kasumiprognoose 3% võrra 2007. aastaks:

    Prudential is raising their natural gas price forecast for 2007 to $6.85/mcf, from $6.50/mcf to reflect Q1 actual results. They expect natural gas prices to remain around $6.75/mcf throughout 1H:07 before rising to $7/mcf in 2H:07. The firm is raising their 2007 EPS ests by 3% for the E&Ps. They expect 2007 earnings to decline by 12% versus 2006. The firm is also raising normalized crude oil and natural gas prices, reflecting higher oil field service costs. In conjunction with the note the firm is raising their tgt on Devon Energy (DVN) to $75 from $72, SW Energy (SWN) to $55 from $51, and XTO Energy (XTO) to $65 from $56.

    Ülespoole avanevad:

    Gapping up on strong earnings/guidance: XFN +42.3%, BDCO +6.1%, CALM +6.0%, BAMM +5.0%... M&A: GISX +47.4% (to be acquired by XRX for $29/share), FDC +22.1% (to be acquired by KKR for $34/share in cash), QVDX +8.6% (announces sale of co for $3.15/share), MEH +5.9% (Air Tran increases tender offer to MEH shareholders to $15.00/share), TRB +2.0% (confirms it will go private for $34/share)... Other news: TI +10.4% (AT&T in negotiations for investment in TI), AVII +8.2% (follow-through momentum from Friday), ABY +6.4% (positive Barron's story), TAYD +6.1% (earthquake struck the South Pacific with a magnitude of 8.0 causing a Tsunami to hit Solomons), JSDA +6.0% (appoints Peter Burns as Senior Executive VP of Sales and Marketing), PDRT +5.1% (announces it successfully completes PID-system trial in Travis Peak Formation), KRY +4.1% (says co is in final stages of environmental permitting for Las Cristinas project), STEM +4.0% (British team grows human heart valve from stem cells - The Guardian; also Prudential comments on stem cell legislation), CEPH +3.7% (receives FDA approvable letter for Nuvigil), DNDN +3.6% (follow-through momentum from Friday), JADE +3.4% (follow-through momentum from Friday).

    Allapoole avanevad:

    Gapping down on weak earnings/guidance: MTB -7.6%, ADST -5.5%, VYYO -4.4%, POP -3.7%, TTM -2.8%... Down in sympathy on MTB warning, which cited impact to Alt-A loans: NFI -7.0%, LEND -2.5%... Other news: MO -23.9% (Kraft spin-off effective today), ADP -10.1% (Broadridge Financial unit spin-off effective today), GRZ -3.1% (profit-taking after last week's gap up).
  • Market Defies Mere Reason

    By Rev Shark
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    4/2/2007 7:52 AM EDT
    Click here for more stories by Rev Shark

    "You can only have two things in life, reasons and results. Reasons don't count."

    -- Robert Anthony

    The reasons why the market should act poorly continue to grow every day. On Friday we had the new problem of a possible trade war with China. That is added to the laundry list of other problems including rising inflation, a Fed in no rush to cut interest rates, problems in Iran and Iraq, a very weak housing market, problems in subprime mortgage lending that are creeping into the mainstream mortgage market, rising oil prices and general concerns about a slowing economy.

    Despite these issues, the market continues to hold up extremely well. Whenever it looks like we might begin to pull back with some vigor, the dip-buyers jump in, squeeze the shorts and frighten underinvested longs into doing some buying. While the technical condition of the indices is troubling, and that should make us at least a little cautious, we have this underlying buying pressure that refuses to relent.

    The logic of why this market should go down seems quite compelling, but good reasons are a tricky thing in the stock market. The market tends to pay less attention to the reasons we are all familiar with and focuses on things we haven't fully contemplated.

    Good reasons for the market to act in a certain way tend to be priced in and become less important as they become more widely known. That is probably what has been helping to hold this market up so well. The negatives are so widely known and understood that they are already acted upon, and that reduces selling pressure.

    Although a long list of good reasons why the market should decline can help build a wall of worry to climb, it can also cause some panicky action at times when investors fear that the problems may come to fruition. When the negatives are many, prominent investors can become skittish very fast and run for the safety of cash with only slight provocation.
  • Suurbritannia meremeeste teema Iraanis teel lahenduse poole.

    Iran's Larijani says definitely believes sailor issue can be resolved, no need for any trial
    Crude oil drops a quick 50 cents after Iran diplomat says sailor issue can be resolved without a trial...
  • Neile, kes üritavad välja nuputada, miks meie LHV Pro idee FNDT täna ülespoole gappis, siis oma roll on siin kindlasti First Datal (FDC) – ettevõte, mis pakub finantsinstitutsioonidele elektroonilisi kommerts- ja maksetehingu teenuseid. Nimelt võeti täna First Data KKRi poolt ca 25%lise preemiaga üle. See on kogu tegevusharu tagant upitamas. Fundtech pakub muude toodete seas finantsinstitutsioonidele maksetehingute töötlemiseks vajalikku tarkvara.

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