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Börsipäev 26. detsember

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  • Kuna jõulupühad endiselt kestavad, siis on USA turud täna ka väga õhukesed. Nasdaqi futuurid kauplevad 0.26% ja S&P500 0,18% plusspoolel.
    Euroopa on täna suletud.
  • Gapping up:
    Metals/mining stocks trading higher: IAG +6.6%, SSRI +4.1%, AEM +4%, GG +3.3%, GDX +3%, SLV +2.7%, ABX +2.5%, SLW +2.3%, GLD +2%, VALE +1.4%.

    Select oil/gas related names showing strength:
    PTR +3.3%, COG +3.3%, EXXI +2.9%, XOM +0.8%.

    Other news: LFC +5.3% (still checking), NQ +2.8% (announces annual general meeting results; reported "RESOLVED, as an ordinary resolution: that the Company's authorized share capital be increased from US$80,000 divided into (a) 560,000,000 Class A Common Shares of a par value of US$0.0001 each."), TASR +2.5% (still checking), LAKE +1.8% (CNN details news that a CDC lab tech may have had Ebola), QIHU +1.7% (continued strength), GPRO +1.6% (still checking), QCOM +1.1% (Reuters details news that China may soon settle Qualcomm) antitrust case), SNE +0.8% (SNE related stories out since Wednesday's close; 'The interview' now available on GOOG play and YouTube ) AAPL +0.4% (still checking), FB +0.3% (still checking), TSLA +0.4% ( Elon Musk tweets 'Roadster upgrade will enable non-stop travel from LA to SF -- almost 400 mile range....should mention that a battery pack upgrade is not coming soon for the Model S, but it obviously *will* happen long-term' ).

    Analyst comments: GILD +0.5% (may be attributed to positive RBC comments related to accelerated buyback), NKE +0.1% ( target raised to $110 from $102, maintain Buy -- Argus)

    Gapping down:
    A few Brazil related names showing early weakness: BAK -1.1%, BBD -0.6%.

    Other news: CUBA -5.8% (Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund President Thomas Herzfeld discloses sale of 4,295 shares at $13.37; erzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund Portfolio Manager Erik Herzfeld discloses sale of 78,745 shares at 13.37 ), GDP -2.2% (still checking).

    Allikas: Briefing.com

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